Surefire EP4 Sonic Defenders Ear Plugs Review 2019

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SureFire produces many products that correlate to military stationary. Their products range from flashlights, to guns, and even earplugs for those who like to attend local firearm ranges.


Among the firearms and construction sites, SureFire EP4 Ear Plugs have been by far the most recommended ear plugs to use. All over the internet you can see people posting reviews on blog sites or YouTube. This is because people have realized the great performance of these ear plugs despite all the other options.


These earplugs have features that make it more preferable over other types of earplugs. One of the best features it has is the noise reducing filter. The design not only makes the earplugs easier to use but it also improves the aesthetic quality.

Criteria for Ear Plugs

When you are looking for earplugs, there is a variety of options to choose from. Users are often looking for good noise cancellation, comfortable material and fits, and something that is affordable and fits within the buyer’s budget.


Basic requirements for products like these are pretty much self explanatory. You would need soft and comfortable materials to make sure the user is satisfied and continues to buy, share and use the product. People are not going to buy something that is easily affordable but labeled as very expensive. Buyers are often looking for something that is reusable and does not require lots of cleaning and work to keep them in good condition. Saving money helps people live better.


When people hear the words “ear plugs”, you probably think that they are just foam ear plugs you push into your ear that you can use temporarily. The SureFire ear plugs are different. They have perfect noise cancelling filters that block out almost all dangerous noises that can damage your ears.


Earplugs are often thought of as being those disposable foam spheres with attached lanyards that you just press into your ear for the day’s upcoming work. Sometimes, those are the best options someone could have and look for. Whether it’s foam earplugs or polymer earplugs sold by a professional company, they both have their pros and cons.

Product Overview

The SureFire EP4 Sonic Defenders Plus earplugs come with hearing protection from dangerous noise levels. Their screw-like stems provide secure seals in the ear canals while the retention rings lock the earplugs in place. Sounds at safe levels are allowed to pass through, into the ear canal. Any sounds played at dangerous noise levels above 85 dB are reduced with the noise reduction filter. They are made from soft, durable hypoallergenic polymer that provides long-lasting comfort and extended life, depending on the usage and care.


The low-product design allows the earplugs to be worn while wearing helmets or masks, and allows them to be worn when using the phone or a headset.


EP4s are available in a variety of three different colors: black, clear (red) and orange. It is also available in three different sizes: small, medium and large. Medium fits most. Sizing is based on the ears’ concha bowl. Less than one inch is small. One inch is medium. Greater than one inch is large.


The earplugs are used and trusted by the military. Sonic Defendants’ hypoallergenic construction makes it ideal for safety, industrial, and construction fields. Defenders were established to reduce dangerous noise while allowing you to hear safe-level conversations, commands, and ambient sounds.


  • Based on those who have ordered and used the product, it is a useful and reliable source for earplugs. When and if they are taken care of properly, they behave well with keeping dangerous noises out.
  • Additionally, the earplugs are effective and easy to travel with. They fit easily into small compartments to travel with making them not take up so much space. The noise-cancelling technology is beneficial for places like power plants and factory rooms. EP4 ear plugs can fit in your ear so you can wear other head accessories over them. Once you put them in your ear, they have no pressure points making them comfortable to work in.
  • When you order the earplugs, it comes with a lanyard to wear around your neck for easy access. It includes a filtration adjustment, which allows you to change the noise cancellation amount.


  • If you constantly work in a dirty environment, these earplugs may not be the best option for you. They are not easy to clean and they need to be replaced every six months or less.
  • Some places require lots of movement. These earplugs are inconsistent and do not always stay in place. The sizing is given for the ear canals but not for the internal plugs. The plug in caps can become uncomfortable and hurt.
  • Additionally, they do not always muffle sounds like they are designed to. They can leave uncomfortable feelings in your ear canals if they are worn for too long. Firearm ranges do not work well with this product. You would have to add ear muffs or a headset to prevent the decibels from hurting your ears. The EP4 earplugs are non-electrical, meaning you can not use them for music playing. However they can be worn with headsets to listen to music.


The SureFire EP4 Sonic Defenders Plus earplugs are great for filtering noise. While not everyone will enjoy them, many people will use the noise-cancelling technology and hypoallergenic polymer to the limit, moreover, they are cheap and affordable for those who desire and need it.


When you want to purchase the SureFire EP4 Sonic Defenders Plus earplugs, make sure you refer to this EP4 Sonic Defenders review article for the best information on the earplugs.

Frequently Asked Questions

The sizing is not available. However, the medium sized ear plug is roughly the same size as Apple earbuds.

​No, they are not designed to have replaceable tips. If the tips of your earplugs have started to wear out or have already been worn out, it means you have clearly already had them for too long and need to dispose of them. These types of ear plugs need to be replaced every six months or less, otherwise they become very unsanitary and unuseful.

They do not block as much sound as they normally would with the stoppers inserted. It blocks about as much sound as cheap ear plugs you can purchase at your local drug store.

​No, they would not. SureFire EP4 Sonic Defenders Plus Ear Plugs are made for blocking out loud noises. For example, gunshots or jackhammers. They are designed to allow you to be able to hear talking but not loud, damaging noises.

​With these types of ear plugs, you are supposed to be able to hear talking voices within five feet of you. If they talk loudly, I am sure you will be able to hear the people who are trying to talk to you.

Here’s a video on how to put them in your ear:

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