Highest NRR Ear Muffs

Highest NRR Ear Muffs

To protect your ears from severe hearing loss, it is important to use some ear protection products when you participate in activities where you will have high noise exposure. Wearing hearing protection earmuffs or earplugs are good methods for noise blocking and noise reduction. There are some other types of products, such as in-ear shooting … Read more

Mutt Muffs Review

We know how important it is to make sure that we protect our hearing while we are still young to prevent hearing loss and damage later on in life. But did you know that it is also important to protect your dog’s hearing? Dogs have sensitive ears and can hear sounds that are too high-pitched … Read more

Decibel Defense Earmuffs Review

decibel defense ear muffs

Coming from humble roots, the husband and wife duo behind the Decibel Defense Earmuffs was fueled by a mission to provide the Best Safety Earmuffs available. After extensive testing and trials to create the highest performing and comfortable model, they finally released their product. The high integrity they have as a company and commitment to … Read more