How to Pair Your Smartphone With Hearing Aids

When companies first designed and manufactured hearing aids, they were intended to be utilized as an independent source of technology. Today, however, many hearing aids come with Bluetooth technology so that they can connect to smartphones. However, for individuals who have had no experience, learning how to pair hearing aids with smartphones may be a bit troublesome without some assistance.

Although Bluetooth itself is relatively simple, hearing aid users must figure out if their hearing aids are compatible with their type of smartphone. Android phones and iPhones have different technology; thus, manufacturers must incorporate the necessary technology to connect smartphones to hearing aids.

Here, we’ll look at some common hearing aids that can connect to smartphones and how users can make the pairing. But first, let’s see why hearing aid users want to connect their hearing aids to their smartphones.

Benefits of Pairing Your Smartphone to Hearing Aids


With your hearing aids connected to your smartphone, you can hear phone calls directly through your hearing aids. If you’re in the car, using your phone for directions, you can also listen to spoken driving directions through your hearing aids.

Beyond having the sound from your phone sent to your hearing aids, having your smartphone paired with your hearing aids gives you control over settings. For example, depending on the hearing aids and interface used on the smartphone, you can change the volume of your hearing aids—often, you can change the right and left hearing aid volume separately. In addition, users can switch between programs or settings through their phones.

Smartphones also allow you to check the battery status of your hearing aids, letting you know when they need to charge. Additionally, some smartphone apps allow you to track and find your hearing aids, just in case they get lost or misplaced.

How to Pair Beltone Hearing Aids with Smartphones


Pairing Beltone Hearing Aids with an Android Phone

Depending on the type of Beltone Hearing Aids you have, there are two different apps you may need to download. Beltone HearMax app is for the Beltone Amaze, Beltone Boost Ultra, Beltone Trust, and Beltone Boost Max. The Beltone HearPlus app is for the Beltone Legend, Beltone Boost Plus, Beltone Boost, and Beltone First hearing aids models.

To get started, go to the Google Play store, and search for one of the two previously listed apps, depending on your device. From there, all you need to do is open the app and follow the directions listed.

Pairing Beltone Hearing Aids with an iPhone

Like Android devices, an iPhone must download the correct app that corresponds to its model of hearing aids. Once users know which app they need, they can begin the process.

First, turn off your hearing aids. Then turn on Bluetooth on your iPhone or iOS device. Next, go to the Settings on your phone, click on Accessibility, and scroll down to hearing devices. At this point, turn your hearing aids back on, and your iOS device should detect your hearing aids. Next, click on the hearing aid name and select Pair.

Once you’ve paired your hearing aids, go to the App Store, download the given app, and follow the prompts on the screen.

How to Pair Phonak Hearing Aid to Smartphone

holding smartphone

Connecting to Android

With your hearing aids off, go to your Android phone’s Settings, select Bluetooth, and turn it on. Next, turn on your hearing aids, see Available Devices in your phone’s Bluetooth settings, and your Phonak hearing aids should appear. Tap on the name, and your hearing aids will connect.

Connecting to iPhone

Keep your hearing aids off, go to the Settings on your iPhone, select Bluetooth, and turn it on. Next, turn on the hearing aids, and the name should show up on your iPhone. Click on the name, and you’ll see Bluetooth Pairing Request, click Pair, and your hearing aids will connect.

How to Pair ReSound Hearing Aids

Pairing Resound Hearing Aids with an Android Smartphone

First, download the ReSound Smart App. Open it up, select Agree, and tap OK when it prompts you for location and Bluetooth services. From there, follow the prompts to connect your hearing aids. You may need to turn your hearing aids off and back on.

Pairing Resound Hearing Aids with an iPhone

With your hearing aids off, turn on Bluetooth, go to Settings, and find Accessibility. Next, scroll down to Hearing Devices and find your device name. From there, pair the devices and go to the App Store to download the ReSound Smart App and follow the given prompts.

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