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A few years ago, the FDA made over-the-counter hearing aids open for sale. This brought on an explosion of innovation and development within the market. One of the well-known products that resulted from the decision was the Empower Hearing Amplifier.

Empower Hearing Solutions, the creator of the powerful hearing amplifier, offers a couple of different models for users to choose from. We will get to those models shortly!

For those who have just recently begun searching the market for hearing aids, you may no longer find an Empower product website. That’s because Empower Hearing Solutions is now known as MDHearing.

However, here we will still refer to the hearing aids under Empower due to common knowledge revolving around that brand name rather than MDHearing. With an abundance of customer reports, we have created this Empower review to ease finding prices, details, reliability, features, and specs easier.

You can read our reviews of MDHearing here.

Empower Hearing Solutions Products

This well-established brand has two main products, the Empower Boost and the Empower Wave hearing amplifiers. The Empower Boost was the first on the market, and the manufacturer originally sold it under the brand LifeEar.

This well-known personal hearing aid was designed with the assistance of doctors and audiologists to give the best possible solution to hearing loss. Empower created the Boost Hearing Amplifier to be a cost-effective solution while keeping all the qualities of high-end hearing aids.

The Boost Hearing Amplifier offers digital noise reduction technology to reduce the background noise in the wearer’s surrounding environment. With advanced digital amplification technology, conversations, and other important sounds one wishes to hear, are amplified to be crystal clear. Thus, the wearer can feel comfortable as they hear the beauty of natural sounds around them once again.

Are hearing amplifiers any good? Empower’s Boost Hearing Amplifier has 12-band processing that amplifies the correct frequencies the human voice is projected at. Furthermore, the Boost Hearing Amplifier has programmable features such as volume control and environmental simulations.

The wearer can control the volume of amplification to suit the environment. At the same time, the user can customize settings on the hearing aids to suit the present environment better, whether in a loud outdoor environment or a quiet indoor area.

The Empower Boost Hearing Amplifier comes in three different colors for the customer’s preference. The hearing aids feature a slim, discreet design for secretive wearing. The hearing aid device is as slim as a pencil and small enough to be hidden behind the ear. Connecting to the device is a tube that wraps around over the top of the wearer’s ear and feeds into a tip that sits inside the ear. The tube is slim, and it is designed to be discreet.

In the box comes two tips—one vented and one for power— a carrying case, the boost device, the tube, a cleaning brush, and a cleaning wire. The Boost Hearing Amplifier also comes with 8 batteries.

Empower Hearing Solutions offers a 12-month warranty guarantee on its product. This means the purchase is a no-risk event as buyers have a full year to return the device.

Key Features:

  • 3 color choices
  • 12-band processing
  • One-touch control for volume and programs
  • Nearly invisible look
  • 12-month warranty

Empower Hearing Solution’s other popular product, the Wave Hearing Amplifier, offers slightly different specifications to its counterpart. The Wave Hearing Amplifier was professionally designed to offer warm, rich sounds as though the natural world was amplified and played through a vinyl record player. The amplification is nuanced, accurate, and comforting. In addition, the sounds are meant to be clearer and more accurate. With newer technology, the Wave has a wonderful sound that will surprise its users.

The Empower Wave Hearing Amplifier has a large volume dial which offers an unparalleled, easy-to-use experience. Many other hearing aids on the market are difficult to use, which is why Empower ensured the Wave would be easy for all users. With a dedicated program switch button, users can switch between the high-frequency amplification and the normal amplification settings.

The Empower Eave Hearing Amplifier was created for discreet use. At only 0.25 inches wide and 1.375 inches tall, nobody could notice the hearing aid behind the wearer’s ear. The design is similar to its counterpart—the hearing aid set features the Wave device with a tube attached. The hearing aid sits behind the ear, with the tube snaking around the top of the ear into one’s ear canal.

With high-quality materials, the Wave Hearing Amplifier is durable and reliable. Furthermore, the product has unlimited support to obtain anything the customer needs, such as additional tools, accessories, or customer support. These specialists are available 24/7.

Just like Empower Hearing Solutions’ other products, the Wave Hearing Amplifier comes with a 12-month warranty.

Key Features:

  • Rich, nuanced sound
  • Warm amplification
  • Large volume button
  • Easy button to switch programs
  • 375 inches by 0.25 inches
  • 12-month warranty

Choosing Between Empower Hearing Solutions’ Products

Both products have excellent reviews from past customers. The customers attest to the build’s comfort, reliability, durability, design, power, and clarity of sound. Thus, choosing between the two can be tough. However, as the Wave Hearing Amplifier has been around the longest, it has the most reviews, and therefore it may be the most reliable of the two.

Each product offers excellent hearing assistance, a discreet style, and a 12-month warranty. Customers choosing between the two cannot choose wrong. The difference lies only in personal preference and what is needed.

The Wave has one single button, whereas the Boost has a volume button and a program switch. Both offer state-of-the-art technology, but they may amplify the sound differently. 

Empower Hearing Amplifier

Empower as MDHearing

Although Empower Hearing Solutions is now marketed as MDHearing, its products and accessories are still available from select retailers. In addition, as mentioned above, each of the hearing aids, the Wave and the Boost, come with a 12-month long warranty.

MDHearing still holds that warranty, and any extra protection plans purchased, valid. In addition, clients can contact MDHearing directly to receive support. Just like Empower Hearing Solutions had said, 24/7 support is available.

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