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Sometimes there is a possibility that due to certain external loud surrounding noise or exposure to long periods of extremely high decibels of ongoing construction activity, you may experience difficulty in hearing what your folks say at home, or find it irritating that you cannot hear clearly your favorite television program. 

This feeling of discomfort can trigger bouts of aggressive behavior or duration of depression, anxiety.

What you are possibly experiencing is not deafness but temporary hearing loss however it is best to visit your physician or the audiologist and after determining the exact cause of your discomfort may suggest for some device to amplify the sound.

This is where the personal sound amplifier does the magic, though they are inexpensive yet they are very  powerful.

Thanks to advancement of Technology and electronic circuitry, personal sound amplifiers have given hope to a lot of people worldwide like you who can now lead a normal lifestyle going about doing things that they would normally do.

Tweak Hearing Focus Personal Sound Amplifier with Digital Volume Control, Beige by Tweak Hearing is the product which we would like to recommend for you and we are happy to review for you.

This wearable device as all PSAP’s are called uses the latest technology that is patented for this specific purpose.

This personal assistant uses a sophisticated digital circuit that is programmed to remember your most liked amplification choice from the 3 ranges of amplification available.

This personal sound amplifier has 2 built in programs one for suppressing background noise in a noisy environment and the other for a quiet environment.

This little wearable device comes with 2 sleekly concealed microphones which offers a wide range of directional capability.

For increasing the overall experience you now have the option to set your personalization from a 12 band graphic equalizer, digital volume control for a rich amplification of sound.

The personal sound amplifier uses 312 battery that lasts upto 10 days of  full time usage, a battery low level indicator prompts you it’s time to change the battery.


Tweak Hearing Focus Review




The tweak hearing focus personal sound amplifier is a personal wearable device with built-in advanced technology circuitry that remembers your last preferred choice of noise amplification, the 12 band graphic equalizer and the digital volume control gives you the option of personalizing your sound amplification.

Now, you can never miss your favorite TV program or enjoy a conversation with your loved ones, the background noise suppression feature eliminates all unwanted background sounds to be able to communicate effectively.

The beige color ear piece blends well with the skin tone and the tubing is sleek to fit behind your ears

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