Tweak Focus Hearing Amplifier Review

If you’ve noticed that you have a hard time hearing people around you or your favorite television program, you might be suffering from hearing loss.

There are many causes of hearing loss, such as exposure to loud noise, aging, injury, etc. In addition, this feeling of discomfort can trigger bouts of aggressive behavior or the duration of depression and anxiety.

What you are possibly experiencing is not deafness but temporary hearing loss. However, it is best to visit your physician or an audiologist.

They can determine the exact cause of your discomfort and advise you if a hearing aid or an amplifier is right for you.

If you have mild to moderate hearing loss, a person sound amplification product (PSAP) can be used. They are inexpensive, yet they are very powerful.

Thanks to the advancement of Technology and electronic circuitry, personal sound amplifiers have given hope to many people worldwide. They can now lead a normal lifestyle, going about doing things that they would normally do.

Tweak Focus Personal Sound Amplifier is a product by Tweak Hearing. The company was founded by an audiologist with nearly 50 years of experience in practice. 

This device uses premium sound engineering and components that are normally found in high-end hearing devices. However, it is built to be more accessible to those suffering from hearing loss. A similar device is the Clearon digital hearing amplifier.

It’s also important to note that this product comes with a 30 day no risk trial. This gives you enough time to try it and see how effectively it works.

This personal sound amplifier has 3 built-in programs. The first one is for suppressing background noise in a noisy environment, and the second is to be used in a quiet environment. There is also a telecoil program, which you can use with a telephone or a loop system.

Tweak Focus Design:

You can buy the Tweak Focus in either beige or metallic grey color. In addition, there is a program switch button, which lets you choose one of the three program options.

The rocker switch allows you to change the volume so you can increase or decrease it.

This personal assistant uses a sophisticated digital circuit that is programmed to remember the program and level you are using most of the time.

This little wearable device comes with 2 sleekly concealed microphones which offer a wide range of directional capabilities.

For increasing the overall experience, you now have the option to set your personalization from a 12 band graphic equalizer, digital volume control for a rich amplification of sound.

Tweak Focus Hearing has a higher price tag than most amplifiers we’ve reviewed on our website. However, you can also check out the Otofonix or Britzgo Hearing Amplifiers, which offer good quality and price. Another unconventional but effective option is the Walkers Game Ear.

The Tweak Focus amplifier uses a 312 battery that lasts up to 10 days of full-time usage. A battery low-level indicator prompts you it’s time to change the battery.

Tweak Hearing Focus Review




The Tweak Focus Hearing is a 12-band amplifier, which enhances speech while reducing background noise. You can choose from 3 program options (quiet, noisy, telecoil) while adjusting the volume to best suit your preferences.

Now, you can never miss your favorite TV program or enjoy a conversation with your loved ones. The background noise suppression feature eliminates all unwanted background sounds so you can communicate effectively.

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