LifeEar Hearing Amplifier Reviews

Struggling to understand conversations due to hearing damage is incredibly frustrating. Almost 25% of Americans between 65 and 74 years old have some degree of hearing loss, and 50% of individuals over the age of 75 have hearing loss.

Hearing aids are a great tool to provide assistance to hearing-impaired individuals. Unfortunately, for many people, they are too expensive to afford. Hearing aids can cost thousands of dollars and require multiple trips to hearing clinics. Luckily, some high-quality solutions remain that won’t break your budget.

LifeEar CORE Hearing Aids is an affordable solution that can help you start hearing better without needing to go to an audiologist. These hearing aids are sold online by their producer MDHearingAids. The order process is hassle-free, and it also has free shipping.

In this LifeEar hearing amplifier review, we will look at the product’s features and compare them with other options. This way, you can choose what product is best for you.

About the LifeEar Brand

LifeEar is a leading online supplier of hearing aids designed with the help of doctors and audiologists to address 96% of common hearing issues without needing a medical evaluation or prescription. The brand offers several models, such as LifeEar Core, Boost, Active, and Stream, each offering unique features to meet the needs of different users.

The LifeEar Core, for instance, allows users to personalize their own sound profiles. At the same time, the Boost Sound Amplifier features four types of noise reduction programs and utilizes 12-band digital sound processing.

LifeEar Stream stands out for its Bluetooth capability. Through the LifeEar app, users can adjust settings to their comfort. LifeEar’s pricing is more affordable than other brands because of its online-based business model.

LifeEar Hearing Aids Review

Now that we’ve covered the brand and some of its models, let’s review each LifeEar hearing aid in detail.

LifeEar Core


LifeEar eight-channel hearing aids offer many great features. But none are better than their sound customization. These hearing aids have Bluetooth technology, allowing users to connect to their smartphones or devices.

Their app works on iOS and Android, so any device with Bluetooth should work fine. The application lets users control their hearing experience and gives lots of customizability. Increase treble, bass, volume, or change between sound modes on your device. This allows users to have a tailor-made hearing experience that is perfect for their environment.

These hearing aids also come with adaptive listening technology. LifeEar digital technology allows hearing aids to listen and adjust hearing settings as needed. This saves time and gives users customized sound settings for every situation. LifeEar reviews show customers love this function! It removes the need to fidget with smartphones or devices to customize the sound constantly.

Directional microphones focus on the sound that you want to hear most. The microphones pick up noise based on which way you are looking. This means you can focus on the conversation before you instead of the hearing aids picking up distracting background chatter.

They also have sweat resistance, allowing use during gym trips. The sleek design allows for a comfortable fit behind the ear, even with a pair of glasses.

If you find that you don’t fully love these hearing aids, don’t worry. With a 45-day worry-free trial, you can try out the product at home to see if you like it. If not, send it back for a full refund. They do recommend giving the hearing aids at least 21 days to adjust to your hearing. A minimal trial period isn’t required, but you should give the hearing time to adjust to your ears before making the final judgment.

These hearing aids have so many features and still offer affordable pricing. One hearing aid currently costs $799.99, and a pair typically costs $1,599.99. When writing this review, they are currently on sale for $999.99!  There are payment plan options with monthly payments as low as $83.33 using Affirm.

LifeEar Boost Hearing Aid

LifeEar boost sound amplifier makes hearing important details easier than ever before. They also have Advanced feedback cancellation. This feature allows users to hug loved ones and not hear annoying whistling sounds from coming too close to other hearing aids.

The LifeEar Boost Hearing Aid is a well-regarded hearing solution, praised for its affordability and effectiveness in addressing common hearing issues. The product is designed with input from doctors and audiologists, ensuring it can help many individuals with different hearing challenges without a medical evaluation or prescription.

Users appreciate the product’s personalization features, provided via an app, that significantly improves speech understanding. This digital sound amplifier is easy to use, maintain, and clean and offers the convenience of a discreet design, hardly noticeable when worn. It has four different types of noise reduction programs to suit user hearing needs, and its batteries are easy to change.

The device uses 12-band digital sound processing and amplifies sounds between the range of 15dB and 25dB depending on the frequency program. However, some users have noted a few critical omissions in the instructions, potentially affecting ease of use. Despite this, the general consensus remains that LifeEar Boost is a solid product that delivers on its promise of improving hearing.

LifeEar Active

LifeEar Active, also known as the Empower Active Hearing Amplifier, has been reviewed as a high-quality personal hearing amplifier. Designed by audiologists, this device is regarded as an excellent alternative for those who need a bit of help hearing in difficult situations but may not want or be able to afford a high-priced hearing aid. Users do not need a prescription or medical evaluation to buy it, making it easily accessible.

It offers a 12-band digital sound processing feature that zeroes in on voices and reduces background noise. This model has also been appreciated for its ease of use, ease of maintenance, and unobtrusive nature when worn. Users can change the frequency program or the frequency itself without removing the device. LifeEar also offers a risk-free trial of the device for 30 days, making it even more user-friendly.

However, a top critical review on Amazon pointed out that the device tended to amplify background noises more than voices, which could be a concern for potential users.

Overall, the LifeEar Active Hearing Amplifier offers a balance of price, functionality, and user-friendly design, making it a worthwhile consideration for individuals seeking hearing assistance. As with any medical device, potential users should carefully consider their needs and consult a healthcare professional before purchasing.

LifeEar vs Otofonix

OTOFONIX Elite Digital Hearing Amplifier

Otofonix is another brand that offers hearing aids at reasonable prices. They have been working for over a decade in the hearing assistance industry. They currently offer four different types of hearing aids, all with different special features.

The Elite and Encore models offer most of the same technology listed in the LifeEar models. The Helix is a rechargeable pair of hearing aids that come with a charging case. This feature is ideal for people who are consistently traveling or spend most of the day out of the house. But they only have one product that offers customization, like the LifeEar hearing aids.

The Otofonix Sona hearing aids also use an application on Bluetooth devices to help customize their sound. Much like LifeEar products, they have four different audio settings and a custom volume control. The four audio settings provided are conversation, restaurant, traffic, and conversation. These settings will give customized sound to help hear in almost any situation.

However, it lacks feedback cancellation, so the whistle sound can be annoying when in close contact with other hearing aid users. Individual Otofonix Sona hearing aids sell for $595, and a pair costs $1,190. A much less expensive option is the Clearon hearing amplifier.

MDHearingAids and Empower Hearing Amplifiers


Empower Hearing Amplifiers is another popular hearing assistance company. Empower hearing solutions reviews have shown they provided great products at affordable prices for years. If you own and love any of their products, you should know that MDHearingAids recently purchased them.

MDHearingAids is excited to announce the growth of its company. They are always excited about the opportunity to provide affordable hearing aids to more customers. They offer hearing aids with all the features Empower hearing aids provide. If you have a specific product that you love, call the experts at MDHearingAids to get advice on which new product is closest for you.

Bottom Line

LifeEar CORE hearing aids are affordable, easy to purchase and set up. The customization means that customers can have a genuinely personal sound that is perfect for their level of hearing loss. Many of these features are only available in models that cost hundreds if not thousands, more. Also, not needing a trip to a hearing testing center means fewer steps before getting your hearing products.

LifeEar CORE provides a great alternative to those who don’t want to break the bank to get their hearing back. If you have hearing damage, check their online marketplace to find a pair of LifeEar hearing aids for yourself. Begin the journey towards a better-understood life today.

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