Lucid Hearing Aids Review

Struggling to understand the environment and dialogue around you clearly can be a serious issue. Unfortunately, millions of deaf and hard-of-hearing Americans encounter this problem every day. With new hearing aids, many people with hearing loss can be satisfied with better-quality hearing. Unfortunately, finding a good pair of hearing aids to solve the problem at an affordable price can be equally difficult.

Lucid Hearing is trying to change that by offering high-quality hearing aids that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. With individual hearing aid options much lower than the competition, these are a great economical option.

Today, we will do a detailed review of Lucid hearing aids and what you can expect from their products. We also include a brief Lucid Hearing review of the company.

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Why Choose Lucid Audio Hearing Aids?

Lucid Audio Enrich PSAP, one Size, Beige

Hearing aids are necessary for many people with hearing impairment. Unfortunately, the cost of many hearing aids is quite high. Some brands charge thousands of dollars for a pair of hearing aids. Also, the testing process can be complicated.

Lucid Hearing Aids are an affordable alternative that still offers high quality and they work properly for a long time. They also streamline the testing process, offering tests and purchases in one convenient location at any Sam’s Club.

It is easy to schedule an appointment that works for you with Lucid testing centers. In addition, Sam’s Club hearing aid reviews show that customers love the low price and ease of access to Lucid hearing aids any day of the week.

Lucid Hearing reviews online are generally positive, honest feedback from current users shows they are good quality for the price. You also may experience if you have called customer service, they will review helpful information with you any day of the week.

A low price doesn’t mean a drop in quality. On the contrary, Lucid Hearing Aids offer life-enhancing sound quality for those with hearing loss. In addition, Lucid’s smart technology offers better sound quality than traditional hearing aid technology.

With multiple models and interchangeable parts, you can find the perfect customized fit for your needs. In addition, the experts at every testing location will recommend the best fit and style for your ear.

You can also use the Lucid Hearing App to help customize your sound—select different modes based on the surrounding environment. For example, options like “noisy environment” can use directional noise management to highlight what is in front of you.

This is great for crowded restaurants or other noisy locations. Music mode brings your music to life—experience songs with crystal clear clarity and sharpness. You can adjust levels of bass, treble, and mids to your liking.

You can also control both hearing aids at once, and you can control each hearing aid independently. In addition, the app displays battery levels for each hearing aid, so you never have to guess when to charge them. Lucid Hearing Aids also pair well with the iPhone.

Stream music, movies, and calls from your iPhone to your hearing aid with no audio gap. These hearing aids offer many high-tech features not found in other brands.

Free Hearing Evaluation

Hearing Evaluation

Lucid Hearing offers free hearing evaluations nationwide at their over 500+ locations. In addition, you can find their evaluation centers inside Sam’s Club hearing aid center locations. Sam’s Club hearing aids are available in many top-quality brands.

You do not need to be a Sam’s Club member to schedule a free consultation at any hearing solution center. In addition, the results of your hearing test are often available immediately. Sam’s Club hearing aids are a great alternative to more expensive options.

Hearing tests are important as well, as nearly half of Sam’s Club customers have mild to severe hearing loss, and they may not even know it. You may want to visit one of their hearing centers for a free hearing test regardless of whether you think you need hearing aids or not.

The test is conducted by a Lucid Hearing certified specialist or audiologist. The test itself takes no longer than thirty minutes. It consists of sitting in an enclosed booth while listening to different words and sounds.

You will listen to a series of tones and words at varying degrees of loudness. This is to determine the quietest sounds you can hear and distinguish clearly.

If the specialist helping you determines that hearing aids are necessary, you can likely walk out that day with Lucid hearing aids suited for your hearing needs.

The testing process requires no physical touching, so you should experience no discomfort. However, if you are experiencing pain in your ears, please tell the experts before beginning the testing process. You may need to go to a doctor before any testing for hearing aids.

Lucid hearing aid specialists and audiologists are not paid on commission to eliminate sales pressure. They would never pressure you into an exam or hearing aid sale.

Lucid Hearing Aid Reviews

Online reviews of Lucid Hearing as a company are mixed, but they generally make a good product. You get what you pay for. The Lucid Engage hearing aids are the most popular model at the Sams Club hearing center.

Lucid Engage Hearing Aids

Lucid Hearing Engage - Hearing Aids, Rechargeable Case and Accessories - Compatible With iPhone, Lucid Hearing APP, and Bluetooth - Splashproof - Discrete - Engineered and Designed in the USA (Grey)

Lucid Engage hearing aids provide Bluetooth streaming directly into your ear. The sound quality of Lucid hearing aids can match the quality of other brands in a slightly higher price range.

The Lucid Engage comes in a convenient package, and if you have any troubles with your new hearing aid you can visit any Sam’s Club in order to have your set fixed.

128 Channel Speaker in the Ear

128 Channel Speaker

These behind-the-ear hearing aids have a comfortable and discreet design so others will barely notice them. In addition, the 128 Channel in-ear hearing aid offers high audio clarity at a range of volumes.

Hearing aids channels are filters that cover different levels of frequencies. The more channels there are, the better the hearing aids are at differentiating tone levels. This behind-the-ear option promises a rich, life-like sound to the user, no matter the frequency.

Dynamic directional technology allows for distinction in what sound the hearing aids pick up. For example, when sitting in a restaurant with a friend, you don’t want a hearing aid that picks up the sound at the other tables.

Directional technology helps hearing aid focus on important audio. Unwanted noises can also happen outside in everyday life. These headphones have wind noise reduction to keep your hearing sharp during a windy day.

Similarly, you won’t need to worry about a small amount of rain or extra humidity either. Again, with a liquid-repellent nano-coating, a little water won’t damage these hearing aids.

The 128-Channel Speaker in the Ear is a high-tech pair of hearing aids that can learn on the go. These hearing aids will learn your settings and adjust your listening experience based on your environment.

The learning volume control will help adjust the setting on the hearing aids based on surrounding noise. Of course, you can control the volume and audio settings whenever you like.

They will also notify you whenever your batteries begin to get low, so you know when it’s time for a charge.

iPhone compatibility also means streaming, music, and phone calls are even easier. Connect directly to your hearing aids to get uncompromised sound delivered into your ears.

Speaking of batteries, Lucid uses the world’s most advanced and longest-lasting lithium battery.

Nobody wants to spend time constantly changing their batteries. And the idea of losing your sense of hearing because a battery cannot last all day is absurd.

Lucid’s rechargeable lithium battery offers a full day’s use between charges. Take the portable, wireless charger with you for battery on the go. With quick charge technology, you can get hours of use in no time.

When completely charged, the charging case offers three full charges for your headphones.

Ideal for a weekend trip or when traveling. Forget about packing disposable hearing aid batteries and use this small and portable charger instead. The charging case also promises never to overcharge your batteries.

Place your hearing aids into the charger at night, and the case will stop charging when the batteries are full. This ensures a longer life span for the battery itself.

With high customization, comfort, and audio control, the 128 Channel Speaker in the Ear is a great option. In addition, affordability is a bonus that will help your budget. Available colors are beige, pearl white, brown, black, and gray.

96 Channel in the Canal Hearing Aids

96 Channel in the Canal Hearing Aids

If behind-the-ear options are still too bulky for you, then in the canal, hearing aids are a great choice. In addition, these canal options are practically unnoticeable to those around you.

Offering 96 different channels, you will hear all frequencies accurately in your ear. However, unlike ear options, they only use auto volume control.

Feedback noise is similar to what you hear when a microphone is too close to an amplifier. That can be especially hard to hear if it happens with hearing aids. Since they sit in your ear canal, it can be uncomfortable or even painful to deal with feedback noise in hearing aids.

These Lucid hearing aids come with a dynamic feedback canceler to make sure that never happens. A telecoil is also optional on these hearing aids.

The telecoil is inside the hearing aid and focuses on electromagnetic signals. This helps reduce background noise and improve audio quality during phone calls or when watching tv.

There is another 96 Channel in the canal hearing aid with directional microphones. If you find it hard to hear in busy or loud areas, these may be the preferred option for you. There are multiple different options both in-the-canal and behind-the-ear options available.

If you have a preference, you can ask a Lucid audiologist if a certain pair or style works best for you. We have a wide range of styles and different hearing aids based on the amount of hearing loss. Please ask any questions you may have at one of the testing centers.

Liberty Hearing Aids

Liberty Hearing aids are powered by Ludic Hearing lab technology. Liberty hearing aids feature three types of models; behind-the-ear, in-the-ear and custom fitted. This company is online, but you can schedule a free hearing test through their website at any Sam’s Club location as well. A similar brand is Rexton, check out Rexton hearing aids models here.

With Liberty hearing aids you can expect the same quality as Lucid Hearing.

Lucid Hearing Reviews: The Company

Lucid hearing as a company has many pros; whether it’s their advocacy to help people hear better, or being a part of their autonomous work environment. Any former employee reviews will tell you in kind words it’s a good company to work for, with a convenient work location and great work-life balance.

Also because the hearing centers are in a Sams Club store location, hearing associates have the opportunity to develop long-term trusting relationships with customers, allowing them to monitor their patient base closely. These positive relationships make the Sam’s Club business model quite valuable. The parent company HLT values providing its associates with a larger pool of potential patients. The business model includes associates hitting the store floor to engage potential patients; this such environment makes any former employee happy to help people hear better.

Work-life balance was the most positive review of the company, presenting many ways to get further opportunities in their career, as well as help them with future endeavors in the industry. This work-life balance, the autonomous work environment, along with the further opportunities makes them a good company to work for; you can learn more on their careers page.

Bottom Line

Lucid Hearing develops great quality hearing aids at a fraction of the price. Offering both over-the-ear hearing aids as well as custom in-ear options, you can find the best hearing aid for your needs.

Testing takes less than an hour, and a certified audiologist will pair you with a brand-new set of hearing aids.

There is no excuse to wait with a highly trained team of professionals, hundreds of convenient locations, and free testing. Regaining your hearing shouldn’t cost a fortune.

Call the experts at Lucid Hearing to schedule a consultation today and start the journey towards a clearer-sounding life.

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