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Did you know that of the world population nearly 360 million people suffer from some hearing disability, in the U.S alone more than 45 million that is 1 out of 6 Americans suffer  from mild to profound hearing  loss.

While it is hard to predict what causes this degree of hearing loss, doctors around the world say that it could be attributed to genetic defects, this means even a new born could suffer from such a disability, or the disability could progress slowly until you age.

If you have ever encountered at some time in your life that you tend to move closer to the speaker phone while in a con-call or go to the nearest part of the room which appears to be noise free, there could be times when you may even depend on lip reading trying to figure out what the opposite person is speaking.

However, with advanced research and development of technology, doctors and audiologists have come together to find a solution to people coping with various degrees of hearing loss from mild to profound hearing loss.

We review one such device mild to moderate hearing disability, the  Banglijian Hearing Amplifier Rechargeable Ziv-201 High Quality Digital BTE Small Size by Banglijian. Looking for alternatives? View our complete guide of PSAPs reviews.

This device is a BTE (Behind the ear device) will be your perfect companion as the device provides sound amplification with peak up to 40 dB gain, it weighs only 3.7 grams. Coming in at a much lower cost than a hearing aid.

This device uses a digital integrated chip, as compared to the old analog devices where only the sound was amplified, the new age digital microprocessors are capable of amplifying sound as well as noise reduction of unwanted surrounding sound.

The built in microprocessor intelligently stores in memory your last used setting and returns to the same if the device has accidentally turned off.

To prevent damage to the microprocessor, temperature control and thermistor is incorporated that allows the lithium batteries to function normally in any type of temperature.

This device comes preconfigured with 2 programs that can be operated with one finger.

  1. In a quiet environment the device is capable of maintaining sounds even in low frequency
  2. In a noisy environment to provide better sound quality the frequency of the low level sound is reduced.

The Banglijian Hearing Amplifier Rechargeable Ziv-201 is considered to be environment friendly. This device uses lithium battery that can be recharged by just using the USB cable that is shipped along with the device.

A full recharge of the battery provides usage of upto 24 hours of continous usage.

The advantage of recharging on this device to other devices where battery needs to be changed is that there could be a possibility of damage to the device due to frequent opening and closing of the battery compartment door, there is a danger of inserting the batteries in the wrong direction.

Banglijian Ziv-201 Hearing Amplifier Review




This smart device is strongly recommended if you are suffering from mild to moderate hearing loss as this product is lightweight, sleek and discreet. You have the convenience of recharging the product.

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