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People who have difficulty in hearing are on the lookout for hearing aids. These aids would greatly enhance their hearing capability. They can do so by purchasing hearing amplifiers. You can easily find many different varieties of hearing amplifiers in the market. However, making the right choice is an important one. The factors to be considered when buying a hearing amplifier are volume control, background noise reduction, duration of battery life and the comfort when wearing one.

The good news is that if you are in the early stages of hearing loss your Doctor or audiologist may prescribe hearing amplifier to enable you to lead a normal life. While there are many types and brands to choose from the market, we list below one of the hearing amplifiers that is worth the money spent on it.

Empower Hearing Amplifier by LifeEar is one product that will greatly enhance your hearing, as the name suggests it amplifies the sound. The product itself has been designed by audiologists and doctors. It is available in the market at a competitive price while delivering good sound amplification.

The Empower hearing amplifier is sleek in design. The slim tubing fits quite discreetly behind the ears. In fact, it’s almost invisible to notice one. The product cuts off surrounding noise to enjoy a disturbance-free conversation. The audio is amplified over the surrounding noise.

Empower hearing amplifier is easy to use even for the first time. The product can be configured easily for both the ears. This can be done by the application that can be downloaded on Google Play as well as the Apple App store. However, a word of caution, as this concerns your hearing it is best  that you consult your doctor or an ear specialist who will guide or direct you with the best hearing volume.

Some of the features of this Empower hearing amplifier are:

1.       4 listening programs and 10 volume settings. All these can be controlled with one touch setting to suit your hearing.

2.       Selective Amplifier to adjust basis the hearing loss.

3.       Frequency processor of 12 bands for enhancement of human voice

4.       Dynamic compression of unrequired sounds.


5.       Noise reduction

Empower Hearing Amplifier Review




Though the Empower hearing amplifier is a bit pricey, it does a fantastic job as compared to even the pricier ones in the market. This product has been designed and tested by doctors themselves. The 12 band processor is the feature that stands out among its competitors. We  recommend that you should buy the product. The downside is that you may have to spend a little more if your hearing loss is in both ears as you would be required to buy the right as well as the left earpiece. You can read Doctear’s guide on hearing amplifiers for more information.

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