Best AXIL Ear Plugs – Reviews in 2023

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Axil is an American company that produces top-notch hearing protection solutions. The company evolved from two others which bring over 60 years of experience. Thanks to the experience and the merger, the company can design and manufacture some of the best hearing products on the market.

For example, the Axil XP Series earplugs have a reputation for being a leader in the tactical earplugs market.

However, that’s not all the company provides. Created for shooters, the Axil XP tactical ear plugs are sure to impress any individual who finds themselves in excessively loud environments. Check out the following reviews to learn more about Axil’s passive ear plugs; XP Defender, XP Reactor and X-Pro.

Axil Ear Plugs Reviews

AXIL XP Defender Series Filtered Earplugs | Dual-Mode, Compact & Ultra Comfortable with Dynamic Mesh Filtering System, Hearing Protection for Hunting, Sleeping, Lawn Care, Construction & Concerts

The XP Defender Ear Plugs are essentially a crossover between the XP Reactor and the X-Pro Passive ear protection. The earbuds are designed similarly to the XP Reactor, using ultra-soft EVA material for the utmost comfort. It’s a similar size and use, meaning users can wear these discreetly. Additionally, they feature a convenient pull tab for users to remove.

The XP Series compares to the X-Pro Passive in the technology used. This model allows users to switch between on and off modes that provide more or less sound filtering. Thanks to the mesh filtering system, even when the earplugs are set to open, they still filter out loud sounds.

The XP Defender earplugs provide passive attenuation of 18dB and include dynamic sound filters with a valve switch button. This let’s you instantly switch from protecting to normal hearing. When worn properly in your ears they provide good audio quality and hearing protection making them great construction ear plugs.

The XP Defender offers all the following benefits.

  • 16dB noise rating reduction against standard sound levels when open
  • 21dB noise rating reduction against normal sound levels when closed
  • 33 dB noise rating reduction against loud sounds

Thanks to the choice of open or closed and the innovative design, these are the best ear plugs offered by Axil. As a result, wearers benefit from a small, discreet ear plug that effectively protects them against loud and damaging sounds. Reviews state these are a great purchase for on the range, and the pair of plugs is incredible value for the money.

The X-Pro Passive Ear Protection ear plug is a convenient yet powerful option when you need complete ear protection. These ear plugs are designed for optimal use in outdoor and indoor activities. The unique design allows wearers to hear sounds at average volume while still receiving protection from loud, damaging sounds.

These are great for the shooting range and are also intended for any other activities where loud noises occur. The X-Pro Passive Ear Protection plugs feature a switch on the outside that allows users to choose between two modes.

When the valve is open, users can hear effortlessly in the first mode, yet remain protected from loud sounds. This is due to the sound valve that automatically blocks loud sounds. This gives users the ability hear low level sound.

The second mode is fully closed, which protects against damaging sounds for those who don’t want to rely on the valve. We think this is a dynamic feature; they are protecting your hearing or allowing you to hear.

The ear plugs have the following features.

  • 12dB noise reduction rating while open
  • 21dB noise reduction rating while closed
  • Silicone tips increase the rating to 22 dB
  • Foam tips increase the rating to 29dB

The X-Pro Passive Ear Protection ear plugs are perfect for anyone who wants a choice in the type of protection they receive. They’re built for comfort and convenience. However, the different tips—silicone and foam—only come in two sizes each. This may be inconvenient for some who don’t have the size they need in their preferred tip type.

AXIL XP Reactor Series Filtered Earplugs | Compact & Ultra Comfortable with Dynamic Mesh Filtering System, Hearing Protection for Hunting, Sleeping, Lawn Care, Construction & Concerts

The Axil XP Reactor earplugs provide strong sound filtering for excessive sounds. However, the design allows normal sounds to come through the earplugs seamlessly. In addition, the plugs utilize a mesh filtering system that screens out overly loud noises while letting in sounds of lower intensities.

XP Reactor earplugs are designed for scenarios where harmful noises are continual. For instance, those who are at the shooting range, frequently hunt, attend auto racing events, attend concerts, work in construction, or spend a lot of time in loud stadiums will significantly benefit from these tactical plugs.

The XP Reactor Tactical Ear Plugs use a soft medical-grade EVA material that sticks straight into your ear canal. It’s also non-allergenic and provides the perfect fit. In addition, a pull tab on the outside of the ear plug allows you to pull the plugs out. Thus, the design will enable wearers to use the XP Reactor plugs discreetly.

Both the XP Defender and XP Reactor plugs have passive attenuation, with non-digital silicone earbuds. The XP Reactor have the lower attenuation of 8 dB and impulse protection of 33dB.

The ear plugs provide the following.

  • 8dB noise reduction rating for standard sound levels
  • 33dB noise reduction rating for loud sounds
  • Medium and large silicon tips
  • Carrying case

As a powerful yet discreet ear plug, the XP Reactor hearing solution is perfect for anybody who wants to protect their hearing without using large, obnoxious ear plugs.

The most basic ear plug Axil offers, the foam ear plugs are quick solutions to hearing protection. These are disposable, soft, and universal in use. Wearers can use these ear plugs for sleeping, sporting events, concerts, work, and much more.

They block noise from entering the ear canal with 31dB NRR, providing good hearing protection close to the highest noise reduction earplugs. They provide universal fit for medium to large ears.

Once used to your liking, you can toss them in the trash, as they’re disposable. In addition, the foam ear plugs offer the following properties.

  • Latex-free
  • Washable and reusable
  • Medical grade
  • 31dB noise reduction rating
  • Polyurethane foam

Costing only $0.99, these are the most cost-effective solution you can find. As a cheap, lightweight, adaptable, and practical pair of ear plugs, they’re perfect when you need a quick fix to excess noise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I use Axil earplugs?

Anywhere, seriously. You can use their hunting, with power tools, on the plane, sleeping, at a concert, bar, sports arenas, and many more places. The ear plugs are designed to protect your hearing, no matter the noise level or environment.

The XP Reactor is more suited when you don’t need as much situational awareness, whereas the XP Defender provides the ability of hearing sounds while loud noise is still filtered.

Where are Axil earplugs manufactured?

Axil earplugs are manufactured in the US, just like the Axil GS Extreme earbuds and Trackr earmuffs. The company has existed since 1958, originally Harris Hearing Group.

Do I need hearing protection when hunting?

Absolutely you need hearing protection when hunting. Like the firing of a gun, loud sounds can damage the tiny hair cells inside your inner ear. Once the damage occurs to these hair cells, it’s irreparable.

You can purchase advanced hunting earbuds like the Axil GS Extreme earbuds that connect with your phone. If you don’t like earplugs, you can try the Trackr electronic ear muffs.

What kind of ear plugs do I need for loud noises?

Ear plugs that have a noise reduction rating of at least 20dB. Finding something with a higher protection rating can help further. The Axil XP series earplugs are all suitable for protecting your hearing. The sporting goods industry has developed hearing protection that is highly effective and Axil is the perfect example.

Can I use ear plugs with hearing loss?

Unfortunately, ear plugs cannot restore hearing. However, it can help prevent any further damage

Will ear plugs help with tinnitus?

Ear plugs can help prevent the onset of tinnitus in the future, but they can’t help relieve tinnitus symptoms without specific technology. AXIL Hearing Aids may help with tinnitus.

These ear plugs are designed for scenarios where excessive sounds are continual. For instance, those who frequently hunt, need ear protection for the race track, attend concerts, work in construction, or spend a lot of time in loud stadiums will significantly benefit from these tactical plugs.  

Should You Buy Axil Ear Protection?

As a powerful yet discreet ear plug, this hearing solution is perfect for anybody who wants to protect their hearing without using large, obnoxious ear plugs or ear muffs.

Our final thoughts are the XP Defender and XP Reactor earplugs are comfortable hearing protection. Our advice is to try them for yourself to experience the total protection and versatility. For the money it only makes sense to protect your ears.

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