AXIL Trackr Electronic Earmuff Review

Axil has built a reputation for providing some of the best electronic hearing products on the market. As a company committed to innovation, it does its best to continually stay on top of the field regarding technology, features, and specifications. Since the addition of the Axil Trackr electronic earmuffs, a review is due to cover the product.

With Axil’s experience in hearing impairment and hearing enhancement industries, it’s no surprise that its products feature technologies inherent to both. This axil earmuff review will cover all those features in addition to the design, best uses, pros, and cons.

Axil Earmuff Reviews

AXIL TRACKR All Purpose Earmuffs | True Noise Isolation, Sweat & Water Resistant with Built-in 2-Directional Microphone, Used for Tactical, Auto Racing, Shooting, Hunting, Industrial, Construction

Axil’s noise-canceling earmuffs are a state-of-the-art product designed for practical use. The initial goal of this product was to protect the wearer’s hearing, but it offers much more than just protection.

As soon to be seen, users get benefits that make them an essential item to carry with them at all times. And once you’ve tried them, you won’t go back to any other pair of electronic earmuffs.



One of the most striking features of the Axil Trackr earmuffs is the technology used inside. These earmuffs use a dual-purpose technology specifically designed for this product. As an earmuff, wearers expect the sound to be muted or at the least dampened.

With the Axil Trackr, all sounds that are louder than 85dB are automatically blocked. That means any loud, damaging sound cannot penetrate the earmuffs and wreak havoc on those tiny hair cells in your inner ear. In addition, the Trackr Tactical Earmuffs come with a 25dB Noise Reduction Rating. Thus, your ears are well protected against sounds in your environment.

What’s more, the earmuffs offer a 40dB gain on quiet sounds. With this enhancement of hearing, whenever you need to hear discrete sounds, the Trackr Earmuffs have you covered. Beyond the amplification and sound reduction, the earmuffs also come with noise reduction features to help block feedback and wind noises. Thus, no more distractions from the whistling in your ear from the wind!

The Design

AXIL Trackr Electronic Earmuff design

The Axil Trackr Tactical Earmuffs are designed to be compact and efficient, yet the design doesn’t skimp on comfort or other desired features. For example, the earmuffs feature a headband that uses a wire metal frame which aids in the fitting and stability of the earmuffs. The headband is also adjustable so that everyone can find the perfect fit for their size.  

The earmuffs use materials that are naturally resistant to water and other liquids. No more worrying about sweat, rain, mist, or even humidity damaging your earmuffs!

There is a volume wheel on the side of the earmuffs, which allows users to adjust the sound levels to their desire. Also, on the side of the earmuffs, there is an AUX port. Therefore, users can plug in an AUX cord connected to their phone and use it for music or other media.

The last important feature of the earmuffs is the battery door. There is an easy access door that holds two AAA batteries. Slide the door up to take it off and quickly replace the batteries whenever needed.

Use Cases

As you can already see from the technology and the design, these earmuffs offer several use cases. The most obvious function of these earmuffs is to block loud sounds. Anybody who works in areas with loud sounds will need a pair of these earmuffs. That includes people who work at stadiums, concert venues, industrial sites, construction sites, and much more.

Furthermore, people who frequently go hunting or shooting will significantly benefit from these earmuffs. The Trackr Tactical Earmuffs are named such for a reason. They allow wearers to participate in loud environments while protecting their ears and receiving hearing enhancement.  

Lastly, you can use these earmuffs in recreational settings. Past users have spoken about how they’re perfect when practicing with a musical instrument. You can plug a cable directly into your Trackr Earmuffs and hear the sound you want without any background noise. What’s more, you can use these as a pair of high-end headphones. With the AUX cord and noise reduction technology, you’ll never hear anything that you don’t want to.


The pros of the Axil Trackr Tactical Earmuffs are endless. First of all, the design is compact, sleek, and attractive. Second, they feel great in your hands, and they’re built with quality, so you know they will last a long time.

The earmuffs are waterproof, which allows you to use them in any environment. They provide a noise reduction rating that is unparalleled in the field. You get confidence knowing that your ears are well-protected against any damaging sounds.

These tactical earmuffs are also perfect for several uses. For example, you can use them on public transit to block out noise. In addition, they can function as headphones for musical practice. And, of course, you can use them anytime you need to block out loud sounds from work or recreational activities like hunting.


While these earmuffs are exceptional, they do come with one main downfall. The earmuffs don’t provide directional microphones. When sounds are amplified in your environment, you want to know from which direction they came. Naturally, your ears do wonders at this, as you can precisely find the exact location of a sound.

Without directional microphones in the earmuffs, you’ll have difficulty recognizing the origin of some sounds. However, this is the case only for quiet sounds. So people who want to have the greatest perception of where a faint sound came from may find it hard while wearing these earmuffs.

Frequently Asked Questions

earmuffs for protection

Q: Do Axil electronic earmuffs cancel all noise?

A: They do not cancel all noise. They only cancel the noise that is too loud and can damage your ears. On the contrary, they amplify quiet sounds to your benefit.

Q: Can Axil Trackr Earmuffs get wet?

A: These earmuffs are waterproof! Thus, you can wear them while outside in wet or rainy environments without worry.

Q: What are Trackr Earmuffs used for?

A: These earmuffs can amplify quiet sounds, listen to media through an AUX cord, and block loud sounds.

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