Caldwell E-Max Review – Low Profile Electronic Muffs

The innovation of electronic hearing protection has led to manufacturing the best electronic earmuffs throughout the market. The Caldwell E Max Electronic Earmuffs are a reviewer’s favorite for a product that combines quality and versatility, all at an affordable price.

Similar products can’t compete with the Caldwell E Max in the best low-cost electronic earmuffs for hunters and shooters. 

The well-developed circuitry enables the amplification of low volume sounds. At the same time, it switches into an automatic shutoff mode when exposed to sound over 85dB to protect your ears from harmful noise and damage. 

Product reviews show precisely why these E Max earmuffs are so sought after; take a look below to get full details on the Caldwell E Max, one of the best products for electronic ear protection.

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Criteria for Caldwell Hearing Protection

The Caldwell E Max is ear protection that has all areas covered for a price you can afford. So when you’re heading out to hunt or shooting at the range, choosing the best electronic ear protection begins with finding a model that has a good NRR rating, stereo sound, amplification, loud noise blocking and is made for comfort during extended wear.

Safety of your hearing should be your number one concern which is why making sure to choose a product with a good NRR rating and automatic shutoff for loud noises is essential. 

The E Max boasts a 23NRR and an over 85dB automatic shutoff to block out dangerously loud sounds, protecting your ears no matter which noises you encounter along the way. Although at a very minimum, your electronic earmuffs must provide adequate ear protection, this model of the Caldwell E Max covers that base and a whole lot more.

Product Overview

The Caldwell E Max comes out for its impressive performance at a very affordable price; who can beat that! However, the cheaper price tag on this product doesn’t mean that the quality is inferior to those more expensive models.

With a slim profile*, thin muffs and a metal wire frame headband, these are a pair of earmuffs that display durability in design and have comfort in mind.

* referring to the Low profile model of the Caldwell E Max

Caldwell Shooting Supplies, the company you can give thanks to for manufacturing this great product, knows that by creating hearing protection specifically with the shooters’ needs in mind, they’ll be able to design the best electronic earmuffs on the market. 

Amplifying sound and blocking out loud noise, with its above 85dB cutoff, ensures that you’ll be able to hear everything going on around you while at the same time protecting your ears from harmfully loud and sudden noises.

This instant shut-off to loud surrounding noises blocks you from hearing them just long enough before returning to the normal setting so you can go on hearing everything again within seconds. 

In addition, the two microphones on this model allow you to hear in stereo sound vs mono sound, providing you more overall awareness of your surroundings.



FAQ on Caldwell Earmuffs

The 2 integrated microphones, one in each muff act to amplify sounds all while allowing you to identify the direction of which the sound is coming from. 

These 2 microphones provide the stereo sound experience needed to truly be aware of everything that is moving around you so you can hear ambient sounds, normal conversation and range commands. For a clear and crisp audio, the mic on the Caldwell will offer you the directional sounds and quality you need for safety all around.

If you don’t fancy the original green model of the Caldwell E Max, you can also purchase these earmuffs in pink, mossy oak break-up, and behind the head. The Green Low Profile model is versatile for all needs, while the Mossy Oak Break Up Earmuffs also are great for in the range or out hunting. 

For behind the head muffs, these Green behind the Head Electronic hearing muffs are ideal; great for those who don’t want to wear a pair of earmuffs over their head. 

Lastly, the Pink E Max Low Profile Earmuffs are perfect for all the ladies! All of the models have the same construction and durability therefor no matter which you choose, you’ll know you’re walking away with a fantastic product.

You can easily fold them down and pack them away in your bag however, the shape they fold into is slightly bulky than the Low profile models for example.

These earmuffs are simply for hearing protection. If you would like a device with an input jack, you can take a look at the Low profile electronic earmuffs. The Low profile muffs can be hooked up with their included 3.55 mm cable to the audio input jack; you can then play music off your phone or MP3 player.

Over time you will need to replace the covers over the earmuff microphones but not to worry, you can buy replacement covers for a relatively low cost. Check the Caldwell website for more information.

A Low profile model allows the shooter more space while shooting a rifle. The lightweight and low profile model means that mounting a gun also won’t be as difficult as with bulkier muffs. 

Whether you’re out hunting or on the shooting range, a set of Low profile muffs will be a great fit all around. For handgun shooting and smaller weapons, you should be fine using the regular sized earmuffs. The Green Caldwell E Max earmuffs will do the job just fine!

A simple set of AAA batteries is all you’ll need to power up your pair of electronic earmuffs. Depending on how often they are in use, the battery range can be anywhere from a few days up to 2 weeks or even longer for occasional use.

You can visit the hearing protection section of the Caldwell website by clicking here.

What's the Verdict? Recommended!

If you’re looking to purchase your first set of electric earmuff protection and don’t have a lot to spend, the Caldwell Electronic Earmuff Reviews conclude that this set is one of the best out there for the budget mindful shooter.

The Caldwell E-Max Earmuffs feature a 23db noise reduction rating, so your ears will be protected when you go shooting or hunting. In addition, they have a low-profile design, so you can wear them for a long period and still aim and shoot comfortably.

Suppose you can get past some minor annoyances such as possibly developed static sound over time or the fact that there is no automatic shut-off when not in use. In that case, you’ll be delighted to purchase the best electronic ear protection around for the best price.

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