Noise Battles: Sordin Vs Opsmen Earmor M32 In The Quest For Auditory Excellence

Are you in search of a headset that not only protects your ears in noisy environments but also ensures clear communication? Delve into our comprehensive comparison of Sordin and Opsmen Earmor M32 headsets to discover which one aligns with your needs, balancing premium features with cost-effectiveness for seamless communication amidst the clamor.

Key Takeaways

  • Sordin headsets excel in extreme conditions with superior noise attenuation, ideal for professional usage.
  • Opsmen Earmor M32 offers a budget-friendly alternative with decent noise suppression, suitable for casual users.
  • Sound quality in Sordin is notably better, especially in high-noise environments, ensuring clear communication.
  • Both headsets prioritize comfort but achieve it differently; Sordin’s gel seals offer a snug fit.
  • Sordin’s robust design withstands harsh conditions, making it a reliable choice for rigorous professional use.
  • User and expert reviews reflect a balance of cost-effectiveness and performance in Opsmen Earmor M32 headsets.

Sordin Basics

Sordin headsets, revered by gun enthusiasts for their high-definition stereo sound and robust design, offer unmatched sound clarity and ear protection, ideal in high-noise environments. Notable features include waterproof microphones and gel seals ensuring comfort even in adverse conditions. While their premium features come at a higher price and may be bulkier compared to Opsmen Earmor M32, their superior noise reduction rating makes them a reliable choice for professionals in military, law enforcement, and serious shooting scenes, standing up to the challenges of extreme conditions.

Opsmen Earmor M32 Basics

The Opsmen Earmor M32 headset, featured in the game Escape From Tarkov, offers a notable Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) for substantial ear protection. Its dynamic noise detection, cushioned ear pads, and adjustable headbands ensure comfort and clear communication in noisy scenarios. While more affordable and user-friendly than premium models like Sordin, it may lack ruggedness and noise cancellation in extremely loud environments. Ideal for moderately noisy real-world settings and enhancing gaming realism in Tarkov, the M32 is a cost-effective choice for both shooting enthusiasts and gamers.

Comparative Analysis

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Sound Quality

When diving into the sound quality, are Sordins worth it? The Sordin edges slightly ahead with its superior ambient noise attenuation. The Opsmen Earmor M32, on the other hand, holds its ground with dynamic noise detection, providing a clear communication channel. However, in extremely loud scenarios, the Sordin’s sound clarity is notably better, offering a more discernible communication experience.


Both headsets prioritize user comfort but achieve it differently. The Sordin leverages gel seals for an enhanced comfortable fit, while the M32 comes with cushioned ear pads and adjustable headbands. While both are comfortable, the gel seals of Sordin might offer a more snug fit, especially during extended use.


In terms of ruggedness, Sordin takes the lead with a robust design built to withstand harsh conditions, making it a choice for military or heavy industrial use. The Opsmen Earmor M32, although sturdy, is more suited for moderately harsh environments. Its design is robust but might not endure the same level of abuse as the Sordin.


Price is where the Opsmen Earmor M32 shines. It offers a balance of sound quality, comfort, and durability at a more affordable price point compared to the Sordin. For budget-conscious individuals or those new to the realm of tactical headsets, the M32 provides a cost-effective entry without significantly compromising on essential features.

User Reviews

User reviews for the Opsmen Earmor M32 highlight its affordability and comfortable fit as major selling points. Many appreciate its decent sound quality and noise suppression, especially given the price point. Some users, however, mention that in highly noisy environments, it might not perform as well as premium models like Sordin. The ease of use and adjustable settings are also praised, making it a favored choice among budget-conscious enthusiasts and beginners venturing into the world of tactical headsets.

Expert Opinions

Experts commend the Opsmen Earmor M32 for its budget-friendly appeal coupled with essential features. They appreciate its balance of price and performance, making it a recommended choice for casual users or those new to tactical headsets. However, for rigorous professional use, experts often lean towards more robust options like Sordin.


What does the M32 headset do in Tarkov?

In “Escape from Tarkov,” the Opsmen Earmor M32 headset is an in-game item that simulates the function of an actual tactical headset by improving auditory cues, which is vital for survival and situational awareness within the game’s environment.

What headset is the best in Tarkov?

The “best” headset in Tarkov can vary based on personal preference and game mechanics, with different headsets offering varying levels of sound amplification and noise cancellation.

Does the military use Sordins?

Yes, Sordin headsets are known for their use in military and tactical operations due to their robust design and exceptional noise suppression and communication clarity.

Where is Sordin made?

Sordin headsets are manufactured in Sweden, adhering to high standards of quality and performance. The Swedish craftsmanship ensures the headsets are durable and reliable, which is crucial for the demanding environments they are often used.

Is Sordin owned by MSA?

No, Sordin was acquired by MSA (Mine Safety Appliances Company), but recently in 2023 went on their own to produce high-quality hearing protection with advanced technology.

Sordin or Opsmen Earmor M32: Which Fulfills Your Auditory Demands?

Choosing between Sordin and Opsmen Earmor M32 boils down to your individual needs and budget constraints. Sordin stands out in extreme conditions, delivering unmatched sound clarity and durability, ideal for professional use. On the flip side, the M32 offers a budget-friendly alternative with decent noise suppression and comfort, suitable for casual users or beginners. Analyzing user and expert reviews alongside a comparative analysis of their features, comfort, durability, and price points, helps in making an informed decision. Both headsets have carved a niche in the market, catering to different user segments with their unique offerings.

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