Sordin Supreme Pro (X/LED) Earmuffs Review

If caring for your hearing is your most significant concern, you’ll want to commit to the safety and protection of your ears by investing in a pair of Sordin ear muffs.

Going to the range with only earplugs can be fine, but when looking for active protection, earplugs don’t quite cut it. Sordin has parted ways with MSA and is now producing the Supreme Pro earmuffs line with advanced features and sound technology upgrades.

The Sordin Supreme Pro X Earmuffs come out on top by offering all the protection you require while allowing you to perform your job to the highest standard. They are a leader in workplace safety and shooting hearing protection; one of Sordin’s top models is the Sordin Supreme Pro X tactical hearing protection.

Sordin Supreme Earmuffs Review

Sordin Supreme Pro - Noise Reduction Safety Ear Muffs - Hearing Defender - Leather Headband and Green Cups - SOR75302-S

The Sordin Supreme is a passive earmuff with an NRR of 25 dB. The cup design is slim and offers good freedom of motion, while the SFA version provides an SNR of 32 dB. The headband is adjustable, and the overall design is robust, ensuring reliability and longevity even in heavy-duty environments.

However, this model does not feature extra convenience features like sound amplification or LED lighting. Overall, the Sordin Supreme is a reliable and basic choice for hearing protection.

As a passive earmuff, the Sordin Supreme does not offer any audio enhancement or amplification features, but it does provide quality audio protection with a decent NRR of 25 dB.

In addition, the design is user-friendly and comfortable, with a slim and adjustable headband and tiny cups that offer good freedom of motion. However, the lack of extra features may be a drawback for some users, especially those who require amplification or additional convenience features like LED lighting.

Sordin Supreme Pro X - Added Features

Sordin Supreme PRO X Neckband Safety Ear Muffs - With Gel Seal Hygiene Kit - Gel Ear Cups SNR: 25dB - Green - 76302-X-10

Above we show the neck-band model, but it’s also available with padded headband.

The Sordin Supreme Pro X is an electronic earmuff with an NRR of 19 and an SNR of 25 dB. In addition, the Pro X features amplification and sound compression technology, which blocks out all noise over 82 dB while compressing sounds to a safe human hearing level.

This allows users to hear ambient sound clearly and naturally while protecting against harmful noise. The Pro X also includes a volume memory setting, ensuring that users always turn on the earmuff at their preferred setting.

Favored highly by on-the-ground military personnel, miners, heavy machinery workers, hunters, outdoor and indoor range shooters, and various others.

This pair of electronic hearing protection is excellent for anyone working in environments requiring heightened awareness of the sound around since they let you hear surrounding safe sounds but compress harmful noise levels.

Also, offering greater sound awareness and safe protection from loud noises can have it all in a pair of these headphones.

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The Pro X’s user-friendly design includes a slim cup design that offers excellent freedom of motion and an adjustable headband that fits comfortably. In addition, the earmuff features high-quality audio reproduction, and the battery has an estimated runtime of 600 hours.

The Pro X also features warning signals for low battery life. Overall, the Sordin Supreme Pro X is a top-of-the-line choice for electronic earmuffs, with added features that improve convenience, audio quality, and compatibility.

The Sordin Supreme Pro X w/ LED is a deluxe version of the Pro X, featuring all the same features as the Pro X with the addition of LED lighting. The built-in LED light is easily turned on/off by pressing the + and – buttons simultaneously, providing convenience in low light conditions.

The earmuff also includes gel sealing rings for extra comfort. The Pro X w/ LED offers an NRR of 19 and an SNR of 25 dB.

The Pro X w/ LED’s user-friendly design includes a slim cup design that offers excellent freedom of motion and an adjustable headband that fits comfortably. In addition, the earmuff features high-quality audio reproduction and a battery runtime of 600 hours.

The Pro X w/ LED also features warning signals when the battery life is low and the same amplification and sound compression technology as the Pro X. Overall, the Sordin Supreme Pro X w/ LED is a deluxe version of the Pro X that offers added convenience and comfort with LED lighting and gel sealing rings.

Sordin Sharp Active Ear Defenders - Electronic Ear Defenders with Bluetooth - EN 352 - SNR: 29 dB - Green - One Size

The Sordin Sharp electronic hearing protector provides high-quality hearing protection with a noise reduction rating (NRR) of 29 dB. The ambient sound support feature enhances speech recognition, making communicating with colleagues in noisy environments easier.

The device has Bluetooth multipoint support, enabling interconnection with two external devices: a smartphone and a 2-way radio unit. The rechargeable battery with USB-C connectivity provides up to 36 hours of estimated operating time, ensuring uninterrupted use throughout the workday.

The Sordin Sharp earmuffs have an ergonomic design, allowing them to fit comfortably around the ears, even when wearing glasses. In addition, the device features a power saver mode to help conserve battery life when not in use. The Sordin Sharp also has an FM radio, allowing users to stream music or listen to audiobooks when not in use for hearing protection.

The Sordin Sharp earmuffs provide quality audio, amplifying safe noise four times and compressing harmful noise to 82 dB. In addition, the device has Bluetooth and FM radio features that can be used for music streaming or making calls.

The Sordin Sharp also comes with a configuration tool that allows managers to predefine user settings for all hearing protectors in their organization. In contrast, users can use the Sordin Share app to change several settings.

Sordin Supreme MIL CC

Sordin Supreme MIL CC Slim Active Ear Defenders - Leather Band & Foam Kits - Nexus Radio Downlead - Black Ear Muffs (74332-S)

Sordin Supreme MIL CC is a tactical hearing protector that provides reliable hearing protection with high-quality audio and situational awareness for military and law enforcement personnel. The NRR rating of 25 dB NRR (without sound compression) makes it an effective hearing protector in noisy environments.

In addition, the MIL CC’s robust design makes it suitable for outdoor and harsh weather conditions, and it has a short decay time that allows for normal hearing quickly after a shot. The MIL CC is also waterproof and features a battery save function, low battery warning, and auto-shutdown.

Overall, the Sordin Supreme MIL CC is a user-friendly earmuff model that offers superior hearing protection, situational awareness, and communication capabilities. Its slim design ensures comfort during long-term use and features a noise-cancelling boom microphone and heavy-duty down lead.

The MIL CC has Bluetooth connectivity and is compatible with various communication devices and smartphones, making it ideal for mission-critical communications. Additionally, it has a long battery life of approximately 600 hours, ensuring convenience in extended usage.


MSA Sordin Supreme Pro X with LED Light

What is the Noise Reduction Rating of Sordin Supreme Ear Pro?

The noise reduction rating of the Sordin Supreme earmuffs varies by model. Still, generally, it’s ~20dB NRR, with all models boasting a single number rating of 25dB (how it’s calculated is the difference). Here are the specific values for each model.

Supreme Pro – 18db NRR, 25 dB SNR

Supreme Pro X – 19db NRR, 25 dB SNR

Sordin Sharp – 29 dB SNR

MIL CC – 20db NRR, 25 dB SNR

Is Sordin hearing protection actually better?

Yes! If you read any other customer reviews online, most acknowledge the superior quality of these muffs and praise Sordin; here’s why.

The unique technology that makes Sordin better than other brands is its active electronic ear protection with sound compression capabilities. Sordin’s Supreme Pro X earmuffs use advanced digital sound enhancement circuitry and two microphones to pick up and amplify specific frequencies while compressing dangerously loud noises to a safe human hearing level.

The sound quality of the Sordin ear pro is superior to other brands like Howard Leights and Pro Ears. This is because Sordin’s low-profile hearing protection filters specific frequencies, making it equivalent to other brands of hearing protection while maintaining softer sounds.

The gel-made seals of the Supreme Pro X are also superior in design and material, offering a softer and more form-fitting surface over the ears, making them more comfortable than foam cups.

The batteries of the Sordin Supreme Pro X earmuffs last up to 600 hours, which is much longer than other brands on the market, and the rugged design and waterproofing of the Pro X make it suitable for use in varied conditions.

Sordin Supreme Pro X vs Supreme Pro

The original Supreme Pro is a more basic version of the Pro X, which is excellent for entry-level shooters. One main difference is that the Supreme Pro is not waterproof, only comes with a 1-year warranty and is designed with foam pads (no upgrade option to seals made of gel is available).

Overall, the Pro X is the outdoors model that is rugged enough and can be trusted to withstand more environmental conditions and situations. The NRR rating difference is 1 dB.

Can the Supreme Pro X compress noise as well as the Premium Edition?

Yes! The only difference between the Premium Edition (Special Edition) and the Pro X is that the Premium Edition comes fitted with gel cups and is much more comfortable to wear for extended periods than the foam seals; Sordin customer reviews confirm this!

You may want to get a spare set for the gun range vs when you are hunting so they don’t wear out as quickly.

How much amplification do the Supreme Pro X Earmuffs have?

This model can amplify certain frequencies to increase awareness without annoying ambient sounds. To put things in perspective, at roughly 40 ft away, you could hear the voices of a conversation at the range or a wild animal like a deer walking 150 ft from you.

With that in mind, the sound amplification of this model is quite incredible.

If you have a lower budget but are still looking for high-quality electronic earmuffs, check out our reviews of the Peltor Range Guard, Walker’s earmuffs, or HL Impact Sport.

How is the Sound Quality of Sordin Ear Pro?

These ear pro headphones have excellent sound quality thanks to their advanced electronics and two mics that work equally together to pick up sound. Compared to Howard Leights or Pro Ears, this muff has superior quality while using electronic features.

Why are gel seals more comfortable than foam?

Gel-made seals are superior for their design and material, offering a softer, supple surface to place over your ears. They are incredibly comfortable and more form-fitting over your ear. Unfortunately, foam cups wear down after extended use, making them less durable than gel cups.

This is fine for occasional range shooting, but the gel will make all the difference in comfort when you are always on the range.

What type of batteries does the Sordin Supreme Pro X take?

You will need two AAA batteries and place them inside the battery compartment on the side of the ear cups. The battery life will last a long time (up to 600 hours). On average, they have 300 hours of battery life, while the maximum is 600 hours of battery life, depending on how much you use them.

One review states the second battery can be challenging to get into the compartment when replacing them.


When you look at a product like the Supreme Pro X, you already know that being backed by ‘the safety company,’ you can trust the product for effectiveness in protecting your hearing.

What about the other considerations one must make when selecting the best electronic earmuffs for them? Once your safety is covered, you’ll want to break down the product’s features to look closer at the NRR (Noise Reduction Rating), amplification, sound-cancelling capabilities, quality, and additional bonus add-ons.

As a user, if you plan on spending a few hundred dollars on the Sordin Digital Supreme Pro X, you would expect it to be of the highest quality and comfort, loaded with various features and simple enough to use. They have achieved this, which is why these are rated as some of the best hearing protection on the market.

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After completing our review of the Impact Sports & Pro Ears vs this model, we’ve decided that the quality you get with these muffs is more than worth the price. Of course, as with any electronic item on the market, there will always be some disadvantages; however, we were pressed to find a few that were no more than slight annoyances.

With all of its incredible features, the Sordin Supreme Pro X is definitely in a league of its own, one where it leaves much of the competition far in the dust.

From the intricately designed circuitry allowing maximum amplification while compressing the volume of dangerously loud noises, all the way to the durability features such as its waterproof capabilities and let’s not forget to mention the military-grade materials it builds from, the Supreme Pro X is without a doubt one of the top models on the market today.

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  1. I Supreme Pro 75302 keep switching off after a few minutes shooting, and the time is getting shorter. They are 4 years and haven’t had a lot od use What can I do to get it back to 4 hours?

    • Hey David,

      Sorry to hear about your muffs losing power. If you have not already done so, I would suggest replacing the batteries if you can. If this does not help the connections in your muffs may be loose and malfunctioning.
      Always store your muffs in a dry space, any moisture can cause corrosion of the batteries or damage to internal parts. Hope that helps!

    • Hey David,

      Sorry to hear your muffs aren’t working as intended. Perhaps the internal electronics are not working properly anymore. Some things you could check;

      1. Make sure the batteries are contacting properly in the pack.
      2. Check and see if there are any signs of corrosion in the battery housing.
      3. If being used for an extended period of time moisture can build up from sweat, remove the gel cups to ensure the muffs dry properly overnight, otherwise the excess moisture can damage the electronics.

      Although not a solution to your problem, these might help. If the electronics are faulty within the muffs, you may have to contact the retailer you purchased them from or grab a new pair if you no longer have warranty.

  2. I really like the MSA Sordin Supreme Pro X ( Nov. 2019 ) The only thing holding me back is the poor NRR rating of 18. Is it possible to show how the rating system isn’t playing fairly as you mentioned in the video that gun fire db would equate to a rating between 25-30. Hearing protection is main objective, comfort and build is important but 2nd to hearing protection.


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