Walker’s Hearing Protection Reviews

No matter your age, protecting your inner ears should be of great concern; without hearing, you’ll lose one of the most important senses you have.

We often don’t give it much thought, but daily, we’re being bombarded with various sounds and noise volumes throughout our environment, whether on the job or in our leisure time. 

Not only do these noises cause our distractions, but most importantly, they cause damage to our ears which can lead to long-term hearing loss later in life.

Noise-induced hearing loss occurs slowly; this means that it’s vital to ensure we wear protection when exposed to sounds over 85 decibels to prevent a loss of hearing over time.

Walkers hearing protection reviews bring hope to those looking for a trusted brand and product line that provides options for multipurpose ear protection from noise.

85 dB is the level outlined by many research institutes as the level at which damage to your hearing will begin to set in ​Here; we’ll provide you with a list of the top 5 best rated and highly reviewed hearing protection products by Walkers and help you to narrow down the options to find the best one for you!

The Brand: Walkers

More commonly known for manufacturing assisted listening and sound amplification devices specific for hunting and shooting, the Walkers, brand roots itself in providing ear protection to have you covered no matter what activity you plan to engage in. 

As part of the GSM Outdoor Network of Companies, Walkers has led the way to innovations in hearing protection over the last 25 years. They are well known for the Walker’s Game Ear amplifier line, along with the Razor earmuffs.

In the list below of top Walkers ear protection reviews, we’ve set our focus on the following considerations to make sure we’re bringing forward the best products:

Comfort: Making sure your ear protection has a secure fit will ensure you receive maximum protection.

Versatility: Wide range of use, whether you’re at the shooting range, watching fireworks, at a concert or simply need ear defenders for lawn mowing.

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Top 5 Walker's Earmuffs:

Walkers Hearing Protection Reviews

Walkers introduced the Game Ear Razor to their series of electronic earmuffs. Made from higher quality materials and additional features, these electronic earmuffs are great for on the field or in the shooting range. 

They perform well, but they also come with customizable designs included in the patch kit that you get with the purchase of these earmuffs. Available in ten color options. Also check out Walker’s Ultimate Power Muffs.



​Final Word:

Here you’re getting a hunting range grade product that will perform the job and then some. You can trust in the Walker’s Game Ear Razor Slim Electronic Muff for not only protecting your hearing but for dampening loud noises while allowing amplification to sounds that passive hearing protection would normally drown out.

With all the great comfort features of the Walker’s Youth & Women Earmuffs, such as a padded and adjustable headband that is lightweight and compact, this low profile folding muff is a step up with added protection. Also available in both black and light pink.

Walker’s and Peltor have very similar basic models for women and children that are incredibly comfortable and great for budget.



​Final Word:

Slightly higher in price than the first Walkers in our list, however only by a few dollars. With the added comfort and protection, the Walkers Low Profile Folding Muff is, without questions, the better pick.

The Razor Razor Patriot Series has an ultra-low profile ear cup without compromising on quality. These earmuffs provide powerful hearing protection at 23dB NRR and have powerful amplification properties. In addition, you can hear a clear, balanced sound, thanks to the full dynamic range HD speakers. 

The muffs have a soft padded design, making them comfortable to wear all day long. They are available in 5 color options, including a flag patch. They have similar features as Walker’s Ultimate Power Muff model. 



We’ll finish off by bringing you a favorite in our Walker’s noise-induced hearing protection reviews, the Passive Folding Muff. A no-frills product that wins on price point and works great under many uses. 

More suited towards those who won’t be wearing their muffs for an extended amount of time. If you’re looking for inexpensive earmuffs with a good NRR, these could be your answer.



​Final Word:

A game muff that you can use for all ages. It functions great as an inexpensive option for a compact and lightweight muff that you can use for hearing protection in various loud environments.

Although listed as earmuffs specifically for youth and women, this product is great for anyone who requires protective earmuffs with a smaller headband.

Whether you plan to head out hunting and bring the kids along or are attending the next Monster Jam, these Walkers earmuffs will be an affordable and durable option. Available in either black or light pink.



​Final Word:

With an incredibly low price point, there’s no reason not to invest in a pair of Walkers Youth & Women Earmuffs. Great for kids! Protect your child’s ears from the everyday noises that could lead to noise-induced hearing loss later in life.

Walker’s has many great products to check out:

Walker’s Silencer Bluetooth Earbuds

FAQ on Walkers Earmuffs

If you plan on connecting your protective hearing muffs to an external radio source you’ll want to make sure that the pair you purchase are electronic earmuffs such as the Walkers Razor Patriot. This model connects by way of a 3.5mm auxiliary output. Once you connect them you can listen to your MP3 player, iPod, or hand held radio. 

The current testing requirement for all devices labelled for hearing protection has been set out by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). Not all brands for ear protection have this label which is why it is important to check with each individually.

Luckily, the majority of Walkers protection muffs have the ANSI S319 Rating; this means that they will be effective in protecting your hearing from noise induced hearing loss.

Before an earmuffs is labelled NRR it must have the ANSI S319 rating. For more information on labeling requirements check HERE

Simply put, this is a technology that takes an unsafe sound and allows you to hear it a level that isn’t harmful.

If you’re hunting, this technology is especially beneficial as it ensures that you safely hear all of your surroundings without any of them taking over from the other.

The sound activation compression technology can be seen as a great feature for keeping you aware and contributing to your overall safety.


There are several models out there when it comes to protection for your ears, but not all will succeed in protecting you to the same degree; however, with a Walkers product, you’ll always be covered!

The reviews have spoken, and there is a consensus that the 5 earmuffs above are the best options for Walker’s earmuff protection on the market today.

If you’re looking for something that is a little higher-tech and more versatile, the best bang for your buck will be the Walker’s Game Ear Razor Slim Electronic Muff, as they will offer more functions than ear protection. They feature 23dB NRR, sound activation compression technology, two Omni-directional microphones, volume control and more.

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