Radians Custom Molded Earplugs Review

Because preserving good hearing health is extremely important, I chose to purchase and test the Radians custom molded earplugs and review them.

It seems like everywhere we go we’re surrounded by loud noises — be it construction, traffic, or planes. Anybody who has ever been to a music concert for at least a couple of hours can tell you just how much loud noises can really hurt your head and eardrums.

Have you ever been in a noisy place for a long time and felt and heard a ringing in your ears when you went to bed that day?

custom molded earplugs

If so, you are not alone. Custom Molded Earplugs are really good at minimizing the negative effects these sounds have on your health.

In this article I will be discussing the main characteristics of the product, what I think of it, and whether or not I would recommend it to other people.

Hopefully after reading this Radians ear plugs review you will be able to make an informed decision about the product, and maybe even try it out for yourself.

The Radians Custom Molded Earplugs promise to reduce the negative impact loud sounds have on your health. 

It does this in the same way earmuffs do — by blocking out, or reducing to a minimum, the perceived volume of external sounds.

Unlike earmuffs, Radians custom molded earplugs are, as the name suggests, fitted to your ear. This is supposed to increase not only comfortability but also the effectiveness of the plugs. 

By taking the shape of your ear, the Radians earplugs are supposed to seal your ear canal better than earmuffs do. 

But do they really work? What do they look like? Are they sturdy? How long will they last me? I will be answering all these questions in this article.


As for effectiveness, I rate this product with three and a half stars. Although I molded it to my ear when I first opened the package, it is not always easy to get a perfectly snug and good fit when putting them in.

When I manage to position it in so that it sits inside my ear bowel perfectly, the sound is blocked almost completely. I can be in situations where there is a lot of noise — for example at music concerts — and not be bothered like I used to.

However, when I can’t get the right fit, the hearing protection I get is not satisfactory. If I’m around loud noises, or even just people talking in the same room I am, the earplugs aren’t a good barrier for sound and I can hear everything perfectly.


The earplugs are made of solid material, which makes it somewhat uncomfortable to have them in for long period of time.

Again, getting a comfortable fit isn’t always guaranteed. Sometimes I can easily place the Radians earplugs in my ear bowels and they will slide well, the folds on the model aligning perfectly with the shape of my ear. Others times, it’s a pain to get a good fit and not have them stab my eardrums every time I move my jaw.

Sleeping on my side with these earplugs in is also impossible. I wake up feeling my ears sore every time I attempt to do it.

One thing that I have to note is that I can now wear my glasses with the hearing protections without feeling any soreness on the backside of my ears. 

For years I tried thousands of different stacking positions with my glasses and overhead earmuffs and nothing would work. I can now finally see without getting calluses on my ears.


The best thing about the Radians earplugs being made of a very solid material is the fact that they hold up very well even when you put them under stress.

I have tried dropping them from a height, shuffling them around with other hard materials and crushing them together in my hands, and carrying them in my pockets and bags. They have always kept their shape, haven’t bend at all, and haven’t broken or shown any signs of it so far.

Unlike other earplugs out there in the market, Radians won’t lose their shape when exposed to higher temperatures because they’re not molded by heat. 

I can leave them in the dashboard of my car even during the sunniest days and come back to them in the same condition I left them. You can also get the case if you want, as well as the cord that connects the two ear pieces so they are protected and you won’t lose them easily.

I feel safe saying that these will last me a long time and won’t break easily.

DIY process

Something I like about this product is how easy and quick it is to mold them to my ear shape. All you have to do is follow three simple steps and you’ll end up with your very own custom-made pair of earplugs.

To start off the process, the first thing you need to do is open the containers and separate the colored and white materials into halves and keep them separated. 

Then, you have to mix the colored and white halves in a ratio of one to one until they look homogeneous in terms of color. 

Finally, you should press the material into your ear applying more pressure on the center of the silicone. 

Let the material sit there undisturbed for ten to fifteen minutes while it’s assuming its shape, and once that time is up you can remove it from your ear and repeat the process for the second earplug.

While the procedure is pretty straightforward and I could do it without any problems, if you make a mistake — for example, remove the mold too soon or move your jaw while it’s solidifying, — you will have to purchase a new pair and start over. 

It’s not possible to heat up the materials so they will go back to their fabric shape, so it’s best to pay attention and do your best the on the first try.


The Radians earplugs are much prettier than the discardable foam ones sold everywhere. They come in two different colors: red, and orange. Unfortunately, there is no black model, so getting a more discrete look is harder. 

One problem I have with the look of the Radians earplugs is that they can very much look like hearing aids or clumps of play-doh. I wish there was a company logo engraved on the plugs so they would look more like futuristic earpieces.

You can also check out our Decibullz Earplug Review, which are also custom molded, come in variety of colors and have a better design. 


When it comes to price, Radians are pretty hard to beat. This is one of the cheapest options out there when it comes to custom molded hearing protection earplugs. 

I think that for this price, the Radians earplugs are very good. I was happy to see that this product is manufactured in the United States and can still be very competitive price-wise in its niche.

Customer Satisfaction and Company

The Radians earplugs have been reviews by over 800 customers on Amazon and they have given this product a high rating. Just like me, most of the other buyers have highlighted that these earplugs are sturdy, durable, okay at doing their job, and cheap.

Some of the more negative reviews I have to agree with — that they’re uncomfortable, not always practical, and not fashionable when compared to similar products being sold for higher prices.

Radians, as a company, has very good reviews online. They sell plenty of other stuff on their website and they all have positive reviews. 

It’s important to me as a buyer to know the reputation of the company I’m giving my money to, so knowing that they employ people in the United States and have a good rapport with their buyers.


All in all, I would purchase the Radians Custom Molded Earplugs again. It does its job well most of the time — I feel like I’m getting a good bang for my buck.

They’re very sturdy and they will probably last me a very long time even if I am not too careful with them, and they’re very lightweight and easy to carry around.

If you, too, are around loud noises for a big part of your day and you find yourself hearing a non-stop humming in your ears when you go home, I highly recommend getting a pair of Radians custom molded earplugs from the review.

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