Decibullz Custom Moldable Earplugs Review – 2019

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Custom earplugs range upwards of thousands of dollars after figuring in the visits required and everything that is involved in the process. Now, there is Decibullz Custom Earplugs for just a fraction of the cost. The real reward is that you can mold these yourself right in the privacy of your own home.

These plugs were designed by an Olympic coach who got tired of ear buds either falling out or causing him pain. He wanted to be sure to make something folks could afford and that would be custom to them specifically. He worked with many professionals, tried hundreds of different kinds of products and finalized with the Decibullz in 2012.

Decibullz Custom Molded Earplugs were made in the United States. These are the only custom earplugs that can be remolded and reworked if your unsatisfied. If for some reason, the fit is not right after you make them, you simply do it again.

Decibullz Custom Earplugs

The package the plugs come in is small when it arrives, a small box. There’s lots of literature including the instructions. If you don’t feel good about reading the instructions or you aren’t sure you understand them fully, you can go online and watch a video that will take you step by step.

Also, included are different size tips to fit different size ear canals, the hard-plastic plugs – one marked with an “R” for right, of course, and then the other “L” for the left (I’m sure you guessed that), and foam tips that you can use for maximum noise reduction.

The earplugs have to be assembled prior to the molding process. It’s recommended that the smallest tip be used until the entire process is complete, and it’s been fitted to your exact ear. After it’s set, then the correct top that is suited to your canal can be placed on the plug. This is so the tip goes deep into the canal, and the earplugs are able to really get into the ear and form a proper, tight fit.

Decibullz Custom Earplugs Molding Process

  • Boil two mugs of water in the microwave for five minutes. The plugs have to be microwaved separately or they will stick to each other. Then they will be useless and you’ll have to throw them out.
  • Scoop them out of the mugs with a metal spoon. Don’t use plastic or the plugs will adhere to the spoon.
  • Let them cool for 30 seconds on a soft cloth. Not a paper towel. They’ll stick to the paper towel and you’ll have a mess.

When they’re cool to touch, soft and pliable, you’ll be able to work with them.

  • Put the earplugs into your ear, pushing with the pad of your index finger, working it down in until you feel as though it’s a good, snug fit. Make sure it’s not protruding out of your ear anywhere. Leave it in for 5 minutes.
  • Repeat the process with the other ear.
  • If not, the way they should feel or not blocking sound, remold and try again. They should fit tight, be comfortable not painful, and you should experience noise reduction.

Precautions for Decibullz Custom Earplugs

There are precautions that come with all products. Decibullz has a list that comes with them. Of course, there are small parts with these plugs, so you want to keep them out of the hands of small children. They are a choking hazard.

Check that the silicone and foam canal tips are securely attached to the custom ear piece before every use.

Remove the earplugs slowly and gradually -break the seal. Rapid removal may damage the ear drum.

Use only as directed. Failure to do so, the ear canal tip could become lodged in your ear which would require an Ear/Nose/Throat doctor to remove it. That would be the only safe removal strategy.

You want to wait until it is warm and pliable and soft before you insert it in your ear. An improper fit or doing it wrong will reduce the effects of the plugs and could even result in hearing loss or other injuries.

This custom earplug process actually seems pretty easy to do. Being molded in such a nice, tight, suction-cup kind of fashion, they seem as though they would have to block a lot of noise and, being custom, shouldn’t move around in the ear or try to fall out with any kind of motion.

Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of these plugs.

Decibullz Custom Earplugs


  • Custom fit made specific to each person individually in the comfort of their home.
  • Inexpensive. The price range falls right around $30.
  • Variety of colors. They’re pleasing to wear in your ears.
  • Light weight. The plugs aren’t made of a heavy plastic.
  • Simple to do. Anyone can do it.
  • Reduces passive noise by 31 decibels. You can still understand enough with the plugs in, though, to maintain a conversation i.e. at a concert.
  • Fits deep into the ear. They won’t pop out by moving around or when sleeping.
  • Comfortable. They’re made to fit snugly and perfectly in your ear canal to eliminate discomfort.
  • Decibullz is said to have awesome customer service. If you have any issue or questions about the product, they are very quick to respond to all customer inquiries.


  • Heat. If the plugs are in the heat i.e. left in a hot car or a hot summer day, they get soft and pliable. You would then need to remold them.
  • Case. They come with a very small cloth carrying case- nothing other than that. As small as they are, losing them could be an issue.
  • Right or Left. Once they’ve been molded, the “R” and “L” are no longer visible. Took a little time for some folks to figure out which one to put in which ear when that happened.



This was kind of a toss up battle among the customers reviewing the Decibullz Custom Molded Earplugs. The ones who did not favor them positively, didn’t see a reduction in the noise. They did not feel it blocked the sound. Another complaint was that the hard plastic was not only very uncomfortable, but extremely painful, particularly when sleeping.

The folks who loved the plugs, really loved them. They felt that the reason for any discourse was misuse and not following directions properly. They found awesome noise reduction, the ability to maintain conversations at events and thought, overall as a group, that the Decibullz is a fantastic product.


With the multitude of earplugs on the market, it’s very difficult to choose the exact right ones for you. You have to kind of read reviews, take notes of what you liked or didn’t like and why, go sample a few pairs in a loud setting, think about whether or not you want to take on the expense of custom earplugs which are hundreds even thousands of dollars.

This is all very time consuming. While you’re going through this process, you’re probably wearing the 99-cent foam plugs to get you by.

With those earplugs, there’s no noise reduction, they’re not comfortable, and they can be painful because you’re ramming them down your ear canal to get them to stay in. All the while, your hearing is being damaged by the obscene loudness that you’re exposed to on a regular basis.

What would be a cost effective and time-saving solution, but still be the perfect fit and give you the right noise control? If you could have a custom fit, of course, but not at the custom price.

Decibullz Custom Molded Earplugs gives everyone their own unique pair of earplugs. No-one has the same set. There’s no borrowing, trading and there would be no stealing. They’re designed specifically and specially just for the molder.

If the Decibullz plugs don’t fit as they’re intended and aren’t providing noise control, you simply remold them. If they’re uncomfortable in your ear, you may have made the plugs too tight down in the canal. You just need to remold and not push down quite so much.

This is an awesome product according to most of the reviews available. Overall, noise reduction was phenomenal. People were able to make out conversations with friends while attending loud events with the earplugs in. They could go mud bogging and listen to the radio.

If you do it correctly. It does appear to be the most simplistic process on earth. But you need to watch the video. Listen to what the Decibullz experts say about molding it to fit you precisely. There could be tiny little things that you may be doing or not doing that could throw the whole process off. You’d be surprised what the tiniest little detail will do.

Other than that, these things are revolutionary. No more paying thousands of dollars to get something to fit perfectly. It’s right at home for maybe thirty bucks. We can do that.

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