With more and more studies coming out showing the negative health impacts of loud sounds, earplug hearing protection is becoming increasingly popular. When there are so many options available to you, it can be hard to decide which product to buy; good news is your problems are solved with this “decibullz vs radians” review article.

Which one should you buy? How do they compare to each other? Is one of them better than the other? What is the perfect pair for you knowing what your priorities are?


To help you answer these questions, in this article I will go into detail about many of the Decibullz’s and Radians’ characteristics and pit them against each other. By the end of the article, you should be able to make an informed decision about which pair to buy.

The next time you see them side by side in a store you can make a “radians vs decibullz” comparison in your head based off of the information you read here. Only then can you make sure you are choosing the perfect pair for you and your needs!

Comparison of Radians vs Decibullz

There are multiple factors you may consider when purchasing a pair of moldable earplugs.  We have tried to cover the most important aspects.

Effectiveness of the Decibullz vs Radians

Decibullz hearing protections are good at blocking out loud noises. They are ideal to bring with you to the shooting range, to loud music events and festivals, and to work with you if you work in industrial plants or other sites where loud noises are frequent. You will still be able to hear voices around you if they’re not high in volume. Overall, it offers good protection against painfully loud noises.

When compared to standard discardable foam hearing protection plugs they work better. However, when pitted against some of the more expensive options out there they lag behind. They are reasonably good at blocking out some uncomfortably loud noises and less satisfactory with others. If you’re thinking of going to a shooting range and wearing Radians, you might want to consider some additional protection such as over ear muffs.

Comfortability of Radians & Decibullz Moldable ear plugs

You can mold the Decibullz pair however many times you want, so you are bound to get a perfect fit. It will be snug in your ear and you will forget that you have something there! When you purchase a pair you also get three sets of silicone tips — one in small, one in medium, and one in large. I found the silicone tips too intruding, so I replaced them with the foam ones also included and the plugs were much more comfortable afterward.

Because they’re hard and don’t change their mold with time it can be difficult to find a comfortable position in the ear canal. When putting them in it helps to warm them up a little with body heat so they’re not as difficult to insert correctly. You can’t wear these comfortably at night for sleeping if you turn around often, as they will poke and bury themselves in your ear canal and cause discomfort.


Decibullz were designed to last a long time and still be as effective as they were on day one. If you’re not satisfied with the shape of the earplugs on the first try you can always reshape them by repeating the same process. Be careful with where you put the plugs when you’re not using them, as they will lose their idea shape if exposed to high temperatures (such as on the dashboard of a car out in the sun).

Radians aren’t shaped using heat, which makes it highly unlikely that they will lose their shape significantly when exposed to heat. You can leave them on the dashboard of your car or on a table out in the sun without worrying about damage. They won’t bend or break even if you forget them at the bottom of your bag or jean pockets. These are some of the most durable models out there.

DIY Process

It is quite easy to perfectly mold the earplugs designed by Decibullz to the shape of your ear. All you need to do is place the earplugs fully assembled in boiling water (one at a time) for five minutes, let them cool for thirty seconds, mold them to sit comfortably in your ear, and wait five minutes. If you’re not satisfied with the end-result you can always reshape them later.

Radians are also very easy to mold. In three easy steps, you will get perfectly fitting plugs for your ears. You have to open the containers and separate each of the materials into halves and mix one of the colored halves with one of the white halves until they are one homogenous color. Afterwards, gently press the material with your fingers into each ear and let it sit there for 10 minutes, removing the plug when the time is up.


One of the most stylish options out there for hearing protecting earplugs has got to be Decibullz. They come in five different colors: black, blue, orange, pink, and red. In my opinion, the best looking pair is the black one because they are appropriate for every situation. Whether you’re working at a music festival or at the shooting range, there is no way you will look anything less than classy with them.

Radians aren’t as fashionable as Decibullz. Even though you get to choose from tan, blue, orange, red, and pink, none of them look professional or like high-end technology. They look a little like play-doh because they are one solid color with no additional features, unlike the Decibullz ones that have the company’s logo on them. They can also look like a hearing aid from a distance.


A pair of Decibullz clock in at $25.99, making it one of the more expensive options out in the market. Because they are custom made and designed to last a much longer time than the simple foam disposable ones sold at pharmacies and retailers, they might be worth their price if you plan on using them on a day-to-day basis. They also come with spare parts and a cord to help you keep track of them.

At $10.80, Radians are a much cheaper option that are also designed to last a long time. They shape well to the ear bowel and harden after you’re done molding them for the first time, so they’re not likely to bend or lose shape even after several months of use. Unfortunately, when you purchase them they don’t come with anything else, so you have to order a retaining cord separately if you want one.

Where to Buy Decibullz or Radian Ear Plugs

You can easily and conveniently purchase a pair of Decibullz online. All you have to do is go to the company’s webpage and order a pair from there. Alternatively, if you want, you can also order them off of Amazon, especially if you want faster shipping and you are an Amazon Prime customer. Regardless of where you buy the pair, the price will always be the same.

Radians can also be easily purchased online. All you have to do is go to the product’s Amazon page and order a pair in your favorite color. If shopping online isn’t your thing, you can always get a pair from a retailer. There are eight retailers that sell these plugs and they’re spread a little all over the United States. Prices vary from retailer to retailer, and buying through Amazon is still the cheapest option.

Customer Reviews

Decibullz hearing protection earplugs have a current rating of 3.6 on Amazon with 1,894 star ratings on the same platform. Most of the users gave this product a five-star rating, stating that they were comfortable, effective at blocking out loud noises and easy to mold. Some customers, however, complain that they can fall easily out of the ear.

Radians has been rated with an average of 3.8 stars on Amazon by 599 customers. Most buyers gave the product either five or four stars, and highlight the good relation between price and quality, as well as comfortability when you follow the DIY instructions correctly. The majority of the negative reviews focus on the fact that they are difficult to put them in perfectly to ensure the best sound blocking possible.

Warranty and Company’s Reputation

Both Decibullz and Radians have a limited warranty that guarantees you will get compensation if the products have an issue. If one of the parts of the Decibullz product has a defect you can get your money back, with some exceptions, as long as you report the problem within a year of the purchase. Radians has a similar policy in that it gives you your money back if you make a complaint within the first thirty days of purchasing the product.


When faced with the decision between Decibullz and Radians custom molded hearing protection earplugs, it all boils down to what you, the customer, value the most. If you value comfortability, aesthetics and effectiveness the most — the right plugs for you might be Decibullz. If you value price and durability the most, then the perfect earplugs for you specifically might be Radians. Regardless of which product you end up buying, you are bound to end up with great hearing protection earplugs.

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Josh spent many years of his life working in an industrial environment where hearing protection is paramount to workplace safety. Since then he has been on a mission to share how important taking care of your hearing is for living a great life.

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