Hearing Assist Hearing Aids Reviews

Hearing Assist is a brand that you have likely heard about on television thanks to their numerous advertisements. Some people may wonder if they are a gimmick or if these hearing aids are truly all that they are cracked up to be.

The good news is, a lot of people are pleased with the quality of this product. According to many Hearing Assist reviews, people were able to hear sounds with better quality than other hearing aids on the market for only a fraction of the price.

The brand itself claims to have created hearing aids that are rechargeable and that will be good for use for people with varying levels of hearing loss. This ultimately makes them much more versatile among a large range of people. 

This is an FDA registered product that has been on the market for over a decade. They are proudly engineered and made in the USA. 

In this article, we will be discussing different Hearing Assist hearing aids reviews, as well as the different types of hearing aids that the brand sells and all the features that they claim to be able to provide almost any wearer with.

Best Hearing Assist Hearing Aids

The Recharge Hearing Aids from Hearing Assist look a lot more like your typical hearing aids since they go behind your ears. However, the ear tube is clear, which gives it a much more discreet design.

The hearing aids come with a magnetic charging dock, which will allow you to recharge them whenever you need to.

You will likely be able to achieve a full charge within 3.5 hours, and you will be able to use the hearing aids for between 16 to 20 hours before you find that you need to charge them.

This product boosts 46dB of crystal clear digital amplification power. You also have 4 controls that will allow you to be able to adjust the volume depending on where you are. 

The plus side is that these controls are easy to figure out and you will be able to quickly fix the volume.

According to a lot of Hearing Assist Recharge Reviews, these hearing aids provide better sound quality than ones that people typically spend thousands of dollars on. These are meant for people who don’t have severe hearing loss.

The four programs for these hearing aids, in particular include quiet places (at home, at work, etc.), louder places where there is a lot of background noise, watching TV, and going outside.

The Hearing Assist Recharge come with free technical support, 60 moneyback guarantee and 1 year warranty.

We also recommend that you also check out the Banglijian Hearing Amplifier, which is also rechargeable.

While most hearing aids and amplifiers have behind the ear design, this one is “completely in canal”, making it small and discreet. Usually people who wear glasses find these more comfortable. 

This hearing aid is designed to fit in either left or right ear, depending on your preference.

A lot of people claim to be able to get very clear sound with these and you will also get 35dB of amplified sound. They are also able to decrease the amount of background noise you will hear.

This means that you can listen to conversations you’re having with people a lot more clearly, even if you’re in a particularly noisy environment.

This is a battery operated hearing aid, and comes with 8 batteries included. Each battery will last you up to 70 hours of use. Read our review of hearing aid batteries.

The company Hearing Assist recommends that you clean the hearing aids frequently from any visible ear wax. You can use the provided brush which is provided in order to clean it yourself.

If you notice that your ears are producing excess earwax and want to remove it, check out review of the best earwax removal kits. Your ears should be kept clean from earwax so that it doesn’t  damage your hearing aids.

These hearing aids are meant for the more tech-savvy individual. If you want something that will allow you to customize settings, controls, and more right from the comfort of your own phone, then the Recharge Smartphone Hearing aids are perfect for you.

You will have 43dB of amplified sound with these, which is more than the other ones the brand offers can provide. 

You can customize these hearing aids to suit your needs, including the level of sound you want to be able to hear, how much you want background noise to be eliminated, and more all with the help of the compatible app.

Once again, the charger is magnetic, and you will be able to charge both hearing aids at once. There are several different sizes for the ear caps, so you can find something that will fit your ears well.

A lot of people were particularly pleased with the sound quality that these hearing aids provided them and said that they were finally able to hear completely clearly. Some even said that they heard better with these than with more expensive options.

If you decide to purchase these, you will get 60 days moneyback guarantee and 1-year warranty. This means that should something happen that causes you not to like them, you will definitely be able to return them.

Another important thing to note is that you will have to have a smartphone if you purchase these because that is the main component that allows them to work.

Hearing Assist Reviews and Complaints:

Since you have likely seen these hearing aids in the popular TV commercials, you might be wondering what the reviews are on Hearing Assist.

There are a lot of people that fear that these hearing aids are simply a gimmick since they’re advertised on TV. And, since they cost thousands of dollars less than typical hearing aids that you might be given by a doctor, people are doubly skeptical.

However, the reviews online show that there is nothing for you to worry about if you want to get these hearing aids. Plus, they come with 60 day moneyback guarantee and 1 year warranty.

Plenty of Hearing Assist reviews show that people are pleased with the sound quality they receive and that they even get better sound quality than they would have gotten with a more expensive pair of hearing aids.

You do not need a prescription to get these, so if you find that you’re experiencing hearing loss, your doctor doesn’t need to prescribe them to you. However, you may want to get checked to see if there isn’t something reversible going on.

Plenty of people who use any version of these hearing aids or who have purchased them for someone else say that they are incredibly easy to use and to be able to control.

They are also extremely comfortable due to the fact that you get different-sized ear caps. With the in the ear ones, in particular, some said that they were able to forget that they even had hearing aids on.

People also liked the fact that you are able to recharge these hearing aids, stating that it makes the entire process of using them so much easier. Plus, if they experienced any problems, they were able to contact Customer Service and have the issue resolved very quickly.


With the Hearing Assist hearing aids, you’re going to get something that is a lot cheaper and that provides you with great quality sound. According to plenty of Hearing Assist reviews, these hearing aids have made a lot of people have a better quality life.

There are three different types that you can use if you have mild to moderate hearing loss- the in the ear, behind the ear, and Bluetooth versions. Our number one favorite hearing aid is the Hearing Assist Recharge.

It is 100% rechargeable, has 4 programs for different environments, and a volume adjustment knob to help you hear everything around you much more clearly. Besides that, any disturbance noises that you hear in the background will be reduced.

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