3M Peltor Tactical Sport Earmuffs Review 2022

The Peltor brand has specialized in personal safety equipment designed with the hunter and shooter in mind for fifty strong years. Peltor covers a range of products from safety glasses to earplugs and other protective hearing wear.

Owned by a larger company, 3M, which was founded back in 1902, the company as a whole has plenty of experience manufacturing military-grade safety equipment that you can depend on. In addition, 3M includes a wide product range backed by first-class support and materials; it’s a company you can trust to help protect your safety.

When the Peltor Tactical Sport Earmuff was released, it was labelled as one of the top hearing protection earmuffs for preventing dangerously loud noises, such as gunfire, from damaging your hearing. It was and still is one of the top models on the market, and reviews rave over its protection levels as well as the distortion-free amplification it offers on low-level sounds.

Peltor Tactical Sport Reviews call this model the little bro to the Peltor Tactical Pro.

Take a look at the FAQ section later to find out why.

Selection Criteria

Before even looking at design or features, a major consideration for reviewers is the price of their protective hearing earmuffs. Peltor places itself competitively in the market by offering the Peltor Tactical Sport at a reasonable cost. At such a midrange price, customers expect a minimum performance that they must meet regarding sound quality, noise reduction rating and most importantly, a high level of comfort.

Products used on the shooting range, around loud machinery or out hunting will also require a good sound reduction rating. The built-in internal electric circuit allows you to hear sounds without removing them, meaning that these earmuffs will muffle dangerously loud noises using ASLC chip technology.

As comfort is of deep concern when wearing protective earmuffs for extended periods, reviewers choose products they feel could be worn for hours on end without any discomfort. The Peltor Tactical Sport Earmuffs have been designed in a way that has been satisfying reviewers, some even going as far as saying they were so comfortably they forgot they had been wearing them.t

Product Overview

Thanks to their adjustable headband and contoured ear cups, these tactically styled and ergonomically designed protective hearing muffs provide maximum comfort. If you prefer gel pads, there is an option to purchase these separately; reviewers suggested the extra investment for anyone who plans on wearing their Peltor Tactical Sport muffs for days on end. 

The interchangeable black and orange color covers allow customization, while the folding headband makes these muffs compact and easy to transport. A favorite among shooters, this product, mostly made in the USA, has excellent noise reduction, offering 100% ear protection no matter the environment you find yourself in. 

You’ll see the Peltor Tactical Sport being sold for around $100, which is a great bang for your buck considering all its features. Similar to Peltor RangeGuard Earmuffs model.

​​The power behind the performance comes from the ASIC chip technology, which allows for refined audio reproduction. This means that the technology used acts to block out loud noises, clipping them at 85dB while simultaneously amplifying ambient sounds.

Peltor Tactical Sport Reviews praises these earmuffs for their performance and reliability in power behind the ASIC technology.

The internal digital chip responds quicker to sudden blast noises and adjusts automatically to noise blocking.

Check out the full specs. 




The main obvious design difference between the two is that the Tactical Sport is more lightweight and compact then the Pro which is slightly bulkier and weighs in at 14oz. Cost wise, the Tactical Pro comes in quite a bit higher, up to $100 more however the capabilities are known to be quite a bit greater and more sophisticated. The Pro is better suited for use as a communication headset; the NRR rating is 26dB, has roughly 1000h of battery power, and comes along with an external 2 way radio jack.

In 2008 Peltor came out with its newest model. Since its release, these earmuffs have been favored by shooters on the range and out in the field for their excellent performance.

A digital chip technology which allows users a fast shutoff and recovery response all while protecting their hearing from dangerously loud noises. The SLC, single-level cell technology in the Axcelis chip is faster and more reliable than what is used in MLC, multi-level cell technology.


To delve a bit deeper, SLC technology has 1 bit of stored data which means that not only will it be faster but it also has a lower power consumption, higher levels of cell endurance and longer life. The use of ASLC technology ensures a higher performance muff and it is an extremely desirable technology to have behind a product you’ll need to depend on for protective hearing.

The instructional manual that comes with the Peltor Tactical Sport when your purchase the earmuffs is a great guide! If you want to check out the electronic version, follow the link

As most electronic hearing protection, the Peltor is no different when it comes to the batteries that power it. These earmuffs work off 2 x AAA batteries and are able to run for up to 500 h depending on use.

You can set the amplification anywhere from 0 or ‘no sound’ to 1.5 x the noise volume. This means that even if someone is shooting right next to you at the range, you’ll still be able to hear conversations around you. Also, if you happen to be wearing earplugs at an indoor range, turning up the amplification will be necessary to hear ambient sounds better.

Unfortunately there is no way to know by looking at these earmuffs whether they are on or off. No LED indicator light is present on this model. When you press your earmuffs on, you will hear a particular sound which differs from the sound when you power them off.

That depends on you actually and how often you plan to wear your earmuffs as well as for how many hours at a time. The added comfort of the gel cups is without a doubt effective and worth the cost which is roughly $40-$55 USD. If you’re considering purchasing these as an add-on, take a look here at the HY80​, backed by reviewers as being incredibly comfortable. The gel cups are made of a very thin polyurethane skin and designed with a double hump top face.

Yes, there is a 1 year limited warranty that is issued from 3M. Overall, it states that any defect in materials or workmanship will be covered if documented and sent in within 1 year of the date of purchase. 3M outlines that they will repair or replace the item without charge, excluding costs of transportation. For more information, visit 3M Safety​.

There is a bit of confusion around the topic however to be clear, these earmuffs have been designed in Sweden and although manufacturing is conducted there as well, final assembly most often occurs in the USA and Canada.

What's The Verdict? Recommended!

Peltor Tactical Sport Reviews agree that this protective hearing muff is of outstanding value for its price point, offering the same features as those more expensive models and brands at a competitive and affordable price.

The winning feature of these protective hearing earmuffs and what sets them above the others is their digital audio circuit that eliminates abrupt sounds by compressing them to a safe level and offering clear and refined audio reproduction.

Overall, if you’re upgrading your earmuffs and want to invest a bit more but still can’t afford those for the big guns, you’ll be delighted if you end up going with this Peltor Tactical model from 3M. For an intelligent, active headset, you can trust the Peltor Tactical Sport!

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