Peltor Tactical 300 Review

If you’re someone who enjoys hunting, you must use the proper noise protection at all times. All the best hunters- even amateurs- will never go hunting if they do not have the right equipment. This includes hearing protection of some sort. 

Luckily, you have plenty of different options for hearing protection to choose from, one of which includes hearing protection earmuffs. Gunshots are loud enough to cause permanent hearing damage, even if you’re just exposed to one shot without the right protective gear. 

So that’s why you must invest in good gear so you can still enjoy the sport without some of its more drastic repercussions.

The Peltor Tactical 300 is discontinued, but you can still get it at various popular online retailers, including Amazon. These earmuffs are among the highest-rated and most trusted among hunters. 

In this Peltor Tactical 300 review, we will discuss some of the features, pros, and cons of the earmuffs, as well as what you should look for in protective gear.

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Criteria for Evaluating Peltor 300:

When you’re shopping for hearing protection, there will be a few things that you’ll want to consider aside from what people have to say about it and the brand. Here are some of the most important criteria to be aware of.

Noise reduction rating 

We have discussed the importance of the noise reduction rating (NRR) many times. However, the fact remains that this is the most important feature to pay attention to when shopping for hearing protection. 

peltor tactical 300 earmuffs

You need to make sure that the hearing protection gear you choose will provide you with enough protection to curb some of the more drastic side effects. The higher the rating, the more protection you will receive, is the general rule. 

Most protection provides an NRR between 20 and 33. Depending on what you need it for, try to aim for a higher number.


It’s probably not too much of an overstatement to say that you’re going to be using the hearing protection for a long period of time. If you need it for work, for example, you’re going to be wearing protective gear all day at least.

For shooting, it’s important the hearing protectors work with long guns, eye protection, an adjustable headband, fit easily in your range bag and comfortable ear cups. That’s a lot to ask and the proper protection is available. The headset low profile cups should be comfortable when you’re trying to shoot at the indoor range.

So, it’s important to make sure that what you’re wearing is comfortable for an optimized shooting experience. Most companies have taken this into account by installing extra padding or making earplugs mold to the exact shape of your ears.

Active Hearing Protection

Another thing to consider is the active noise suppression technology, both Peltor manufactured the reason why you need the protective muffs and the reason the ones you’re thinking about. 

For example, if you’re a hunter, you will want to look for hearing protection geared towards hunting and shooting. If you need the earmuffs for work, you will want to see if These earmuffs will cover the line of work you’re in. Most of these devices have the capability of covering many different fields, but it’s never a bad idea to double-check.

Clear Voice Tracking

The Peltor Sport Tactical have clear voice tracking technology for improved speech intelligibility with excellent sound quality. Ear muffs can also feature voice guidance for operation.


Finally, you will want to consider the hearing protection that you want. For example, the options tend to narrow down between over-the-head muffs vs earplugs. 

A lot of people prefer earplugs due to their discreet appearance and general comfort. Still, earmuffs tend to have a higher noise reduction rating, which is important in ensuring that you’ll get the most protection possible. 

The Peltor Sport Tactical 300 remains one of the most popular hearing protection devices of its type. Many people compare the Peltor Tactical 300 vs. 500. These hearing protection headphones are perfect for people who enjoy shooting and hunting for sport, whether indoors or outdoors.

Peltor Tactical 300 Ear Muffs Features:

The Peltor Tactical 300 manual shows that these headphones offer clear voice tracking. This means that they have the ability to distinguish between louder and softer noises. The durable recessed microphones pickup sounds for noise reduction and to amplify speech and low sounds.

When you’re wearing these while having a conversation, you won’t have to worry about not hearing the other person since the headphones are sensitive to noise.

They also have a dynamic suppression time, which means that the headphones will measure the amount of energy contained in a gunshot noise and then set themselves up for reduced echoes. They block loud noises as well as background noise in a noisy environment.

The dynamic suppression time ensures the ear muffs don’t have cut outs when you need them to block loud noise. The adjustable headband improves comfort and ensures you get the right fit, also featuring a comfortable ear cup.

The headphones also have recessed microphones that reduce wind noise and work to prevent damage. In addition, they have a vented headband that is meant to increase your comfort while wearing them and that is adjustable. You will also be able to wear these comfortably with hats.

They use two AA batteries and have an audio input jack. The audio quality offers great sound, so your ears hear what they need.

Peltor Tactical 100 vs 300

There are a few differences between the Peltor Tactical 100 and the 300 models. First, the Peltor Tactical 100 has 22dB NNR, while the latter is rated at 24dB. Secondly, the Peltor 100 has added padding on the headband for a comfortable fit. Finally, they run on 2 AAA batteries and have an auto shut-off feature after every 2 hours.

The main difference is the price; the Peltor 100 has a lower price than the 300 models. However, they still have lots of positive reviews from customers and are worth considering.

According to the Peltor Sport Tactical 300 manual, these headphones operate using 2 AAA batteries, but you will have to purchase those separately.

Peltor Sport Tactical 500 vs 300

Peltor Sport Tactical 500 have an NRR of 26dB, whereas the 300 have 24dB NRR. The Sport Tactical 500 also has Bluetooth features and the 300 does not. The advantage of Bluetooth is the ability to take phone calls or link to other mobile devices for audio.

Most shooters don’t require Bluetooth capability, but do require gunshot recognition and situational awareness for hunting. These two models are almost identical aside from these two points.




Again, the Peltor Sport Tactical 300 hearing protection headphones are one of the highest-rated products on the market for hunting and shooting. It’s always important to ensure that you have hearing protection when using a gun because one shot is all it takes to cause permanent hearing damage.

When reading Peltor Sport Tactical 300 reviews, it’s clear that many people think these are the best hearing protection for hunters on the market. So, our final thoughts are that it’s definitely worth purchasing or considering them before you go hunting or at a shooting range.

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