Peltor Tactical 100 Earmuffs Review

Peltor Sport Tactical 100 electronic hearing protection (tac100) is an electronic hearing protector with a 22 dB Noise Reduction Rating (NRR). These electronic ear muffs suppress loud gunshot noises and reduce background noises for clearer conversations.

The volume controls for the audio inputs operate separately from the muffs so that you can adjust the volume through your mp3 player or audio device. The Peltor also features a 2-hour auto-shutoff to conserve battery life.

The Peltor Sport Tactical 100 electronic hearing protector is engineered for fit and enhanced comfort and has recessed microphones that reduce wind and other ambient noises. Other features include cups for gun use, easy-to-access AAA battery doors and a 3.5 mm audio jack that interfaces with most mp3 players or radios.

This Peltor Tactical 100 review will reveal the pros and cons of this electronic hearing protection device.

peltor tactical 100 hearing protection

Criteria for Great Electronic Hearing Protectors

Some important criteria for electronic hearing protectors are noise reduction, amplification and comfort, which the Peltor Tactical Sport Protectors were designed for.

According to most Peltor Sport Tactical 100 review posts, these earmuffs offer superior hearing protection, are portable and comfortable and allow for good communication with others at the shooting range. 

While priced higher than some hearing protectors, the Peltor Tactical ear muffs are well-priced for the value they provide.

Other features included with the Peltor Sport Tactical 100 electronic hearing protector are easy volume adjustment, an audio jack compatible with mp3 and 2-way radio players, and a 2-hour automatic shut-off feature to save battery life. 

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Noise Reduction Rating

The noise reduction rating of the Peltor Sport Tactical 100 electronic hearing protector is 22 dB. Some other ear protection provide more noise reduction rating, but 22 dB is enough to prevent hearing loss from loud noise.

They provide passive ear protection from loud sounds, not a noise-canceling hearing protector. If you need additional noise reduction you can also wear ear plugs under the muffs.

Adaptive Frequency Response

Peltor electronic hearing protection for shooters uses sound compression technology created by 3M. Adaptive Frequency Response technology also allows the reduction of background noise so that conversations are more easily understood. For indoor shooting ranges, the Variable Suppression Time feature will reduce echoes.

The variable suppression time electronically filters sound in noisy environments for improved performance. You should note the 3M Peltor Sport Tactical isn’t a noise-cancelling hearing protector. The muff suppresses harmful gunshot noise and provides hearing protection passively.

The electronic hearing protection and proprietary 3M technology are what provides the variable and dynamic suppression time, but this does not cancel sound.

Block Background Noise

The intensity of other people’s voices is reduced, but you can still tell the direction of the sound and understand the conversation. In addition, the electronic ear muffs are good at blocking out loud and harmful noises (22db rating) while allowing you to hear softer sounds and conversations.

Durable Recessed Microphones

The durable recessed microphones on the Sport Tactical 100 electronic hearing protection are the real upper hand. These mics help with amplifying low level sounds, so you can understand speech and have clearer conversation, reduce wind noise, as well as maintain situational awareness when you must hear range commands.

The 3M Peltor Sport tactical 100 also have the variable suppression time feature to filter loud noises and echoes at the indoor range.

Adjustable Headband

The comfortable adjustable headband added padding and low profile cups of the ear protection provide enhanced comfort features for a long day of wear at the outdoor range.

Comfort and portability are some other features we took into account in the design of this product. The earmuffs are easy to fold and carry around as they are very compact. The band is durable, comfortable and fits snugly. Padding makes these ear muffs comfortable for most users, as seen in this video:

Peltor Tactical 100 Battery Info:

The item is lightweight, weighing only 9.3 oz and requires two AAA batteries—the earmuffs automatically shut off after 2 hours if they’re not in use. Also, there is a low battery indicator to let you know when it’s time to change them. 

One disadvantage of the older Peltor Tactical Sport vs Peltor Tactical 100 is that the Sport model was harder to turn on and adjust the volume. The Peltor Tactical 100 includes improvements that allow the user to turn on the device faster than the Peltor Sport or Howard Leight Impact Sport and change the two AAA batteries more easily.

See our comparison of Howard Leight vs. Peltor Tactical Earmuffs.

Is The Peltor Sport Tactical 300 or 500 better?

If you wanted to find an upgrade version of the Sport Tactical 100, the 3M Peltor Tactical 300 provides more features; higher noise reduction rating of 24 dB, dynamic suppression time, better volume control, and longer battery life with two AA batteries. They have a bit higher price tag but will provide better hearing protection from loud noises.

The Sport Tactical 500 earmuff is the top end of this series, with Bluetooth technology and more.

The best tactical ear plugs from 3M are the 3M TEP-200 Tactical Earplugs, these are incredible in-ear hearing protection for shooters.


  • The Peltor Sport Tactical 100 provides 22-NRR noise reduction, which is great for low-caliber firearms and for additional hearing protection from higher-powered weapons; you can also insert earplugs underneath. Although the Peltor and Howard Leight Sport ear muffs have the same 22-NRR rating, the Peltors provide a better seal than the Howard Leight protectors.
  • The volume control dial is big and allows users to adjust the volume, even when wearing gloves. Stereo microphones are recessed, so they won’t snag when the headset is removed.
  • The audio input jack allows the user to listen to mp3 audio or radio. The audio input volume is controlled by the mp3 player, which allows the ear muff wearer to control the sound of external voices separately.
  • People with prescription glasses may want to consider the Peltor due to their gel cup ear seals. Ear seals allow better hearing protection when the muffs are placed over the glasses. Unlike other competing products, the Peltor Tactical 100 is easy to put on and hardly requires any adjustment to get a good seal.
  • With compression technology, the ear muffs are faster to adjust to normal hearing than other ear muffs using clipping technology. This makes the Tactical 100 a good choice for instructors or shooting team captains who alternate between shooting and conversing with others.
  • Auto Shutoff feature to save battery life.
  • Wear ear plugs under the ear cups for additional ear protection


  • To compare the older Peltor tactical Sport vs tactical 100 models, a reviewer that owned both models noted that in the older model, you couldn’t turn the volume up more than half the loudness of the older version. However, if your hearing is good, you won’t need the extra volume, and the Tactical 100 will work fine. Other electronic ear muffs may be preferable if you want low-volume sounds to be amplified beyond normal hearing.

  • ​Some users may think that the sound clipping of the Peltor Tactical 100 is too sensitive. In a Peltor Tactical Sport 100 review, a user mentioned that the sound of him snapping his fingers was clipped. Sensitive clipping can also make conversation somewhat difficult on the shooting range.

  • The fit of the ear muffs may be tight for some users, although it can become more comfortable after a few hours of wear. Placing them over an object overnight before using them for the first time can make them more comfortable.

  • The Peltor Tactical 100 is more costly than other ear muffs, but regular and casual shooters will find value in the item for the price paid.

Are Peltor Tactical 100 Good for Wind Noise?

The Peltor Sport Tactical 100 electronic hearing protector has recessed microphones that minimize wind noise. This provides greater functionality for outdoor shooters. The ear cups suppress harmful gunshot noise with passive protection but the electronic hearing protection aspect is what will minimize wind noise.

Peltor Rangeguard vs Peltor Tactical 100 review

The Rangeguard vs Tactical 100 electronic hearing protection is a fairly close match. The Peltor Rangeuard Muffs and Peltor Sport Tactical 100 are both a low-profile electronic hearing protector, niether of them have Bluetooth technology, and they both take two AAA batteries.

The main difference between Peltor Sport Tactical 100 and the Ranguard is the NRR, with Tactical 100 having a slightly higher NRR of 22 dB vs 21 dB noise reduction rating.

The ear cups have an equal amount of padding but the headband of the Peltor Sport tactical 100 has more padding.


The 3M Peltor Sport Tactical 100 is a well-designed product that uses compression technology to reduce loud gunfire sounds and reduce background noise to make the conversation more audible.

While the cost is higher than other noise protection devices, the Peltor Tactical 100 provides great value for the cost. Some reviewers even say it is comparable to hearing protectors, costing twice as much.

If purchasing electronic hearing protectors, refer to this Peltor Tactical 100 review.


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  1. When talking about suitable entry-level Peltor hearing protectors, Tactical Sport and Tactical 100 are two of the best contenders. Peltor Tactical Sport seems to be a better option in terms of battery life, volume control, and recovery time. But when it comes to better hearing protection, the Tactical 100 gets the upper hand with its slightly higher NRR.

  2. You may use earplugs underneath for extra protection, but for most people wearing just (active) ear muff should be enough.


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