Best Earplugs For Tinnitus

It is essential to avoid complete silence unless the noise is very loud, and you should not wear any earplugs that prevent your hearing if tinnitus is the cause of the tinnitus. If there is no external sound, but you continue to hear noise, your tinnitus may appear louder if you use the noise cancellation … Read more

Best Ear Plugs for DJs

EAROS ONE is designed to sit and feel differently than earplugs by forming a seal deep within the ear for better protection and sound fidelity than other shallow-insert products. These Concert EarPeaces feature patented damped filter technology that allows sound to reach your ear with precise and acceptable access while blocking harmful outside noise. In … Read more

How To Clean Ear Plugs

When using foam earplugs, keep your hands away from your ears as the ear plants expand to fill your ears. Keep your hands in place while your ears are earplugs. If you decide to use foam earplugs for a more extended period, for example, in your sleep, it is vital to keep them clean. If … Read more

Decibullz Percussive Filters Review

The new custom-made Decibullz percussion filters protect the user from the maximum sound pressure of gunshots, artillery fire and explosions and suppress them safely to prevent him from long-term hearing loss. DecibULLZ DIY Thermo-Fit molded parts combine new, state-of-the-art impulse filter technology. As a result, they are ideal for hearing protection. In addition, DecibullZ is … Read more

Best High Fidelity Ear Plugs

Looking at the measurements in the Wirecutter Inner Fidelity test, you might think that a high-fidelity earplug would sound similar to standard earplugs, and it does. The internal filter of the Eargasm earplug aims to give you a flatter attenuation of the sound, making it a more practical option for concerts. As mentioned in a … Read more