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We usually think about our childhood when we think of walkie talkies and other similar communication devices, but they’re important depending on the job you work in. Some people even like to have them for emergency situations when their phones don’t have a signal. Whether you want to have a radio communication device for your job or personal use, it’s important to make sure that you get a good-quality headset. There are so many different kinds on the market, including ones that offer hearing protection, that cancel out noise, and that are wireless. In this review, we will talk about some of the important features to look for in 2-way radio headsets, as well as list some of the best 2-way radio headsets on the market.

10 Best Radio Headsets

Different Types of Two-Way Radio Headsets

Wireless vs. Wired:

Some of the headsets available on the market have wireless or wired capabilities. Wireless two-way communication headsets might be better for those working in a field where they need to be more discreet, although anyone may choose to get them. Wireless can also be easier to operate and more convenient, but it’s important to have a device that will connect to them using Bluetooth. Wired options won’t require any charge and can be used in any situation.


There are also some options that provide noise-canceling abilities, which is important depending on the reason why you need to use them. If you’re in a crowded and noisy area, for example, having a microphone that cancels out noise will allow the person you’re speaking with to hear you better.

Headphones vs. Earpiece:

Finally, you can also choose between whether you want an earpiece or regular headphones. This will ultimately depend on the reason why you need to use a headset. It may be completely inconvenient to use headphones if you need a radio headset while on the job.



Retevis is a brand that has had plenty of highly-rated radio headsets. They have manufactured radios for all different purposes, including for business and the outdoors, as well as ones that are waterproof and for children. You will be able to browse through some of the options they have on their website. Their radios also come with all kinds of different accessories, including headsets, microphones, and cables. Overall, people tend to trust the products that are produced by this brand if they need radios of any sort, and we have included some of their products on our list.


Arcshell is another brand that many people seem to trust with their radios. They have received good reviews on several retailers, and according to two-way radio headset reviews, Arcshell’s products tend to work the same, if not better, than those manufactured by much more expensive brands. So it’s definitely worth checking out some of the products that we have included on our list from this brand.

2-Way Radio Headset Reviews

This is one of the most popular two-way radio headsets with a mic on Amazon. It comes with behind-the-ear microphones that you can fit in your ears. It’s completely compatible with any Midland products, and there are several reasons why you can choose to purchase it, including for activities such as hunting, travel, security, and more. It’s said that the behind-the-ear feature is completely comfortable and will be easier to use than many other earphone headsets on the market. Even people who had hearing problems said that this headset allowed them to hear sound comfortably and without any issues. It’s easy to use and to wear, which makes it a good system to consider for any reason that you would need a two-way radio headset.

As we mentioned above, Retevis is one of the most popular brands for radio headsets. This set in particular comes with a long earpiece- it’s 52 inches long from the PTT to the plug- and there is a transparent tube that connects to the earpiece. So, it’s not completely noticeable. And according to reviews, the earbud is very comfortable and it’s suitable for use over a long period of time. It also will provide you with crystal-clear sound, making your conversations a lot easier to hear. It’s the perfect headset to consider if you need to talk hands-free. You can attach the clip to your shirt. Another thing that many people mentioned is that the build quality seems to be very good, and they knew that they were able to get a lot of use out of the product. You have a 60-day warranty when you purchase it if anything goes wrong.

This is a regular 2-way radio headset that includes regular headphones, not earphones, which is something that you will want to consider. It has a microphone that provides noise cancellation, so even if you’re in a little bit of a noisy area, your partner will be able to hear you clearly. The speakers come with volume control so you can adjust the volume as necessary. They have a noise reduction rating of 24 decibels, which is a fairly good amount of hearing protection. They work well with any two-way radios and are perfect for any situation where you might be in a loud environment but still need to communicate.

This headset is said to provide very clear sound, even if you are in noisier environments, so if you’re someone who does not hear too well, this could be a good choice for you. It’s compatible with many other brands on the market, so you don’t necessarily have to purchase something from the same brand. There are many different reasons why you can use this, including if you work in security or the police or you simply need a device that provides hands-free communication. It’s easy to use and the earplug fits into your ear perfectly. It’s transparent and you won’t have to worry about any drops in frequency.

Here is an option for a two-way radio headset that is transparent and discreet enough to be perfect for use by those working in security. The headset comfortably wraps around your ear and can be used for all-day purposes. If you need something that will allow you to talk hands-free, then this is the right choice for you. It also provides an inline switch that will allow you to have vox and push-to-talk on your radio system. There is also a clip that allows you to attach it to your clothes to keep the headset out of your way. There are plenty of different activities that you can participate in using this headset, and they also work with many systems, so you do have a variety of choices to consider.

Even More Options

Buying Guide

When you go to purchase a 2-way radio headset, however, there are some factors that you will want to consider.

For one, it’s important that you purchase a headset made by a reputable brand. You want to make sure that it’s durable, that it will last a long time, and that the material it’s made out of is comfortable enough for you to wear. It’s important to read the reviews and see what other people say regarding features such as how clear the sound is and whether or not the microphone provides noise isolation. It may be important for the headset to provide volume control.

Some of these headsets will have a noise reduction rating. It’s always important to protect your hearing, so you may want to pay attention to that. Remember that the higher a product’s noise reduction rating is, the more protection you will get.

It’s also important to consider the reason that you need such a headset. Is it necessary for your job? Do you need ones that are more discreet if you’re working as a police officer or security guard? Or is it something that you plan on having for personal use? The answers to these questions will help to determine the kind you should get. For example, security would benefit the most from having wireless two-way communication headsets.


There are plenty of different reasons why many people consider getting radio headsets, whether it be for situations where their phones don’t have a signal, for their jobs, or for other activities such as hunting. Whatever the reason, it’s important to look for a headset that is compatible with what you need to use it for. Radio headsets can be completely comfortable and easy to use, and many of them provide you with some sort of hearing protection. They also provide clear sound and are great for people with hearing problems. Don’t underestimate the importance of having a good two-way radio headset.

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