Sensear Smart Headsets & Earplug Reviews

In a high-noise work environment, e.g. a construction site or an airport with overwhelmingly loud equipment, communication is limited down to hand signals a majority of the time.  This increases the time it takes to finish work while trying to figure out what’s being said. It’s also unsafe when directing someone with machinery…they could misunderstand the signal.  Now that Sensear headsets have come into these places, the whole vibe has changed.

The employees can hear everything their coworkers say clearly without skipping a beat. This is whether they’re out in the field or operating loud equipment. So, too, those with hearing impairments who wear aids can have normal conversations without difficulty while wearing Sensear ear muffs.

There is no fear that something will come up behind you without you knowing. You can hear all of the regular movements giving you great awareness of your surroundings. All the while, none of the obnoxious sounds are coming through.

These headsets cover the ever-growing safety issue on the job by protecting the workers’ hearing, improved communication and situational awareness.  

Sensear SM1X Headset

Sensear SM1X

The Sensear SM1X smartmuff has been upgraded. It has an NRR25 DB.

The Sensear products all have the same basic footprint with various individual small nuances, making them unique in their own way. This version offers a standard unit which is yellow or an orange unit which will allow Bluetooth capability on your cell.  With Bluetooth, you are protected from sound up to 110 dB. This particular headset has been made to hold its own in rough conditions, highly durable. It is not heavy and not known to bring discomfort to the wearer.



Sensear SM1P

Sensear SM1P

This Sensear earmuff has an NRR27 DB.  It protects your ears with noises being made up to 112 dB.  This headset is built with an eight-channel radio that you can program for airsoft comms. In addition, Bluetooth has been improved to where you can now access audio.  The batteries have a life of up to a full day, and recharging only takes about eight hours.



Sensear SM1R

Sensear SM1R

This set has an NRR25 DB. The unique quality of this headset is there are no batteries. Instead, the source of power comes from the radio.  This makes it lighter, and it’s comfortable to carry around. Thoughts, though, might be that the wire would be cumbersome or in some way limiting.  



Sensear SM1B Headsets

Sensear SM1B

These muffs also offer NRR27 DB. These are different in that, as they come, they only provide effective one-on-one direct communication. However, they will allow for two-way communication via the radio with a cable, sold separately, that needs to be plugged into an external radio that you already have.  After you plug it in, your hands will be free, and you can proceed to work and talk. The two-way is limited, though, by how far your radio range will go.



Sensear SP1 Smart Earplugs

Sensear SP1 Electrical Earplugs

The foam tips for these earbuds offer NRR31 dB, and the silicone tips offer NRR25 DB.  you put these in because they’re Sensear and just as a comparison between the sets and buds.  They offer, as mentioned, foam tips and silicone tips. To get good placement, so there’s good noise blockage, pull your ear up and back and then push into the ear canal. The tips should be barely visible. They are wired.  You would wear them as if you would a music device, carry it in your pocket with the wires tucked behind your head into the back of your shirt. This way, they’re not a safety hazard.



Sensear Headsets Review

Sensear offers a special technology to their products called Speech Enhancement Noise Suppressor or SENS, basically what it says it is. This technology takes the voice or important surrounding noises and amplifies them while suppressing or pushing away the horribly mind-blowing, ear-damaging noises.  

These electric earmuffs provide safety to the eardrum. They provide safety on the job site by allowing you to hear when something or someone comes up behind you. They allow us to communicate effectively and prevent dangerous miscommunication via hand signals.  You can make phone calls or speak to someone on the radio without having to leave your place in the field or your workstation.

Productivity can thrive because of the safety and communication features on these headsets and their benefits to the workers wearing them. The time it takes to do things can be shortened. As a result, safety accidents, injuries or worse are decreased.  

Protecting the hearing and the safety concerns at work is no longer an option; it’s a requirement.

Top Rated Model - Sensear SM1X

There was a list of Sensear products for you to look at on this list—all really good in their own right for their own audience. One of them kind of did stand out a little bit in the crowd.

It seems like the SM1X was the go-to for the hard-working person. This headset didn’t offer any wires to have to deal with. There are no extra parts to buy or extra steps to take to do the day-to-day functions of the job.

The muffs provided perfect blockage for those harmful sounds that would hurt the eardrums. They then allowed complete ease of communication in any given situation with a clear, concise ability to hear it without shouting.

The SM1P was pretty awesome. The downfall to this set had to be the music radio. That was kind of a contradiction to the whole safety concept.  It’s not one of the advanced features that you could effectively use on a job site. It would more so be a hindrance.

The Sensear SP1 Electrical Earplugs are nice but not effective under harsh working conditions. They don’t allow proper communication to take place. There would need to be hand signals, and that’s not safe.


It’s really nice that a manufacturer has established a product that will give employees the confidence to perform their duties. You’ll know your hearing won’t decline. You’re not going to be blind to your surroundings just because you’ve opted to protect your ears. You’ll be aware of everything around you. You’ll be able to communicate in any scenario without shouting via phone, radio or head-on and not have to take them off.

It’s amazing what they can do for people now.  If only we knew then…

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