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One of the most important things to understand about noise is decibels. Decibels are units that are used to be able to measure how loud a particular sound is. Sometimes, you may be exposed to environments and to sounds where there is a lot of loud noise and where the sound comes at very high decibels. As you may know, this could be extremely harmful to your hearing.

If you are consistently exposed to noises that are above 85 decibels, you will most certainly lose your hearing if you aren’t using the proper protection. However, sometimes you might not know how loud the noise is in the particular environment that you are in. In this case, you will need to use something called a decibel meter.

A decibel meter does exactly what you think it does- it will measure the loudness of the sound you are being exposed to and give you an (hopefully) accurate reading. This will help you to determine how much damage the noise will cause you and whether or not you should be using some type of hearing protection.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best decibel meters that are available, as well as decibel meter reviews and reviews on other similar products. It is important for you to always take care of your health, so it might be worthwhile to consider purchasing a decibel meter.

Different Types of Sound Level Meters

There are several different types of decibel meters that are important to consider. These devices may also be referred to as sound level meters.


For starters, decibel meters are typically divided into two classes: Class 1 and Class 2. These simply determine where and when you will be able to use the particular device.

A Class 1 device is naturally going to be a lot more accurate and will be used to provide a more precise reading. However, they are not typically going to be used by the average person to measure the loudness of everyday noises. You will typically use this class of a noise level meter if you are working in a place such as a laboratory where you will need to look at the quietest types of noises for analysis.

You will be more likely to purchase a Class 2 sound level meter. These are going to be used more so in everyday settings, such as when you are at work, at a sports game, at a concert, and more. They’re naturally going to be cheaper and a little less accurate, but that is to be expected given the fact that they’re meant for everyday use.

SPL Meter Brands

There are many different brands that carry decibel meters, but here, we will talk about three of the most popular.


VLIKE is a brand that has produced some of the highest rated decibel meters. Any website you look on, you will see that some of the best devices are made by this brand specifically. The brand does not limit itself to selling solely noise level meters; it also sells plenty of other tools and headphones too. A lot of people trust this brand with their tools and consider it to be one of the best in technology.


Tacklife is another brand that has built quite a reputation for having some great tools to work with. Some of these tools also include their noise level meters. Of course, if you aren’t quite aware of these products, you might have never heard of the brand, but they do claim to provide people with some of the best quality tools on the market. They also claim to have affordable prices that are worth a lot less than the quality of their products. You may also want to consider purchasing your noise level meter from this brand too.


PCE is also a brand that is not to be underestimated when it comes to producing some of the best decibel meters on the market. Many of the top-rated noise level meters have also come from this brand specifically. The brand prides itself on creating high-quality and accurate products that can be used for all different purposes. They also provide important information on their site about the purpose of decibel meters for those who may not be as aware. PCE provides many universities and other high-level institutions with their products, which shows that they are trustworthy.

Top 10 Best Decibel Meters

Title Image Feature Purchase
BAFX Products: Decibel Meter/Sound Level Meter

Measurement Range: 30 dB ≈ 130 dB VIEW PRICES
VLIKE LCD Digital Audio Decibel Meter

Auto gear level (30-130 dB) VIEW PRICES
TACKLIFE Decibel Meter

Measures Range: 30dBA-130dBA VIEW PRICES
Meterk Decibel Meter

Measurement range: 30-130dBA, accuracy: ±1.5dB VIEW PRICES
Galaxy Audio Live Sound Monitor

Features both Fast and Slow measuring capabilitie VIEW PRICES
Extech Digital Sound Level Meter

Measures 40 to 130dB VIEW PRICES
URPRO Decibel Meter

Measures range from 30 - 130 dB VIEW PRICES
REED Instruments Sound Level Meter

Measurement range 50dB dynamic range VIEW PRICES
WINIFIN Decibel Meter

Measures range from 30 - 130 dB VIEW PRICES
Pyle Digital Handheld Sound Level Meter

Level Range: Low - 30-100dB, High - 60-130dB VIEW PRICES

Overview of Top 5 Sound Level Meters

A quick search online will show just how many SPL meters there are available on the market. One simply needs to read the reviews to see how trustworthy a lot of them are. However, when it comes to purchasing any device, you always want to make sure that you are getting one of the best quality products possible.

Now, we will get into the top 5 best SPL meters that we have listed above. We will discuss the decibel meter reviews, what these products have to offer, and why so many people have chosen to give these products high ratings.

BAFX Products: Decibel Meter/Sound Level Meter

This product was created by a company that isn’t necessarily as well-known as some of the others, but either way, it remains the top-rated noise level meter on Amazon. If you happen to be using this product when you are in a dark location, you will still be able to read what the screen says thanks to the backlight. It’s very easy to use and to understand, and every reading that the device provides you with will be in dBA. You can use it in almost any given situation, including when you are at home and when you are simply out and about. The device is lauded for being very affordable as well; you only will have to pay less than $20. It’s versatile and it will last you a long time before you need to change the battery.

VLIKE LCD Digital Audio Decibel Meter

As we mentioned before, VLIKE is one of the most popular brands for sound level meters. According to the sound level meter reviews, people were pleased with the accuracy that this product provided them with. It’s small, so you will be able to easily use it and carry the device with you. The decibel meter will turn off automatically when you are finished using it so as to preserve the battery life. You’ll be aware of the fact that you’re being exposed to very loud noises that could potentially damage your hearing, which makes this product completely serve its purpose well.

TACKLIFE Decibel Meter

We have also mentioned that TACKLIFE provides some of the best tools on the market, including sound level meters. This product does the job that it’s supposed to and offers many of the same features as the other ones we have listed. It has a backlight for when you are in a dark environment, and you will be able to measure a variety of different sound levels while using it. A nice bonus that a lot of people have noticed is that this product is one of the more affordable decibel meters.

Meterk Decibel Meter

This product will provide you with readings for a sound range between 30 and 130 dB. While Meterk isn’t necessarily one of the brands that people have raved about, it does have one of the best-rated decibel meters on the market. You will be able to read the screen clearly regardless of whether it’s light or dark where you are. You will also be able to use it in a large variety of settings, including at work, at home, at school, and more, even if you are in a loud environment. It’s a lightweight device and one that you can easily carry with you wherever you go. Plus, it will automatically turn off when you aren’t using it so as to preserve battery.

Galaxy Audio Live Sound Monitor

While this noise level meter is on the more expensive end, that doesn’t take away from the fact that it is one of the top-rated SPLs on Amazon. It is known for being very small, so you will be able to transport it a lot easier wherever you go. Plus, it will be easier to carry, which is a bonus if you have rather small hands. There aren’t too many other details available about the product, but the SPL meter reviews state that it provides accurate readings and that people were pleased with how versatile this product was to use.

Next 5 Best Products

Sound Meter Buying Guide

Naturally, when you go to purchase a noise level meter, there are some things that you may want to be able to take into consideration.

For one, you will want to check the price. While sometimes a cheap price does not necessarily mean that the product is made out of the best quality materials, you also should know that there are plenty of decibel meters that are less expensive and that provide the same quality as ones that are a lot more expensive.

Then, you will also want to consider the versatility of the product. As we mentioned, there are two classes of sound level meters available, but many of the ones that you will be able to find can be used in a variety of situations, including when you are at home, at work, and more. It is important to be able to use the meter wherever you are because you may be working in a loud environment that requires you to be able to read the sound level.

It’s also important that you find a product which will provide you with accurate readings. Of course, you will have to read the reviews carefully for this, but accurate readings will help you to better understand your next course of action. Plus, if the meter is drastically inaccurate, it means that you could potentially cause a lot of damage to your hearing. If the meter has an accurate reading, you’ll be able to determine what kind of protection you need to use for your ears.

And of course, it’s important that you find a product which is made by a reputable brand. Some of the products we listed were not created by brands that are well-known, but if you do choose something made by a good brand, then you can almost be guaranteed that you’ll have something which will last you a long time.


Now we are sure that you will be able to find the best decibel meter for you based on all the information we have given. Once again, it is important to consider different ways for you to be able to protect your hearing due to the fact that there are lots of environmental factors that could cause hearing loss.

If you work somewhere where there is a lot of loud noise, then it is worth considering getting a decibel meter. This will help you to determine how loud the noise is and how much damage it could potentially cause you. This is when hearing protection becomes important.

If you suspect that you are working in such an environment where your hearing may be compromised, it is worth looking into purchasing a sound level meter. You will be getting a worthwhile product because you now can know whether or not you can lose your hearing. Once you find out what is going on, you’ll be able to determine what your next course of action is. All in all, you won’t have much to lose in getting a decibel meter.

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