3M WorkTunes Review

What if you’re working in an environment where you’re frequently exposed to loud noises? This could lead to hearing damage and hearing loss down the line. Therefore, you are not supposed to expose your ears to such loud noises regularly without some protection.

Hearing protection headphones are a great option for anyone looking to protect their hearing but still be able to hear outside noise and anything else happening around them. 3M is one of the most popular brands on the market for hearing protection devices, and their 3M Worktunes Connect headphones have also received rave reviews from customers.

Unlike some other hearing protection, the ones featured in this 3M Worktunes Connect review have unique technology features that allow you to do more with them besides protecting your hearing.

Best 3M WorkTunes Hearing Protectors:

According to thousands of 3M Worktunes Connect reviews, these are considered the most basic option from the 3M Worktunes line.

The earmuffs provide a noise reduction rating of 24 decibels, which is fairly good for a pair of hearing protection headphones. These are perfect for working in the yard, landscaping and mowing the lawn!

These earmuffs also have a bass boost option and AM/FM radio to give you the ultimate experience. In addition, you get audio assist technology that will allow you to program 50 different stations. Finally, you will get a notification when the battery is running low and you need to charge the headphones.

These noise-reduction earmuffs also come with a 3.5 mm jack that you can use to plug in your phone or other devices so you can enjoy any audio you wish. The hearing protectors are also meant to be easy to use, even if you’re in the workplace and are wearing gloves. 

In addition, these earmuffs have great volume control, which means you can adjust the volume accordingly when you get a phone call, listen to the radio, turn on the music, or do anything else.

These 3M Worktunes Connect wireless hearing protector has also received rave 3M Worktunes Bluetooth reviews from many customers. The 3M Worktunes Connect earmuffs also have a noise reduction rating of 24 decibels. This is a decent NRR, and you can be assured that Worktunes will protect your ears for long periods. 

You may use them to stream audio, sound or entertainment from your phone or another device with Bluetooth technology, and they have excellent sound quality. This will make your experience on the job a lot better and more enjoyable. 

In addition, it proves that you do not need to use this product just if you’re exposed to loud noises. For example, hearing protection headphones are necessary even if you want to listen to music because we are often exposed to music at deafening volumes.  

You get speakers that will provide high sound quality while protecting your hearing. If you have to make phone calls, don’t worry- you don’t need to remove the headphones, as the earmuffs come with an integrated microphone. And since they do not rely on a cord or antenna, you can move about easily in the workplace.

These Bluetooth headphones are soft, with a headband that provides a better and more comfortable fit, so they aren’t uncomfortable to wear. The earmuffs are also easy to use. In addition, they come with a rechargeable battery that will automatically shut off as well.

Here is another protection 3M Worktunes option for those who prefer Bluetooth devices that they can easily use to listen to music or other audio. These Bluetooth earmuffs also have excellent sound quality to enjoy your personalized playlist from your device. No device or prefer the radio? You can enjoy AM/FM by changing the settings easily.

Like all 3M Worktunes Connect, they have a comfortable headband and ear pads and fit nicely on your head. See out article about 3M Worktunes vs Isotunes earmuffs for comparison.

Now you will be able to enjoy all of your favorite activities without having to worry about whether or not they will damage your hearing. Even if your job doesn’t require you to spend too much time around loud noises, it is still a good idea to use this hearing protector if you want to listen to music or any other audio while protecting your ears.

The earmuffs have a noise reduction rating of 24 decibels. In addition, 3M Connect Bluetooth headphones have a long battery life, so you can listen to your favorite music and other audio all day.

In addition, the wireless hearing protector has an integrated mic to make it easier for you to accept phone calls while you are working without having to remove them; you can also use voice prompts to control them. In addition, you will have an option for a bass boost with clear sound and great listening, as well as AM/FM radio.

According to customer reviews, the 3M Worktunes Connect + Gel Cushion earmuffs are among the most popular options. These make everything at work a little bit more fun with wireless features and voice controls.

What sets these apart from some of the other headphones we mentioned on this list is that they have gel cushions, making them a lot more comfortable and soft and good for wearing for long hours of the work day. The gel seal and ear pads fit firmly to your head with a comfortable headband.

This will allow you to wear the Worktunes all day without experiencing any discomfort. Like the others, these also have Bluetooth technology, great sound quality, high-quality speakers, and a well-integrated microphone that will allow you to use voice prompts to take calls without removing them. 

Bluetooth is a great feature in many 3M WorkTunes hearing protector muffs. This means that in addition to providing hearing protection, you get the added convenience of making phone calls, listening to AM/FM radio, or doing anything else on the job.

In addition, the lack of a cord or antenna on the 3M Worktunes Connect allows you to move around while working without difficulties.

3M Worktunes Hearing Protection

We all know how important it is to care for our hearing. The best way to do this is by avoiding exposing ourselves to extreme noises and using a certified hearing protector when we can’t. However, too much exposure to noise can cause severe, irreversible hearing damage. 

But what are we supposed to do if our job requires us to work long hours around machinery, fireworks, shooting, or anything else considered damaging? What if you need to mow the lawn or be in a noisy environment with lots of high-level noise and need leaf-blowing ear protection?

Of course, the best investment is a high-quality hearing protector, as seen in our 3M Worktunes Connect reviews. So what should you look for in a hearing protector?

Noise reduction rating NRR

The first step in choosing any pair of hearing protectors is to check the decibel rating. 3M Worktunes Connect headphones, among many others, are unique because they offer a high noise reduction rating, often abbreviated as NRR. What does this mean?

This means that wireless earmuffs have the ability to decrease how much noise you are exposed to in your working environment. Whether you pull out the lawnmower or choose to operate machinery, you can most likely use a hearing protector to prevent too much noise exposure.

Tip: If you’re looking for high-quality earmuffs that you can use for hunting or shooting, check out the 3M Peltor Tactical Sport Earmuffs Review and Peltor Sport RangeGuard Review for more details.

The effectiveness of each headset is defined based on decibels, a unit of measurement used in measuring volume and overall sound. It would be good to buy a hearing protector with an NRR of around 24 dB and above.

Double hearing protection


Consider the fact that you want to wear these muffs while you are in your working environment. You will most likely need to wear them for several hours at once. One of the best things about many modern headsets is that they come with padding on the headband to provide extra comfort to reduce pressure on your head.

We highly recommend any 3M Worktunes Connect products on our list, as they all offer the necessary level of comfort and the perfect fit. You won’t feel discomfort from pressure even if you wear these products for long hours. They will fit better on most people as well.

Outside noise

Remember that a hearing protector is not always meant to eliminate your ability to hear anything. Unlike noise-blocking earmuffs, these will still enable you to hear what is happening around you. Passive and electronic noise blocking will reduce background noise, but low sounds nearby will be amplified. 

However, they will significantly make high volumes sound much lower whenever you’re around machinery or anything very noisy to guard your hearing. Therefore, you’ll still be able to hear everything at more muffled levels.

Sound Quality

Since the 3M Worktunes Connect are Bluetooth hearing protection, the sound quality of both phone calls and audio books while in Bluetooth pairing mode or wired connection is an important factor.


The price of 3M Worktunes Connect is an incredible value compared to some other products. We have all heard the saying, ‘you get what you pay for,’ so don’t be too surprised if you find a cheap headset that people are generally displeased with. Remember that you might need to spend a little more than you expected when purchasing a pair of noise-reducing headphones.

Depending on the brand, quality, features, and more, you should typically expect to spend between $50 and $300. You want to make sure that you do a lot of research before purchasing to ensure that your hearing is as protected as possible. You wonèt reject 3M Worktunes Connect after some research.

How can you make 3M Worktunes louder?

All models offer volume controls, enabling you to adjust the volume accordingly whenever you want to listen to something. A lot of the options on the list can accomplish this very well. 

If you like listening to music at higher volumes, it can still be turned up without you having to worry about hurting your hearing because the hearing protector will work to ensure that this doesn’t become a problem.

You may notice the volume being very quiet. If this happens, power them off, disable the Bluetooth connection, then lower the volume on your iPhone or other devices. After that, enable the Bluetooth connection and try turning up the volume on the headset.

Does 3M Worktunes have a microphone?

3M Worktunes Bluetooth versions have a microphone to use voice prompts and make calls. It also uses the mic for active noise cancelation in a noisy environment. It is a Bluetooth-enabled device, so if you’ve gotten lost, you can easily access music without taking off your hearing protector (but that’s still a quiet place, of course).

How long does the battery life last on 3M Worktunes?

The battery can last up to 30 hours in Bluetooth mode. They will last longer

Another factor to consider when choosing 3M WorkTunes earmuffs is how long the battery life is. Also, an auto shut-off feature turns off the battery automatically if the earmuffs are not used for a certain period, which helps preserve the battery.

Also, check if the 3M WorkTunes use rechargeable batteries or AA batteries to be replaced. Another handy feature is the low battery indicator, which lets you know when to recharge them or change the AA batteries.

USB cables can charge Worktunes, and the micro-USB plug is used in a computer. It is hidden under a flap on the top of the ear cup. The LED light will glow blue while charging and then solid blue once fully charged.

Are 3M WorkTunes good for shooting?

The 3M WorkTunes Connect earmuff protects hearing, but other options are meant for shooting. This earmuff has 24dB noise-reduction and keeps the hearing safe while shooting targets or walking through woods hunting. The 3M WorkTunes are also easily adjustable, the ear cups provide a good seal, the headband gives ample room, and they are incredibly comfortable.

When should you wear hearing protection headphones?

The general rule is that anything louder than 70 decibels is dangerous if exposed for long periods. Anything above 120 decibels will damage your hearing immediately.

Although we will all be exposed to harmful noise sometimes, we want to ensure that we can reduce this to a minimum as much as possible, and if that is not possible, we should do our best to ensure that we have hearing protection.

Remember that a normal conversation is around 60 decibels, and an engine is around 95 decibels. So therefore, it’s a good idea to put on a hearing protector if you want to use the lawnmower, if you’re riding a motorcycle, exposed to machinery, or if you otherwise work in an environment that produces a lot of noise, such as if you’re a DJ, you work with fireworks, are in the military, etc.

In short, there are plenty of professions in which people are exposed to noise constantly, making things very dangerous for their hearing.

Is hearing loss preventable?

Are there often when you find you can’t hear what’s happening around you? Do you often have to ask your friends and family ‘What?’ when they’re trying to speak to you? What about when you’re taking a phone call or at work? If this happens too much, it means that you could be experiencing hearing loss.

Hearing loss, much of the time, is irreversible. But the great news is that it is also mostly preventable. Aside from genetic factors, we can all do a much better job at protecting our hearing. Some of the most common ways to do that include turning down the volume of our music and avoiding exposure to extreme sounds.

Although many people might be predisposed to hearing loss due to genetic factors, the fact remains that a lot of hearing loss is caused by being exposed to loud noises and not having adequate protection.

Naturally, everyone needs to provide for themselves, and if your working environment is such that you need to be exposed to noise for hours at a time, then so be it. However, you should always have adequate protection if your workplace does not provide any.

Any hearing protector offered on this list would be a good option. Once again, be sure to check the NRR when you go to purchase a pair. In addition, you can use many of these headphones for many other purposes, such as listening to music, watching movies, mowing the lawn, using power tools, and more.


3M is one of the most popular companies on the market for hearing protection devices. As we know, they are also one of the first to offer such technology. With all the options we provided on this list, you will work efficiently and not worry about anything happening to your hearing while on the job. Plus, they all offer a decent NRR to keep your ears healthy.

3M WorkTunes AM/FM Hearing Protector offers a 24dB NRR with the option to listen to AM/FM radio while you’re working on the job with them. They are made of soft cushioning on both the headband and the earcups to prevent you from experiencing any discomfort or fatigue.

For more details on how to use the 3M Worktunes Connect wireless hearing protector, you can check out the manual to see their advanced functions.

You will be able to control the hearing protector easily and use them daily for long periods of time due to their long charge. 3M is a great brand to turn to for hearing protection.

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