Etymotic Hearing Amplifier Reviews in 2022

Etymotic bean hearing amplifier review

Do you ever find that you have difficulty understanding softer sounds, such as in speech or the environment? Then it’s worth looking into purchasing a pair of hearing amplifiers. One in five Americans who are 12 years and older have some degree of hearing loss. Several factors can cause this, including genetic factors, noise, trauma, … Read more

Grizzly Ears Earbuds Review

We all know by now how important it is to protect our ears from loud noises that we may be exposed to, including fireworks, concerts, construction, and more. But it is also essential to protect your ears as a hunter.  All professional hunters know how important it is never to go hunting unless you have … Read more

Etymotic GunSport Pro Review

With all the different hearing protection devices on the market, it cannot be easy to find the ideal option for your use. But, some brands are known for their high-quality products more than others. Etymotic is an example of one of them. In this article, we will be discussing the Etymotic GunSport Pro earplugs and … Read more

Etymotic Earplugs Review & Buyer’s Guide

Etymotic Research Earplugs review

I live in an extremely loud city. Day or night, I can hear car horns, people’s conversations in the streets, fireworks, dogs barking, cats meowing. All of this noise makes it extremely difficult to concentrate whether I’m reading a book, writing emails or working. It’s also taken its toll on my ears, which have become … Read more

SureFire EP4 Sonic Defenders Ear Plugs Review

SureFire EP4 Sonic Defenders Ear Plugs Review

SureFire produces many products that have been trusted and used by the military. Their products range from flashlights to guns and even earplugs for those who like to attend local firearm ranges. Among the firearms and construction sites, SureFire EP4 Ear Plugs have been the most recommended earplugs to use. All over the internet, you … Read more

Best Device To Unclog & Pop Ears

Safe to Use Unclogs Ears Quickly Simple Design PURCHASE FROM AMAZON An ear infection occurs when fluid gets accumulated at the back of the ear, causing it to swell. Otitis Media or middle ear infection is a common infection, and it occurs in children and adults. At times you might even feel some fluid coming … Read more

Costco Hearing Aids Reviews

Costco Hearing Aids Reviews

Hearing loss is an issue that many people face with age. While it can be genetic for many people, others may notice that it resulted from exposure to loud noises when they were younger. Even if you have noticed that your hearing has deteriorated, one of the ways that you might be encouraged to combat … Read more

Cowin Headphones Review

Cowin Headphones Review

Cowin Electronic is a company based in China, producing top-quality headphones for more than a decade. In many reviews, people were pleased with the sound quality and noise canceling properties of using Cowin headphones. The ever-popular Cowin E7 headphones provided users with long battery life and noise cancellation to help them focus on anything they … Read more