How And Where You Can Donate Used Hearing Aids?

Since the explosion of technological products, society has seen an overwhelming amount of consumption of these goods. As technology improves, newer models of previous products come out. And it seems like every year there is an upgrade to an old model. While this cycle continues, many people have begun donating their no longer used past purchases.

Considering how common this is with cellphones and other similar devices, many people ask, can hearing aids be donated? Like all goods, yes, they can. Donating used hearing aids has become commonplace thanks to various companies that have taken strides to recycle hearing aids.

What to Do with Old Hearing Aids?

While many people may consider selling their used hearing aids an option, it may be too difficult. If your hearing aids are prescription-based, they’re custom-made for you. That means they fit your ears, and they’re programmed for your specific condition.

Instead of letting them sit in your home unused, donating can be much more effective for someone who needs them. Typically, when you donate old hearing aids, they are refurbished, repaired if need be, and distributed to sellers, nonprofits, or those in need.

Why Should You Donate Hearing Aids?

hearing aid for young people

According to the World Health Organization, roughly 466 million people have some degree of hearing loss. However, only 17% of the individuals that would benefit from hearing aids are using them. In addition, various reports state that hearing aid manufacturers are not creating enough hearing aids to satisfy the current needs.

Of the 466 million people in the world suffering from hearing loss, 83% are going untreated. This affects their daily lives regarding work, family life, social life, and much more.

When you want to donate your hearing aids, many organizations will use them to help individuals in need. For example, hearing aid donation, like lion’s club, uses their recycled hearing aids in an impactful manner.

The group partners with hearing professionals help provide refurbished hearing aids to those in need. In addition, it works with volunteers and teams of professionals to offer recycled hearing aids to large groups of people in need in developing nations.

The group also provides used and recycled hearing aids to various manufactures who sell them at a discounted price to those unable to meet the current price standards of new hearing aids.

Other organizations do similar work. They accept used hearing aids, perform any necessary maintenance, and then distribute them out. The only difference between the organizations is where they’re located, who they help, and how they distribute their hearing aids. However, regardless of the organization, when you donate your hearing aids, they will help someone else in need. 

Where to Donate Used Hearing Aids?

Where to Donate Used Hearing Aids

Just like many companies will take your old cell phones, laptops, batteries, and more, many places will take your used hearing aids. Rather than letting your hearing aids sit in your home unused, donating them will put them to good use.

What’s more, if you’re interested, donating used hearing aids is typically tax-deductible as well. So, while you’re doing a good deed by allowing your hearing aids to be recycled, you may also benefit. But, of course, once you’ve decided to donate your used hearing aids, you have to figure out where to do so.

Many nonprofits exist around the United States and beyond that accept seemingly all styles of used hearing aids. You can have behind-the-ear, in-the-ear, or other models all put to good use. Already mentioned,

Lions Club Hearing Aid Recycling is a popular nonprofit that accepts hearing aids and redistributes them in a meaningful way. The Hearing Aid Project is another nonprofit that welcomes used hearing aids.

The group recycles, repairs, and modifies used hearing aids to be fit for new users. In addition, it works to provide hearing aids to those in need who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford hearing aids.

The Starkey Hearing Foundation is another popular organization that accepts used hearing aids donations. Reports have stated that the organization collects 60,000 used hearing aids per year. The group uses those hearing aids to support people who are in desperate need of hearing assistance.

Furthermore, the group has extended its services to provide hearing health programs in over 60 countries. It strives to improve global education around hearing health while also directly helping thousands of individuals around the globe. The group has already donated hearing aids to over 100 countries.

Furthermore, depending on where you purchased your hearing aids, your provider may assist you in donating. For example, if you have bought a pair of Starkey, Phonak, Signia, or others, you may be able to directly contact them to see if they have a recycling program available.

You can also speak directly to your audiologist or hearing aid provider to see if they know of a local hearing aid donation center. That way, you can donate hearing aids that would directly impact someone in your community.

How Do You Donate Hearing Aids?

Donate Hearing Aids

If you’re interested in donating a pair of old hearing aids, you first need to find somewhere to donate. As described above, many organizations would love to accept your hearing aid donation.

Depending on the donation, you may have different protocols to follow before donating your hearing aids. You can reach out directly to your group of choice to find information, or the organization may have the information listed on their website.

If you are going to donate your hearing aids to a local charity, you may have to go to their location to drop them off in person. Although the group handles recycling, cleaning, and more, you should do your best to clean them beforehand.

If you’re donating to a larger nonprofit, you may be able to ship them to a donation center. This process is quick and easy, as they will provide you with direct instructions from the organization’s website.

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