Colleges for Hearing Impaired Students (Deaf & Hard of Hearing)

All around the world, students can find universities that specialize in niche industries and subjects. For example, many universities specialize in engineering, business, music, and the arts.

While hearing impaired students can join any school they like, many colleges for hearing impaired students remain popular choices. While the options are not near as extensive as other state colleges and universities, there are still several options.

All over the globe, students can find colleges for deaf students. Check out the following universities, which offer some of the most exemplary educational programs for hard-of-hearing individuals.

The Top Schools for Deaf and Hard of Hearing

1. Gallaudet University

Gallaudet University

Founded over 150 years ago, Gallaudet University has been leading deaf schools in the USA and all around the globe. As a result, Gallaudet is the central figure in holding the history and achievements of the deaf community.

The university has remained committed to advancing education for students and helped to provide quality resources for deaf students. The university has a student base from over 25 countries.

Located in Washington DC, Gallaudet receives federal funding to aid in implementing over 40 undergraduate degree options to programs for elementary school students.

What’s more, students can pursue one of several Ph.D. and M.A. degrees after they complete their undergraduate degrees.

Gallaudet University is the only university globally that offers interpretation-based programs for bachelors’, master’s,’ and doctors’ degrees in an American Sign Language environment.

Within the Department of Interpretation and Translation, students can find programs for industries like medicine, education, business, and more. 

2. National Technical Institute of the Deaf

National Technical Institute of the Deaf

Based in New York, the National Technical Institute of the Deaf is one of the top colleges for the deaf and hard of hearing.

This educational institution was founded to offer an equal playing field for students of all backgrounds. It’s a division of the more prominent Rochester Institute of Technology, which was founded in 1829.

The National Technical Institute of the Deaf is the world’s first technical college specifically created with hard-of-hearing students in mind. The university has more than 1 thousand students on campus each year.

Upon graduation, the university boasts that 95% of its graduates find a career.

Students of the National Technical Institute of the Deaf can choose one of several educational paths. The school offers associate degree programs, associated & bachelor’s degree programs, and standard bachelor’s degree programs.

Furthermore, the university also offers Ph.D. and master’s programs.

3. Southwest College for the Deaf

Southwest College for the Deaf

Southwest College for the Deaf was founded in 1979 as a Howard County Junior College District division. This community college, created to offer higher education and career assistance for the deaf, resides in Big Springs, Texas.

This equal opportunity college offers a suitable environment for students of all backgrounds and abilities. The school encourages students to pursue extracurricular activities like athletics, student groups, internships, and residential activities. 

Southwest College for the Deaf is a community college, so it only offers associate degrees. However, this makes it the perfect place for students to earn credits and work towards a higher degree. Then, once they’ve made the progress they desire, they can transfer to a university to continue their education.

Southwest College for the Deaf offers technical education programs, health profession programs, and several paths towards certificates.

Some fields of interest include dental lab technology, automotive mechanic technician, welding, interpreter training, computer and information systems, plus several more.

4. Communication Specialist College Doncaster

Communication Specialist College Doncaster

In Europe, the Communication Specialist College Doncaster is one of the deaf and hard of hearing schools. This Doncaster, UK-based school is a higher education institution that helps students maximize their potential.

However, this school has a broad base of students that start at 16 years of age. Students often come from hard-of-hearing backgrounds as well as those with autism. 

The college offers several programs for students that range from life skills to college-level vocational programs. In addition, the Communication Specialist College Doncaster provides students with educational programs that help them overcome communication barriers.

Some of the programs offered include hospitality career training, horticulture, health, education, social studies, customer service, construction, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

deaf student

Can a hearing person go to a deaf school?

Yes, absolutely. No matter the university of choice, all students are welcome. Hearing students interested in pursuing a career in communication, interpretation, or a similar field would greatly benefit from going to a deaf school.

Many of the top deaf colleges have a large portion of hearing students enrolled for that purpose. The student culture of deaf and hearing individuals is very similar.

How does hearing impairment affect learning?

Students with a hearing impairment may struggle to keep up with their peers if their condition is untreated. Deaf people can think just as critically but may struggle with inputs or outputs due to being hard of hearing.

However, when students are in the right environment, their condition is met with open arms, and students flourish.

At deaf universities and community colleges, students have the necessary resources and mentors to pursue any career.

How does a university accommodate students with a hearing impairment?

Each university has different methods of accommodating students with hearing impairments. Colleges such as Gallaudet provide programs that are complete with ASL teachings.

However, no matter the school, according to the Americans with Disabilities Act, every public institution must ensure that hard-of-hearing students have the necessary tools and access to the material needed.

Some universities may follow this law in their way. For instance, students may be given assistive listening devices, captioning tools, or classes may have interpreters for deaf students.

Are there specific scholarships for hearing impaired students?

Yes, there are scholarships for hearing impaired students. For example, the students can apply to the AG Bell College Scholarship, which grants up to $10,000 to students who qualify.

The Betty G. Miller Fellowship Award is a scholarship offered to students of Gallaudet University who qualify.

The Cochlear Graeme Clark Scholarship offers up to $2,000 for four years for students with nucleus cochlear implants.

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