Howard Leight Impact Pro (R01902) Earmuff Review 2019

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Your hearing is one of your most valuable assets, and once it’s gone you can’t get it back. It pays to do everything you can to preserve your hearing right from the start, which is why I’m writing this review on the Howard Leight by Honeywell Impact Pro model number R01902.

Shooters, hunters and outdoors-men alike understand that they need to protect their hearing, but they also don’t want to comprise their ability to hear what is happening in their surroundings. Whether they are in a competition or on the range, they need to be able to hear clearly to safely operate their firearms.

As a result, hearing protection that amplifies lower decibel noises has become very popular. They give shooters the safety they require while still allowing them to hear critical sounds such as range commands.

So now let’s dive into our Howard Leight Impact Pro review.

My Criteria

First let’s talk about what it takes make a great set of electronic earmuffs. With any hearing protection the main numbers you want to focus on are called Single Number Rating (SNR) and Noise Reduction Rating (NRR). Both are measured in Decibels (db)

You don’t need to worry about the details of how these numbers are calculated and they both mean about the same thing – how much of the power of a sound is being stopped before it reaches your ears. In other words, the larger these numbers are, the more effective the hearing protection you are receiving.

Of course the other factors that we consumers are always worried about still apply, price, comfort and style. Fortunately, as you will see in this Howard Leight Impact Pro review, you don’t have to sacrifice on these measures to get outstanding noise reduction.

Howard Leight Impact Pro (R01902) Overview

Hearing Protection

The Howard Leight Pro is the beefed up cousin to the Howard Leight Sport model. The Sport model was originally designed for environmental noises such as those found on a construction site, or doing yard work with a mower or trimmer. As a result, it just didn’t offer the noise reduction necessary for shooting.

The answer was the Pro model. Designed specifically for the challenging noise environment faced by rifle and pistol shooters. As you’ll see when we dig into the details of this Howard Leight R 01902 review, this model delivers for shooters in a way that the Sport model can’t.

Sound Reproduction

Both models work by the same principle of amplifying lower volume noises, such as voices, so that the wearer can hear them better through the noise cancelling effects of the headphones. This amplification is the opposite of the way that the more expensive noise cancelling headphones that many of us are familiar with operate.

Amplification is a superior technology to noise cancelling for noise environments where there are short duration, high volume sounds. This made it the perfect technology for hearing protection designed specifically for shooters and the gun range.

Headphone Jack

The Howard Leight Pro also includes some other well thought out features as well. One that I particularly like is the inclusion of a 3mm headphone jack that allows you to listen to music or anything else you would like. Of course this isn’t recommended if you are taking a shooting class or involved in some sort of competition, but it’s a great feature for a day on the range by yourself.

Comfort and Design

The comfort of the shooter was considered as well during the design process. They include a padded head strap and sit comfortably over shooting glasses for a long period of time.

What’s great is that they fit all these features in at a price that can’t be beat. As I’m writing this you can pick up a pair on Amazon for ​a great bargain. That’s an incredible deal considering that the closest competitor, the Tactical 7 model by Peltor, tends to retail for ​much more and only offers an NRR of 24db, compared to the Howard Leight electronic earmuff’s NRR of 30db. Less money for more protection is a deal that is difficult to pass up.

The downside of the extra features is of course size. The pro model can be bulky and the size can make it difficult to comfortably fit in a range bag. The design doesn’t allow them to fold down easily either. That being said, the size difference isn’t drastic compared to other over ear hearing protection. So unless you are going to make the jump up to in-ear hearing protection such as the Silynx Clarius Pro it likely won’t make much of a difference in the size of your overall load out.

Howard Leight Impact Pro (R01902)

  • NRR 30 dB
  • ​Easy on the Wallet
  • Headphone Jack​


  • ​There’s a lot to like in the Howard Leight Impact Pro, so let’s take a look at the pros in a little more detail.
  • Noise reduction: The Impact Pro clocks in at an impressive NRR of 30db. This gives it significantly more noise reduction capability than more expensive models that come in at an NRR in the 24 to 25db range.
  • Price: Honeywell has managed to design in a lot of performance at an outstanding price. If you are on a budget you really can’t beat the value for your dollar you’ll get from the Impact Pro.
  • Comfort: A well-padded headband means you’ll be able to comfortably wear these for a long day at the range.
  • Headphone Jack: A great feature that let’s you listen to the music you want while saving your hearing.
  • Battery Life: Most users report getting around 10 hours of life from a set of two AAA batteries. This is excellent for electronic hearing protection and more than enough to get you through a long day of shooting.


  • The big con with Impact Pro is the size. While having to haul around a large set of earmuffs may be showstopper for some consumers, I wouldn’t let it keep you from checking them out. I think you’ll find the pros far outweigh the extra size.


The Howard Leight Impact Pro is a winner. If you are in the market for electronic hearing protection to take to the range you should absolutely consider purchasing this product.

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