Howard Leight Impact Sport Bolt Review

Foldable design reduces headphone size by 50% for compact storage. Belt clip included for easy, hands-free carrying: patented airflow control technology and padded headband with telescopic height adjustment for a personalized fit.

The amplifier is equipped with built-in stereo microphones capable of amplifying distant conversations, or quiet animal sounds up to 5 times. Sensitive microphones amplify minimal ambient noise for near superhuman hearing. Built-in microphones reduce wind noise and amplify soft sounds such as animal sounds by up to 5 times.

This allows you to hear essential commands from a distance and important ambient sounds while hunting. As an added safety feature, they actively listen and automatically turn off the gain when loud impulsive sounds such as gunshots reach 82 dB. Headphones effectively block any noise, constant or impulse, from 82 dB and above. In addition, the Impact Sport Bolt uses built-in microphones that amplify range controls and other ambient sounds to enhance low-level audio.

These low-profile in-ear headphones are fabulous for protecting against constant and sudden impulsive sounds, blocking out any noise of 82dB or higher. Impact Sport headphones pass up to 82 dB of noise through the microphone. Once this value is exceeded, they reduce any harmful impulse noise by 22 dB.

The earphones fold into an excellent compact package and fit perfectly in any bag from this line. Even with various hats, watch caps, and shooting glasses tucked into the ear cups, the headphones never felt like they were flying out of my head. The waterproof headphones are in flat black (OD Green also available) and feature a leatherette padded headband. On the other hand, the older Sports model has thin ear pads, which most people often replace with thicker ones.

Howard Leight Impact Sport Bolt

When it’s time to store the BOLT in your shooting bag, fold the clip 90 degrees and slide it in there. The clip folds up for headset storage. These Howard Leight Impact Me, and Sport BOLT electronic headphones have served me well; we have had no issues with feedback or other interference, but please note that some people have had problems with feedback and other features, especially when using at the internal level.

The Impact Sport is a better choice than the regular Bolt because there aren’t many upgrades compared to the Bolt to justify its high price. The Bolt should only be seen as a new device and not an update to the older Impact Sport. The Sport and Sport Bolt is very similar with a few significant changes.

The Bolt has a slight advantage over the Sport because it offers longer battery life. We found that the Bolt offered up to 10 hours of runtime compared to 8 hours on the older Sport model when we tested these models. Additionally, both are equipped with low battery alerts.

Howard Leight is a company that is no stranger to hearing protection in the workplace or sports environment. Howard Leight (HL) makes great hearing and eye protection products, and I have yet to find a product that doesn’t work as advertised.

Howard Leight products produce quality hearing protection, but the Impact Sports feature we used today was an 82dB amplification of ambient sound. Hearing enhancement can make a difference when identifying noise in your home. For example, I keep my ears warm with electronic headphones by blocking out the wind and improving my hearing by amplifying the built-in directional microphones. This is necessary for remote shooting when the constant sound of shots can strain your hearing.

Also, with electronic hearing protection, no matter the scenario, with enhanced hearing, you have a better chance of pinpointing exactly where those noises are coming from. Also, if you know someone with a hearing impairment who wears hearing aids, an electronic headset can help after taking them off to sleep.

The Impact Sport Bolt actively listens and automatically turns off the gain when it reaches dangerous sound levels for protection. For added hearing protection when shooting, actively listens and automatically turns off the gain when loud impulsive sounds such as gunshots reach 82 dB. Electronic hearing protection uses built-in directional microphones that amplify ambient sounds to a safe 82 dB when electronic hearing protection is activated. The Impact Sport BOLT electronic headphones work very well as hearing protection and as a listening aid when your friend is trying to talk to you while everyone is shooting.

Howard Leight Impact Sport Bolt Sound AMP Electronic Headphones Whether on the range or the hunt, Honeywell Impact Sport Electronic Headphones with sound amplification protect you from harmful noises and keep you in touch with your surroundings. Equipped with a digital processor that turns the amplifier on/off 250 times faster than any of our previous electronic headphones, the Impact Sport BOLT electronic headphones block gunshots and other ambient sounds, as well as 82 dB.

Auto Jamming – Gain is automatically cut off at 82 dB noise level, suppressing dangerous pulses and continuous noise. Auto Jamming – Gain is automatically cut off at 82 dB noise level, suppressing dangerous pulses and constant noise. Digital Audio Compression – 5x audio amplification enhances low frequencies.

The digital compression circuit offers an attack time of 0.5 milliseconds (the interval between the moment of the shot and the reaction of the headphones), which reduces the sound to a safe level below 82 dB. Howard Leight Impact Sport BOLT Electronic Shooting Earphones deliver a lightning-fast 0.5ms (millisecond) attack time for instant hearing protection that won’t leave you indifferent afterwards.

Building on over 30 years of continuous technological innovation, the NEW Howard Leight Impact Sport Bluetooth® electronic headphones retain everything customers love about the Impact Sport Classic while delivering new levels of performance and functionality. So whether you’re looking to upgrade your headset or try out electronic headsets for the first time, you can get them directly from the Howard Leight website.

BOLT headphones, 2 AAA batteries, 3.5 mm auxiliary cable (for MP3 players and scanners), belt clip, and additional pads in the box. These are low-profile headphones with an adjustable headband and the slim design of the Impact Sport model.

They are much thicker but on their own provide sufficient protection indoors. I have their strong (non-mechanical) caps in custom shapes and find them to offer good protection when shooting pistols, although I sometimes use larger Peltor cases, and they are much better.

I probably wish they were both on several indoor shotguns that don’t have absorber panels. I find the various noise reduction standards and measurements quite confusing. Unfortunately, I don’t get a chance to test them, but I think they do better with the NRR mod than the much thicker Impact Pros. I like their compact size, like other Impact Sport models, because they don’t clutter up my bag from the range, and they are easy to carry in my bag. The not-so-good part is that they can slip or come off your ear if you’re not careful.

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