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Audition, commonly known as the sense or the act of hearing is carried out by ears. Ears are one of the vital sense organs. The condition when you are not able to hear sound (completely or partially) in any one or both ears, it is called the loss of hearing. It is essential to take good care of ear health as once the hearing gets damaged, it is irreversible. For the partial loss of hearing, there are hearing solutions such as hearing aids. But natural hearing can never be fully restored once gone.

If you are expecting exposure to loud noises, such as – concerts, clubs, jam sessions in enclosed spaces, chainsaws, lawnmowers etc. you might want to consider using earplugs. Earplugs are very convenient to use and you can even get a custom fit pair that fits snugly in your ears protecting you from exposure to loud noises. If you are a musician or frequently participate in jam sessions, you might want to consider getting a pair of musician’s earplugs. They earplugs have filters that allow the user to hear music and conversation and at the same time, they reduce the harmful sound level considerably without greatly impacting the quality of original sound.


Mentioned below is detailed information on a quality product that helps you take good care of ear health. It is safe for toddlers as well as the aged. Make sure to consult a physician (who is aware of your medical history and knows if you are allergic to any of the ingredients used) before using these ear drops.

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Herb Pharm products are great for treating earaches. When toddlers experience pain in their ears due to teething or when adults experience pain due to catching a cold, Herb Pharm ear drops can help soothe a variety of earaches.

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