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An average human can hear in the frequency range of 20 – 20000Hz. However both age and exposure to continuous loud noise can hamper hearing. Noise such as railroad passing near the house, or excavation of land using blasting methods can also affect your hearing if you are exposed to it for a long duration.

Today, in cities and towns with constant exposure to loud noises, our ears are constantly under attack. This results in reduced hearing power.  

Even exposure to high levels of sound at music concerts or discotheques can impair hearing.

According to the World Health Organization around 466 million people suffer from hearing loss. The problem gets compounded as a majority of these people fail to undergo and tests to determine the percentage of hearing loss they suffer from.

If you feel that you have to strain yourself to hear or have to ask the person to repeat themselves it is advisable to see the physician who may recommend that you see a specialist who will perform audiometry tests to determine the hearing loss.

If you happen to be suffering from mild to the moderate hearing loss you will be advised to wear a hearing aid to help you, there are a variety of these hearing aids available in the market one such product is the Otofonix Elite hearing amplifier.

The Otofonix Elite hearing amplifier is an excellent solution if you are looking for a hearing aid that will protect your ears and also improve your hearing.

This product has an inbuilt mini amplifier that is almost hidden away cleverly in the earpiece, the user has ease of convenience to toggle between 4 programs up to volume 10.

The Otofonix Elite hearing amplifier comes with 2 sound tubes to suit your style of ear fitting and with 3 different styles of ear dome.

To help in listening to a clean and clear conversation the product has noise canceling feature with feedback suppression. Conversations become easier and sound that you were missing upon is brought to life again.

The Otofonix Elite hearing amplifier is a lightweight earpiece, crafted, designed and styled by an ear physician who has had the solid experience of over 2 decades, care has been taken to ensure that the user does not have any discomfort when using the product.

The product is very easy to operate, just insert the battery that comes included with the product and with the flip of the rocker switch you are ready to communicate.

Otofonix Elite Hearing Amplifier Review




The Otofonix Elite hearing amplifier priced a little above 200$ is a good value buy as compared to similar products that are pretty expensive, the product delivers good sound amplification with noise canceling feature. Ease of operations with one finger Rocker switch, discreetly styled earpiece with tubing that fits into the ear make the product a good buy in the market. Learn more about hearing amplifiers.

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