Zephyr By Dry & Store Hearing Aid Dryer Review

Zephyr by Dry & Store® Hearing Instrument Dryer/Dehumidifier - Includes Extra 3 Pack of Dry-Brik II Desiccant Blocks | for Hearing Aids | Cochlear Processors | in-Ear Monitors

If you wear hearing aids, you know how important it is to keep them dry and clean. Moisture can damage the delicate components of your hearing aids and cause them to malfunction. That’s where the Zephyr Dry and Store Hearing Aid Dryer comes in.

This device uses gentle heat, air and a desiccant brick to remove moisture and kill bacteria, leaving your hearing aids clean and dry. But is it worth the investment? In this article, I’ll provide a detailed review of the Zephyr Dry and Store Hearing Aid Dryer, including its features, pros, and cons.

By the end of this review, you’ll have all the information you need to decide if the Zephyr Dry and Store Hearing Aid Dryer is the right choice for you and your hearing aids.

What is the Zephyr by Dry & Store?

Zephyr from Dry & Store is an electronic device designed for home use to safely store and maintain various hearing instruments such as hearing aids, cochlear implant hardware, noise/tinnitus maskers, and in-ear monitors.

Like its counterparts, Zephyr functions on an 8-hour cycle, utilizing a desiccant and warm, circulating air to provide optimal drying results. The only notable difference is that Zephyr does not include the UV-C lamp found in other models.

Zephyr by Dry & Store Hearing Aid Dryer Overview

Zephyr by Dry & Store® Hearing Instrument Dryer/Dehumidifier - Includes Extra 3 Pack of Dry-Brik II Desiccant Blocks | for Hearing Aids | Cochlear Processors | in-Ear Monitors

Dry’s Store sells its products and services in the health and household sectors, including hearing aids, amplifiers, dryers and desiccants. The Zephyr is an inexpensive dryer that does not sacrifice the drying technology and quality standards of other Dry & Store products. For example, this top-rated hearing aid dryer has a simple operating system that allows you to start the 8-hour cycle and perform thorough dry cleaning at the touch of a button.

The Zephyr by Dry & Store Hearing Aid Dryer is designed to help hearing aid users maintain their devices and extend their lifespan. Some of the features of the Zephyr by Dry & Store Hearing Aid Dryer include:

  1. Drying Function: The Zephyr uses gentle heat to dry moisture and sweat from hearing aids and cochlear implants, which can help prevent damage and improve the device’s longevity.
  2. Proprietary desiccant brick: It utilizes a proprietary desiccant brick to absorb moisture from the hearing aids, preventing any damage caused by mildew or oxidation. The desiccant brick can be easily removed for cleaning and replacement as necessary.
  3. Compact Design: The Zephyr is compact and portable, making it easy to travel and store.
  4. Automatic Shut-Off: The device shuts off automatically after 8 hours of use, making it energy-efficient and safe.
  5. Easy to Use: The Zephyr is simple, with just one button to start the drying and sanitizing cycle.
  6. Low Maintenance: The device requires no special cleaning or maintenance, making it a hassle-free addition to any hearing aid user’s routine.

How to Use the Zephyr:

How to use Zephyr by Dry & Store:

  1. Put your device in the case and shut it.
  2. Next, press the ON button to start the 8-hour cycle.
  3. To interrupt the process, press the on/off button on the side of the unit.
  4. Zephyr operates at a temperature of ~98°F (37°C) to 104°F (40°C) during the cycle.
  5. If you have rechargeable hearing aids, consider using DryBoost UV instead, as it has a lower temperature suitable for rechargeables.

Do I have to remove the batteries from my device with the Zephyr dryer?

You must not remove the batteries from your hearing aids before using Zephyr by Dry & Store.

Independent tests conducted by Eveready Battery Co. on their Energizer/Amplifier® batteries showed a 10-20% increase in battery life under high humidity conditions (85% RH) and no decrease in life under normal conditions (50% RH).

This was further supported by a user survey where over 50% of the respondents reported experiencing longer battery life.

Where to get replacement Desiccant bricks?

Dry-Brik® II Desiccant Blocks - 3 Blocks (1 Pack of 3 Blocks)| Replacement Moisture Absorbing Block for the Global II and Zephyr by Dry & Store | Hearing Device Dehumidifiers

Click the picture above to get replacement Dry Brik II Desiccant Blocks. You can purchase replacement desiccant bricks for your Dry & Store appliance, including Zephyr, from various hearing aid supply retailers or directly from the Dry & Store website.

Some popular options include Amazon, eBay, and Hearing Direct. You can also contact Dry & Store’s customer service for assistance ordering replacement desiccant bricks.

Is The Zephyr worth it?

Compared to other Dry & Store models, the Zephyr does not include the UV-C lamp but still provides the same high-quality standards and drying technology. The Zephyr is also budget-friendly, making it a more affordable option.

If you have hearing instruments requiring regular drying, The Zephyr may be a good investment. However, if you do not need regular drying or prefer alternative methods, such as manual drying, The Zephyr may not be worth the investment.

Ultimately, it’s essential to consider your individual needs and budget when deciding if The Zephyr is worth it for you.


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