Hearos earplugs – (Review & Buying Guide)

If you’re looking for a quality pair of Hearos earplugs, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will provide an in-depth review of Hearos earplugs, as well as a buying guide to help you choose the perfect pair for your needs. Hearos earplugs are some of the most popular plugs on the market and for good reason. They offer superior noise reduction and comfort. Keep reading to learn more about Hearos earplugs and find out why they might be the perfect choice for you!

Product Description

Hearos Earplugs are ideal for anyone from professionals to weekend rock stars. I’ve always just rolled up the foam earplugs between my thumb and index finger and inserted them into my ear with all of the foam earplugs. These are probably the only spongy, long-lasting earplugs that some people may find it difficult to compress fully enough to (very) easily insert into their ears, so rolling it up with your palms may work out better for you.

Hearos earplugs
Hearos earplugs

The shape of your ear canal and how far in you want to insert them determine whether or not you have to tug on your ear lobs. I’ve never had any trouble, and I’ve never needed to use this. I usually keep them in my ears for 5-10 seconds until they expand and fully seat themselves, but that’s because I’m going for the maximum noise-canceling (if I don’t feel it brushing against my brain, it’s not far enough). Don’t do it if this leads to a fit that is too deep and unpleasant for you. If you happen to dislike the fit after a few attempts, remove them and try again until you learn how to get the effect you’re searching for. I’d estimate that they can last a dozen insertions or more, so keep at it until you’ve perfected it.

When they become too grimy/waxy from being in your ear, they won’t expand sufficiently to fit comfortably, so it’s time to toss them out. For me, this equated to 4 days of 24-hour use. I don’t wear them when washing my hair, and I don’t put them back into my ear until my ear canals are entirely dry after showering.


  • For reducing wind noise on motorcycles, these are ideal. I’ve tried many before, and they’re my favorite when riding my bike. They outperform any other I’ve ever used. The amount of wind noise is far lower. For them to work, you just need to twist rubber earplugs quite a bit.
  • For comfort, Hearos earplugs are the most comfortable earplugs I’ve ever used, owing to their soft composition. Ears of all sizes should fit well with them. The earplugs may be adjusted to any size. A new pair may feel tight at first (especially if you’ve never worn earplugs before), but they will become more flexible as time goes on and, as a result, more comfortable.
  • Reduce the overall sound level while still listening to the music. They muffle sounds, but they are not suppressors. I can wear these on airplanes and hear people conversing clearly, but the overall noise level has been significantly lowered. It allows you to focus more easily on what is being said. These might or may not assist you in ignoring soft noises depending on your ability to block out low-level noise.
  • 14 pairs are in each box. The number of individual earplugs provided is 28, but because it’s sometimes sold as a 3-pack, the total amount is 42 pairs (or 84 individual earplugs).
  • You may sleep on your side with them. Just position them correctly in your ears (twist, insert, lightly hold in place as they expand) and they will stay put while you can rest comfortably on your side.
  • They’re as reusable as you choose them to be. You may clean your ears or wash the plugs, for example, depending on your preferences.
  • If you don’t have access to earplugs at work, this is a decent deal. A good NRR of 33 is acceptable. I’ve used these at work and personally. This is a fantastic bargain.
  • It effectively drowns out the sound of snoring.
Hearos earplugs
Hearos earplugs


  • Hearos earplugs are not as soft as I’d like, and it doesn’t last long enough. Unfortunately, because of this delicate material, they’re rather ductile, and they endure half as long as other earplugs. The first pair lasted 5 weeks of regular usage before becoming heavily beat up. They’re a fantastic choice if you value comfort above all else. If you prioritize long-term use over everything else, look elsewhere.
  • There is no point in having a decent set of headphones if you can’t use them to listen to music during yard work, running, or other activities. Background noise might get muffled but it doesn’t bother you much, and nothing gets completely blocked out, just muted to the point that it doesn’t bug you. I like these types because they completely fill up your ear canal.
  • The earpiece is rather large, making it hard to insert into smaller ears. If you have little ears, they’ll be painful to put in. It’s not great for tiny ears if you have them; they’ll hurt a bit while wearing them.
  • Can stick out, unlike Alpine Party Plugs.
  • They neglected to mention their size, only comparing them to etymotic instead of stating the typical size. If you have a smaller ear, though, you may be able to get them in but will have a difficult time removing them if they fall out.
  • The carrying case is nothing to brag about if for some purpose you fancy packaging. The “Hearos” sticker is missing from the plastic clamshell, and you can’t keep it in your pants pockets.

In conclusion:

Hearos earplugs come in a nice little carrying case (depending on how much you want to pack and your need for the box) and can be washed (if needed). I like the sound dampening quality, which leaves me satisfied. Without them, I would not travel. It all depends on whether or not you want to block out more of the noise. The Hearos earplugs are pleasant to wear for lengthy periods of time. With this quick and easy purchase of a high-quality item, you’ll save yourself the trouble and aggravation. You will not be disappointed if you buy this wonderful product! Highly Recommended!

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