The Ultimate Jabra Headphones Reviews You Can’t Miss

Ah, Jabra headphones – ever wondered why they’ve captured so many eardrums? Stepping into the audio market back in the ’80s, Jabra’s journey has been nothing short of awe-inspiring. Their headphones, often juxtaposed against giants like Bose and Sony, often emerge with a unique flair, a touch that whispers of innovation. Now, if audio was a language, Jabra would be its Shakespeare. Their ability to blend advanced tech with unparalleled comfort, all while not burning a hole in your pocket, is a feat, right? Dive in, and let’s unravel the symphony behind Jabra’s magic!

Key Takeaways

  • Jabra headphones praised for durability, quality, and affordability by many users.
  • Personal experiences may vary; reviews offer a potential buying nudge for undecided consumers.
  • Some users highlight issues with multi-device connectivity and automatic shutdown.
  • Sound quality inconsistencies and microphone challenges still persist in certain cases.
  • Bluetooth compatibility remains an area of concern, especially with varied devices.
  • Consumers advised to evaluate both pros and cons for an informed purchase decision.

History of Jabra

Origins and Milestones

Imagine, if you will, stepping into the lively and buzzing tech world of the late ’80s. Amidst the cacophony of nascent technology, a new voice was about to rise — Jabra. Hailing from the vibrant landscape of Denmark, Jabra started its quest in the world of audio, not as a headphone giant, but with a focus on telecommunication equipment. Interesting, huh?

It wasn’t until the early 2000s that Jabra introduced headphones and earbuds to its lineup, shifting its tune to cater to music enthusiasts and everyday listeners. Picture this: while most of us were just getting acquainted with the idea of wireless connectivity, Jabra was pioneering Bluetooth headsets, a bold step into the future.

The timeline of Jabra’s milestones is studded with achievements. Remember the boom of workout playlists? By 2016, Jabra was already there with its Sport Series, ensuring joggers had sweat-resistant beats accompanying them. And who could forget the splash they made with the Elite 65t in 2018? These earbuds echoed the balance of design and functionality, reshaping our expectations of wireless audio.

So, why has Jabra’s journey been so groundbreaking? Perhaps it’s their knack for anticipating the pulse of the market or maybe their relentless pursuit of perfection. After all, in the vast concert of audio tech, isn’t it the pioneers who set the rhythm?

Top Jabra Headphone Models

Diving into Jabra’s ensemble, two series strike a chord with audiophiles: the sleek Evolve and the trendy Move Style. Ever had that “Eureka!” moment when sound meets comfort? Well, these two are Jabra’s magnum opus. Stay tuned as we decode their symphony, track by track, feature by groundbreaking feature. Ready to vibe?

Jabra Evolve series

Features and Benefits

Ever been in a bustling office, trying to focus on a call, but the cacophony just won’t let you? We’ve all been there. But what if you had a gadget right by your side, promising tranquility amidst the chaos? Let’s dive into the heart of the Jabra Evolve series, where technology and serenity become inseparable pals.

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC): Ever wished for a volume knob for the world? Jabra’s ANC is somewhat magical in that sense, quieting the world so your focus doesn’t waver. It’s like having a personal bubble of silence.

Wideband Audio: Think of this as HD for your ears. Whether you’re tuning into a business call or swaying to the rhythm of your favorite song, the clarity is unmatched.

Leak-Tolerant Speakers: You know the uncomfortable feeling when everyone in the room knows you’re on a call? These speakers are a game-changer, ensuring what you hear remains a private affair.

Comfort Beyond Words: Lightweight, soft ear cushions that feel like clouds – imagine wearing a headset and forgetting it’s even there.

Effortless Controls: Life’s complicated enough. Your headset shouldn’t be. With intuitive controls, you’re always a click away from serenity, be it answering calls or adjusting the volume.

Platform Compatibility: Whether you’re a Microsoft Teams enthusiast, a Zoom aficionado, or swear by Skype for Business, Jabra has got you covered.

Now, let’s break down the series:

Jabra Evolve 20

The wired wonder for those who prefer the basics without compromising on quality. Perfect for call centers and open offices.

Jabra Evolve 40

Stepping it up a notch with a noise-canceling mic, this wired headset is a shield against external noise.

Jabra Evolve 65

Imagine the freedom of wireless combined with ANC. The dream headset for those always on the move.

Jabra Evolve 75

Jabra Evolve 80

This one’s for the elite, with its wireless setup, ANC, and a boom arm microphone making every call crystal-clear.

The marathon runner of the group, with exceptional battery life, ensures you’re always connected.

In essence, the Jabra Evolve series is more than just a set of headphones. It’s a promise – a commitment to keeping distractions at bay while you conquer the world. For the professionals navigating the stormy seas of open offices, isn’t it time you got yourself an anchor?

Sound Quality

Ah, the age-old quest for that perfect sound. How does Jabra Evolve stand up to the test? Well, let’s embark on an auditory journey, shall we?

First, imagine the rush of a bustling city street. Amidst that din, the Jabra Evolve series promises clarity—like finding an oasis in a desert. Packing in robust 40mm speakers, they indeed deliver some serious firepower. The bass? Deep, resonating, almost like the heartbeat of a dance floor. And the treble? Crisp, like the rustling of leaves on a windy day.

The Jabra Evolve series, with its noise-cancelling prowess, isn’t just about drowning out the ambient noise. It’s about elevating the primary sound, ensuring your calls are as clear as a bell, even if the world around you isn’t.

However, perfection is elusive, isn’t it? Some audiophiles have pointed out a tinny undertone at high volumes. It’s kind of like having a delectable dessert with just a pinch too much salt. Not necessarily a dealbreaker, but worth noting if you’re someone who loves blasting tunes at max volume. And speaking of music, the soundstage here, while decent, may not give you that concert-like feel. So, if you’re expecting to feel like you’re front-row at a live performance, you might be left wanting a tad more.

In a nutshell? If calls are your game, and you’re often battling background noise, Jabra Evolve could be your knight in shining armor. But if you’re hunting for that audiophile-grade nirvana, this might not be the end of your quest.

Nevertheless, the Evolve series offers a reliable companion for those navigating the noisy jungles of modern life. It might not transport the maestros to their sonic wonderland, but it indeed promises a ticket to clarity town for the rest of us.

Remember, in a world where cacophony reigns supreme, isn’t clarity the real MVP?

Jabra Move Style Series

Design and Comfort

Ever wondered what it feels like to wear a cloud over your ears? Well, Jabra’s Move Style Series might just be the closest you can get! Let’s dive into this auditory comfort cocoon and see what the buzz is all about.

Jabra Move Style Edition, Black – Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Superior Sounds Quality, Long Battery Life, Ultra-Light and Comfortable Wireless Headphones, 3.5 mm Jack Connector Included

What first catches your eye with the Move Style Series is the palette of colors. Traditionalists might lean towards the navy or black, but if you feel adventurous, the gold beige is just a chef’s kiss. It’s like choosing between a classic black-tie suit and that striking, stand-out number you wear when feeling bold. Wireless cat ear headphones can give you this feeling.

But before we sing praises, there’s a slight hiccup in the design – the headphones don’t fold. You might find them a bit cumbersome to carry around if you’re always on the move. They have a stationary structure that, while robust, doesn’t fold up neatly into a compact shape. It’s like having a hardcover book in an age of e-readers — charming but takes up a bit more space.

Yet, let’s not get sidetracked by color or foldability alone. The true essence of any headphone lies in its wearability. Weighing in at a mere 160 grams, these headphones promise a feathery embrace to your ears. Ever held two apples in your hands? That’s the kind of weight we’re talking about here. It’s the sort of design that whispers, “Hey, forget I’m here and just lose yourself in the rhythm.”

Now, you might be asking, “But what about those marathon listening sessions?” Ah, the Move Style Series has got you covered. The over-ear design paired with plush ear cushions ensures an all-encompassing, yet gentle grip. The adjustable headband? That’s just the cherry on top, ensuring the headphones mold to the unique contours of your head.

Our ears are pretty sensitive, and discomfort can distract from even the most captivating tunes. It’s like trying to enjoy a movie while sitting on a rock-hard chair — kinda defeats the purpose, right? This is where the Move Style Series truly shines, offering not just impeccable design aesthetics but comfort that lasts.

And for the tech-savvy among us, let’s not forget the under-the-hood features. We’re talking Bluetooth connectivity that frees you from the tyranny of cables, a water-resistant design that laughs in the face of unpredictable weather, and an integrated microphone for those heart-to-heart chats or fiery conference calls.

So, to wrap up, is the Jabra Move Style Series just another pair of headphones in an already crowded market? Or is it that cozy blanket that you wrap around yourself on a chilly winter evening, comforting, stylish, and oh-so-reliable? Despite the foldability oversight, I’d wager it’s more of the latter. And if music is the food of love, comfort, dear readers, is the spice!

Battery Life

Alright, imagine this: You’re gearing up for that cross-country flight, the kind where your playlist and favorite podcasts will be your best companions. You’re relying on your headphones to keep you entertained. But wait… did you charge them? With Jabra Move Style Series, that’s one less thing to worry about!

First off, the Move Style Series is boasting an impressive 14 hours of battery life. That’s nearly the entire day! Whether you’re globetrotting or simply having a long workday, this headphone promises not to leave you in eerie silence.

Jabra Move Style Edition, Black – Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Superior Sounds Quality, Long Battery Life, Ultra-Light and Comfortable Wireless Headphones, 3.5 mm Jack Connector Included

But here’s the kicker: how many times have you had that mad dash to juice up your gadgets before you bolt out the door? Most headphones might give you an hour or two on a quick 15-minute charge. But the Jabra? It offers a whopping 8 hours. It’s like getting an entire workday’s worth of tunes from a coffee break charge!

Now, I get it. Real-life scenarios don’t always mirror laboratory conditions. Listen to those heavy bass tracks at max volume or use the headphones for calls, and the battery will play a slightly different tune. A moderate volume level could just be the sweet spot for your ears and your battery life!

Checking the battery status is a breeze too. Either sneak a peek at the LED indicator on the headphones or get techy with the Jabra Sound+ app for a detailed view. And if your juice does run low, a mere 2 hours will get them back to full throttle.

However, no product is without its minor setbacks. If you’re expecting to drop the Move Style Series on a wireless charging pad and see magic, you’re in for a disappointment. They’re still clinging to the traditional micro-USB. It might feel a tad old school, but hey, it gets the job done!


  • Marathon Runner: With up to 14 hours on a single charge, these headphones seem like they’re challenging you to tire them out.
  • Quick Charge Champ: Forget an hour of charge for an hour of play. How about 15 minutes for 8 hours?


  • No Wireless Wonders Here: While it’s a minor quibble, the lack of wireless charging feels like a missed opportunity.
  • Ebb and Flow: Depending on how you make use of them, the battery’s longevity might shift. It’s all about finding that sweet volume spot!

To wrap it up, while the Jabra Move Style Series may not redefine the headphone game, when it comes to battery life, they’re certainly in it for the long haul. Whether you’re an audiophile or a casual listener, the battery surely won’t be the one to tap out first. So, next time you’re facing that long-haul flight, who you gonna call? (Or rather, which headphones you gonna grab?)

Comparison with Other Brands

Price vs. Quality

Alright, let’s dive deep into the evergreen debate: Price versus quality! We’ve all been there, scratching our heads in electronic stores, checking online reviews, trying to find that golden ratio of cost to performance. And let’s face it, when we’re investing in headphones, we want the best bang for our buck, right?

In our corner today, we have Jabra’s iconic Move Style+ and Evolve2 65. Now, it’s interesting to see that while both hail from the same brand, they cater to different audiences. The Move Style Series is your everyday champ, while the Evolve Series is like the besuited professional of the headphone world, tailored for business environments.

But how do they fare against other stalwarts in the market? Let’s break it down:

Jabra Move Style+ is the budget-friendly warrior at $129. Designed for comfort, it’s the kind you’d wear on a long walk or maybe even a short jog given its IP56 water resistance. While it might not have Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), it boasts a decent battery life and is definitely the choice for those looking for quality without a hefty price tag.

The Evolve2 65 is a bit pricier at $199 but is packed with features that make every penny worth it, especially for the corporate hustlers. The excellent call quality, noise cancellation, and an impressive 37-hour battery life put it ahead of many competitors.

But, where do other brands stand in this fray?

The Plantronics Voyager 5200 UC and the Sennheiser MB 660 UC come in as strong mid-range contenders. If you’ve ever tried the Sennheiser MB 660 UC, you’d know that its sound quality is truly top-notch, justifying its $249 price point. Plantronics, meanwhile, matches the Evolve2 65 in price but offers slightly lesser battery life.

And then, we have the ever-popular Bose QuietComfort 35 II. At $299, it’s the premium player in this lineup. However, with that plush comfort, stellar noise-canceling ability, and superb sound quality, many would argue it’s worth the splurge.

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So, what’s the bottom line?

If you’re tight on budget but don’t want to compromise on quality, Jabra’s Move Style+ is your go-to. For those who spend a lot of time on calls amidst noisy environments, Evolve2 65 or Plantronics are ideal picks. And for those audiophiles seeking luxury and unparalleled sound quality? Bose or Sennheiser might be your jam!

Decisions, decisions! Remember, the best headphone isn’t just about the specs; it’s about how those specs resonate with your needs. Do you prioritize comfort, battery life, sound quality, or call clarity? Once you figure that out, making the choice becomes a whole lot easier. And who knows? Maybe your perfect match is right around the corner, waiting for you to press play.


When it comes to headphones, most of us are after two things: sound quality and durability. Let’s be honest, who hasn’t had that heart-stopping moment when our precious headphones slipped from our hands? In such instances, the build material becomes the unsung hero. And if you’re investing in a pair of Jabras, you’re probably wondering, “How do they stack up against the rest in the durability department?”

So, between Jabra’s Move Style Series and the Evolve Series, which one should you trust to survive life’s little accidents?

The Jabra Move Style Series is essentially the cool kid in sneakers: stylish, comfortable, but made of plastic. This means, while they might look snazzy, they might not appreciate a rough tumble. On the other hand, the Jabra Evolve Series is like the sophisticated one in leather boots, constructed with metal, ready to endure a few rough patches.

Now, throw water into the mix. In the battle of water resistance, surprisingly, the Move Style+ has a slight edge with IP56 compared to the Evolve2 65’s IP55 rating. But remember, higher doesn’t always mean vastly superior; it’s like comparing a jog in light rain versus a brisk walk during a drizzle.

Curious about how other brands weigh in?

  • Plantronics Voyager 5200 UC is a lot like the Move Style+, built with plastic and with an IP54 water resistance rating. It’s like the fun cousin of Jabra Move Style+.
  • Sennheiser MB 660 UC, with its metal frame and IP54 rating, mirrors the Evolve2 65 in the durability dance, albeit with a tad lesser water resistance. Think of it as the classy distant relative of the Evolve Series.
  • Bose QuietComfort 35 II? They’re like that popular kid who’s good at everything but might not fare well in a water fight, thanks to their IPX4 rating.

So, what’s the verdict?

If your headphones’ life involves adventures, risks, and the occasional drop, you might want to cozy up to the Evolve2 65. But if you’re on a budget and need something reliable yet affordable, Move Style+ won’t let you down.

However, and this is a biggie, always remember that no matter the build, treat your headphones with care. Like all gadgets, their lifespan depends as much on their build as on how you treat them. A little love goes a long way, right?

Lastly, if you’re still on the fence about durability, delve into some reviews. Get those first-hand accounts of user experiences, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll find your durable match in the vast world of headphones. After all, it’s not just about surviving falls, but also about surviving the test of time, wouldn’t you agree?

User Experience and Feedback

Positive Reviews

Okay, let’s face it: when we’re contemplating buying a new gadget, we often scour the internet for reviews, right? We want to hear from the ones who’ve been there, done that, and bought the headphones. Not from the experts, not from the brand, but from the regular folks who used their hard-earned money to buy the product. And today, we’re diving deep into the ocean of positive reviews that Jabra headphones have received.

First off, let’s hear from SVandy, who penned down their thoughts on July 26, 2023:

“I’ve been using these every single work day since February 2021… I tested the audio with these and others by calling friends and asking them to rate my audio, these won by a landslide… They are comfortable enough to wear all day and don’t slide around.”

Now, isn’t that something? Imagine, a headset so good it beats other brands in an informal audio test. And let’s not overlook the comfort factor. How often do you wear a headphone all day without wanting to toss it by evening?

Next, we’ve got Jeremy Fritz on May 15, 2023, chiming in:

“This is my second pair of the Jabra Move. My first pair lasted me 5-6 years with pretty heavy use… For about $40 these are tough to beat!”

5-6 years? Wow! That’s some loyalty right there. It’s like finding that perfect pair of jeans and then buying them in every color because nothing else feels quite right. If durability paired with affordability was a duo, Jabra Move might just be belting out chart-topping hits!

Lastly, Catherine Kickham shared her long-term relationship story with Jabra on October 19, 2022:

“I bought these for $25 in 2015 (7 years ago!!)… I can’t wear earbuds and these have been a life saver!”

Seven years and still going strong? That’s not just a fling; it’s a committed relationship. You know, it’s like when you have your grandma’s decades-old mixer that still whips up the best cookie dough. Some things, they just don’t make like they used to… or do they? Jabra seems to be proving the contrary.

So, what’s the takeaway from these insights? Well, durability is clearly Jabra’s middle name. But more than that, it’s the seamless integration of quality, comfort, and cost-effectiveness that has won over the masses.

However, a quick heads up! Always remember that everyone’s experience is unique. Just because SVandy, Jeremy, and Catherine had a splendid time, it doesn’t guarantee the same for everyone. But hey, if you’re on the fence about taking the plunge, these reviews might just be the nudge you needed, don’t you think?

And as they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating… or in this case, the listening.

Constructive Criticisms

Alright, let’s get real for a moment. You know how when you’re dating someone, you want to know about their quirks and foibles before getting too invested? Same with tech. While Jabra headphones have earned some rave reviews, no product is without its quirks. In the spirit of complete transparency, let’s dive into some feedback that’s, well, a tad more on the constructive side.

AD203 took to the digital podium on October 20, 2022, expressing:

“Work very poorly if you are connecting multiple devices… They do not sense when they are not in use, so they do not shut off and I often find the batteries drained.”

Ah, the age-old problem of juggling multiple devices. Sounds like someone trying to multi-task on a morning commute and ending up with spilled coffee. So, is there a lesson here? Perhaps Jabra can delve deeper into improving multi-device connectivity. And, hey, a longer battery life? Always a win in anyone’s book, don’t you think?

Next, Tyler chimed in on August 17, 2022:

“As headphones, they’re good, but… sound quality (both playback and microphone) immediately drops to something like talking on an old telephone.”

Remember when telephones had cords, and a call drop meant literally dropping the receiver? Now, while that’s a nostalgic chuckle, it’s not the sound quality we’re aiming for in 2022. Tyler’s observation emphasizes the challenges Bluetooth tech still faces.

Lastly, Erik (who seems like a genuine minimalist fan) shared on December 31, 2021:

“The original version ($30) does not connect to all Bluetooth devices… I do like the design quite a bit. Clean. Minimal.”

Ah, the eternal struggle between form and function. It’s like owning a sleek sports car that’s fussy about the roads it drives on. Now, we don’t know if it’s the headphones or the devices, but clearly, compatibility issues persist.

However, every cloud has its silver lining. The nuances and criticisms from our tech-savvy reviewers offer a roadmap to Jabra, leading to potential upgrades.

So, if you’re pondering a purchase, where does this leave you? Knowledge is power, my friends. Armed with the highs and lows, you’re better poised to make a decision that’s right for you. Will you focus on the design, like Erik, or prioritize function over form? Or maybe you’re holding out for the next model, hoping Jabra heeds these valuable insights?

Whichever path you choose, remember: every tech journey has its bumps. But hey, isn’t that what makes the ride interesting?


1. Is Jabra a good brand of headphones?

Absolutely. Jabra has carved out a reputable space in the audio market, particularly known for their commitment to sound quality, innovation, and design. Their headphones often showcase a blend of functionality and aesthetics that appeal to both casual listeners and professionals. Users have widely praised specific Jabra models for their durability and sound clarity. However, like any brand, they have a few products with quirks that may not resonate with everyone. Always consider individual model reviews and your personal needs before making a purchase.

2. Is Jabra better than Bose?

This is a bit like comparing apples and oranges, or more aptly, a classical symphony with a rock concert. Both Jabra and Bose have their strengths. Bose is renowned for its active noise cancellation technology and rich sound experience, especially in their flagship models. Jabra, on the other hand, stands out with its robust build, professional-grade call quality, and overall value for money. The “better” brand really depends on what you prioritize more: If you’re after top-tier noise cancellation, Bose might be your pick. However, if you’re looking for durable headphones with solid sound quality, Jabra could be the way to go.

3. Is it worth it to buy Jabra?

Based on a vast array of user feedback and expert reviews, Jabra offers a compelling value proposition. Their headphones are known for durability, sound quality, and a comfortable fit. Additionally, many users find Jabra headphones to be reliable for daily use, whether for work or leisure. However, as with any purchase, it’s essential to align the product’s features with your needs. For instance, if you highly prioritize multi-device connectivity, you might want to dive deeper into specific model reviews before making a purchase. In general, for their price point, Jabra headphones tend to deliver a worthy bang for the buck.

4. Which is better, Jabra or JBL?

Jabra and JBL cater to slightly different audiences. Jabra primarily shines in the realm of professional-grade headphones, particularly those designed for calls, work, and daily usage. They emphasize clear audio, microphone quality, and durable builds. JBL, on the other hand, is deeply rooted in the music industry, offering a punchy sound profile, especially in the bass department. JBL might appeal more to music enthusiasts looking for that extra thump in their tunes. To determine which is “better,” it boils down to your primary use-case: for professional calls and daily tasks, Jabra might have the edge; for booming music and entertainment, JBL could be your jam.

5. Is Jabra a Chinese company?

No, Jabra is not a Chinese company. It is a subsidiary of the Danish company GN Group. The GN Group has a rich history dating back to the 1860s and has its roots in telegraphy. Jabra has since then evolved as a brand, specializing in audio equipment, including headphones and earbuds, and has established a global presence across many countries.

Is Jabra Your Next Choice?

Jabra headphones have undeniably etched a reputation in the tech market, a blend of durability, quality, and affordability, with countless users singing their praises. Yet, like any journey, there are rough patches along the way. Connectivity with multiple devices, sound quality consistency, and Bluetooth compatibility raise concerns among users. But, as with any product, it’s essential to view it holistically. No tech is without its quirks. As potential consumers, harnessing both the highs and lows can guide us to an informed decision. Will you vouch for aesthetic charm, functionality, or a perfect blend of both? Perhaps you’re awaiting the next version, hopeful for advancements. Regardless of your choice, embrace the technological roller coaster with its thrilling highs and challenging lows. After all, it’s the experience, lessons, and evolution that truly make our tech journeys memorable.

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