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Everybody has owned a pair of headphones they loved only for them to break a couple of weeks later. There is nothing more depressing and frustrating at the same time. So when the founders of Know got together, they vouched to create products designed for long-lasting use.

The Know designers and manufacturers undergo thorough design procedures to produce thoughtful products that look and function to perfection. To learn more about these products, read on to see the full Know headphones review.

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The Know Comfy Wireless Earbuds are built for convenience and comfort. These earbuds have a unique design that allows users to wear them for long periods of time without their ears getting bothered. In addition, the advanced eargels—earbud tips— don’t press into your ear as traditional earbuds do. Rather, they create a seal from the outside without delivering force on the ear canal. They could be seen as one of the best wireless earbuds for comfort, as it’s right in the name.

This seal allows users to have quality sound without any discomfort. The earbuds also use a Snug Arm–a small loop-like component– to help keep the earbuds in place. Each pair of Comfy Earbuds comes with different ear gels and Snug Arms so that each user can find the perfect fit for them.

What’s more, the Comfy Earbuds come in several colors for users to choose from. Know has created a black, plum gray, sage, and glow color.

In addition to the headphones, the charging case has its own attractive design features. The wireless charging case comes in the same color as the headphones, is the perfect size for everyday carry, and has 21 hours of charge in it when fully charged. The case also has an indicator on the lights outside that shows how much charge remains in it.

Comfy Earbud Reviews


The Know Comfy Earbuds offer several pros, especially compared to the cons. First, the headphones look great. The colors are striking and attractive. The design is elegant yet functional. And, of course, the Comfy Earbuds provide the utmost comfort—something that you cannot compare to any other pair of headphones. After all, they’re named Comfy for a reason.

Comfy Earbud pros

Beyond aesthetics and comfort, these earbuds also offer a long battery life. On a full charge, the Comfy Earbuds can operate continuously for 7 hours. Plus, they charge quickly. With only 5 minutes placed in the case and plugged into the wall, you can get 3 hours of playtime. 

What’s more, the charging case can work with the USB included cable or with a Qi-charging pad.


One of the only things that we could gripe about is the size and fit of the earbuds for some people, not all. Depending on your ears, you may have a hard time fitting these earbuds inadequately. At times, they may feel a bit too loose because the earbuds are too large. Unfortunately, that leads to a sensation of the earbuds falling out frequently. 

Specs and Features

  • 55mAh battery
  • Quick charge capability
  • 6g per earbud
  • 4g for the empty case
  • Comfy Earbuds
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Additional Snug Arms & Ear Gels
  • Charging case
  • Notepad
  • Manual
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The Know Calm noise-canceling headphones are the perfect tool for the ultimate listening experience, free of distractions. The headphones have a beautiful design that lends a clean and elegant look to them. They come in a sage, plum gray, or black color. Each of which covers the full pair of headphones offering a striking look.

The most durable over-the-ear headphones were designed with the perfect, snug fit in mind. As a result, very little noise can get in or out of the well-fitting headphones. Furthermore, any noise that may get through is blocked via the advanced Active Noise Cancellation technology.

Know Calm Headphones

On the bottom of one side of the headphones, a plug sits for easy charging. However, you can also charge these headphones via a Qi-charging pad. The other side of the headphones holds the buttons for power/Bluetooth and noise-canceling mode. On the same side, an AUX cable is present for those who choose to use a cable connection rather than Bluetooth. Indicator lights also sit here to let the user know how much battery remains.  

Rather than use buttons for volume control, song control, or playback, the outside of the headphones offers touch control. With simple swipes of your finger, you can change the volume and track.


The Know Calm Headphones are efficient, powerful, and aesthetically pleasing headphones. All purchasers will find a color they love. The convenience of Bluetooth, charging options, and intuitive controls are unparalleled. Furthermore, these headphones come with an attractive carrying case to keep them safe when they’re not in use.

The battery life is another outstanding feature of the Calm headphones. Users get up to 24 hours of battery life on a full charge. When you need a quick charge, place them on the charger for 56 minutes, and you get 3 more hours of battery life.

The button for noise-canceling control is also a handy feature. Users can select between three different modes for low, medium, or high noise-canceling.


One downfall of these headphones is the intuitive controls. Some people may struggle to gain precise control over the volume or track-changing feature. It would be best if the headphones offered an option to change the audio or song directly on the headphones in addition to the swipe feature.

Specs and Features

  • 800mAh battery
  • Quick charge capability
  • 3 noise-canceling modes
  • 66g
  • USB-C cable
  • 5mm Aux cable
  • Calm Headphones
  • Carry Case
  • Notepad
  • Quick Start Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are Know products compatible with Apple and Android Phones?

A: Yes. All Know products are compatible with all phone models.

Q: Does Know provide any guarantees?

A: Know provides a 45-day guarantee with free returns and no hassles.

Q: Can I charge my headphones while I use them? 

A: You can use your Calm headphones while they’re charging. You cannot use the Comfy Earbuds and charge at the same time.

Q: Can I charge my headphones from my computer?

A: You can charge your headphones anywhere you can fit the USB in.

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