Moonbow Bedphones Review

Sleeping in a noisy room is next to impossible. At times, even earplugs can’t manage the job of drowning out sound. For that reason, and many others, people choose to sleep with light music in their ears. Soothing music to end the night is the perfect way to drift into sleep, especially when there’s too much noise around.

However, sleeping with headphones can be uncomfortable or downright impossible as the headphones dig into your ears while you lay on your side. So you need a pair of flat earphones that don’t bother or disrupt your comfort, like the Moonbow Bedphones! If you want to learn more about these headphones, check out the Moonbow review below.

Moonbow Sleeping Headphones Review

Moonbow Sleeping Headphones

Moonbow by Dubslabs created the perfect pair of headphones for sleeping. The Bedphones are the ideal pair of headphones to wear when you want to listen to music, guided meditations, audiobooks, podcasts, or anything else while feeling as though nothing were on your ears!

The Design

The Bedphones sleep headphones are designed perfectly for a night’s sleep. The headphones rest against your ears; they do not stick inside your ears like traditional headphones.

The headphone pieces are thin enough to where you don’t even notice them. Connected to the earphone pieces is a flexible hook that allows wearers to wrap them around the tops of their ears. This feature enables Bedphones owners to find the perfect spot for their headphones to sit on their ears.

The headphones utilize a cable with volume control, a mic, track controls, and a charging port. The cable also has a small battery on the other side, which provides up to 13 hours of listening time on a single charge. In addition, the bottom of the cable features a slider that allows users to synch their headphones. Thus, users can adjust the size and fit of the headphones to their liking. 

What’s more, Bedphones can come wired or wireless. Users choose if they want an AUX port on their headphones or if they prefer Bluetooth only.


The Moonbow Bedphones are an excellent solution for anyone who wants a pair of headphones they can comfortably sleep with. The headphones are built out of quality materials, provide the perfect sound level, and last long. In addition, the small, flat design is ideal for anybody who doesn’t want something jabbing into their ear as they lie on their side.

One striking feature of the Bedphones is the long battery life they offer. 13-hour battery life is something that is not common in many Bluetooth headphones.

While the Bedphones are specifically designed for bedtime use, you can use them in many more situations. As these headphones are light and easily transportable, they can be taken on any trip. In addition, the design allows users to find the perfect fit for their heads and ears.

The tips of the headphones have a flexible material allowing users to fit the headphones on their ears snuggly. The synch feature then will enable users to keep the headphones tight around their necks, so the cable isn’t bouncing around if you go for a run with them on.

Lastly, with a control feature on the cable, you need not keep your phone with you when you listen to music or other audio. You can pause a song, change the song, and turn the volume up or down directly from your headphones.

Moonbow on-ear sleeping earphones


The Moonbow on-ear sleeping earphones do a fantastic job of what they’re designed to do—offer an easy sleeping solution. However, as they’re meant for bed, they could offer a bit more. For instance, these headphones provide no capability to cancel any sound.

If you’re sleeping in a noisy room, traveling by plane or train, you have to turn up your headphones loud to drown out the noise. But, at that point, having loud noise in your ear may make it too difficult to sleep.

The only other downfall is that the quality of sound may be lacking compared to traditional headphones. However, we can accept it as that’s no surprise due to the lack of in-the-ear tips.

Specs and Features

  • Less than ¼” thick
  • Soft foam covering earpieces
  • Rubber coated memory wire, made of PVC, for flexible ear hooks
  • 23mm driver diameter
  • 51” cable length
  • 20Hz to 20kHz frequency range
  • Bluetooth or Wired options

In the Box:

  • Bedphones
  • Travel carrying case/pouch
  • Four replacement foam pieces
  • Sleep eye mask
  • USB charging cable

The Bottom Line

The Moonbow Bedphones are a perfect solution to a problem everyone has faced. Nobody wants to sleep with headphones in that stab their ears. Bedphones fix that problem as they have a flat design intended to be used in bed.

However, they’re much more versatile than that. This versatility, in addition to the unique design and quality features, makes these headphones perfect for several uses and all people.

Frequently Asked Questions

Moonbow Bedphones hearing aid

1. Does Moonbow provide any guarantee or return policy?

Yes. If you purchased your pair of Moonbow Bedphones directly from Moonbow, you get a satisfaction guarantee. In addition, you can return your Bedphones to Moonbow for a full refund as long as it’s within 30 days of the initial purchase.

The Bedphones also come with a full year of warranty that covers various issues.

2. Do Bedphones work with my phone?

Moonbow’s Bedphones will pair with any phone or electronic device that has Bluetooth capability.

3. What’s the best way to wear Bedphones?

Place the Bedphones on your ears and hook them on, so they stay in place. You can let the cable run in front of or behind your neck. However, they likely work the best when you allow the cable to stay behind your head.

4. Can I use Bedphones beyond sleeping?

Of course! As Bedphones are comfortable earphones, they work well in any situation. Most users find Bedphones to be the perfect pair of travel headphones as they’re light and comfortable. Bedphones also provide a snug fit, making them ideal for working out, bicycling, or other similar situations.

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