Mack’s ProRinse Earwax Removal System Review 2019

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Earwax buildup can cause infection in the ear. Excessive buildup of earwax can lead to blockage of the ear canal and eventually cause loss of hearing. For individuals who use a hearing aid, earwax can prevent the device from working to its optimal potential.

To prevent earwax buildup reaching an advanced stage, you must ensure you look after your ear health. Keep your ears clean and dry at all times.

If you experience earwax buildup, you can use a warm compress. Alternatively, you can place a moist washcloth soaked in warm water, on the ear. The warmth will cause the earwax to gradually loosen and make way for easy removal.

In order to keep your ears dry, wipe them gently with a soft cloth after swimming or taking a shower. If you swim on a regular basis, you can consider using earplugs. You can also use ear drops that are specifically meant to treat swimmer’s ears.

For safe and effective cleaning of ears on a regular basis, you might want to consider Mack’s ProRinse Earwax Removal System, it is considered a top rated ear wax cleaner.

Mack's ProRinse Earwax Removal System Review

  • Complete Ear Cleaning Kit
  • Aquablock ensures ear drops dont trickle out
  • Quick Action


  • ProRinse Earwax Removal System is an ear cleaning kit that includes ear drops, ear plugs, an ear washing syringe, and a rinse tub.
  • The ear drops are packaged in a bottle with a nozzle tip. Easy for self-application.
  • AquaBlock Ear Plugs ensure that the ear drops are held in place. Using earplugs after application of the ear drops allows you to move around without the ear drops trickling out due to movement. These earplugs eliminate the waiting time for second ear's cleansing.
  • The ear syringe features a unique tip with tri-stream rinse. Owing to the unique tip, the ear syringe provides a rinse as well and offers a multi-directional cleanse. The gentle pump of the ear syringe prevents the buildup of pressure inside the ear, thus removing the risk of a perforated eardrum.
  • The shape of the rinse tub sits perfectly along the curve of the face and neck. This facilitates easy collection of the flushed out water and keeps surrounding area from getting messy.
  • Quick action ear drops foam upon contact. This helps in softening, loosening and breaking up of hard or impacted earwax. The ear drops also soothe and moisturize the surface skin of the ear canal.
  • Ear cleansing process with ProRinse earwax removal system is extremely beneficial for those who use a hearing aid. The cleansing facilitates easy removal of earwax and allows for effective use of the hearing aid.


  • Ear syringe takes a very long time to fill up with water.


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