Ops Core AMP vs Peltor Comtac Headsets

If you’re in the market for a tactical headset, you’ve likely heard of the Ops Core AMP and the Peltor Comtac. Both headsets are popular among military and law enforcement personnel, but which is better?

In this article, we’ll compare the Ops Core AMP and the Peltor Comtac to help you make an informed decision. We’ll look at each headset’s features, performance, and overall value to determine which comes out on top.

Whether you’re looking for a headset for hunting, shooting sports, or tactical operations, this comparison will help you decide which headset is right.

Peltor Comtac vs Ops Core AMP Headsets

Peltor Comtac and Ops-Core AMP tactical headsets are both premium models offering advanced military and tactical use features. Let’s explore and compare various aspects of these headsets.

Styles and models

The Peltor Comtac series offers several models, such as Comtac III, Comtac IV, and Comtac V, with each successive model showcasing improved features and technological advancements. The Comtac V, for example, has an adaptive cross-talk canceller and an ambient listening capability that adjusts volume based on background noise.

Ops Core also boasts a range of models within their AMP series. The AMP Communication Headset, for instance, stands out with its 3D Hear Through Technology, which allows the user to maintain awareness of their surroundings while wearing the headset.

Hearing Protection

The Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) is essential when comparing hearing protection capabilities. According to the search results, the NRR of the Comtac V model ranges from 20 to 23 dB, while the Ops Core AMP headset has an NRR of 22 dB. It’s important to note that using Near-Field Magnetic Induction (NFMI) earplugs can enhance the NRR of the Ops Core AMP to 34 dB. Overall, both headsets offer substantial noise reduction compared to the industry average.

A similar model to these is the Sordin Supreme MIL CC range.


The Ops Core AMP headsets have NFMI, which is excellent for hearing protection and audio quality. NFMI stands for Near Field Magnetic Induction, a technology used to transmit audio signals wirelessly. This provides comms from your headset directly to your muffs while wearing NFMI-enabled earplugs for double protection.

Peltor Comtac does not have NFMI.


The Comtac VI model has a built-in radio and PTT (Push-to-Talk) feature that allows communication with other Comtac VI headsets within a short distance. It can also be used with a radio signal for communications.

The Ops Core AMP must be used with a radio. However, the NFMI feature allows for direct in-ear comms while wearing double ear protection; this is a plus. You could also look at Peltor Sport Tactical 500 vs Sordin Supreme Pro X for comms.

Battery Life

The Comtac V headsets have a battery life of approximately 400 hours with a run-time of 120 hours. The Ops Core AMP has a run-time of 120 hours, or 80 hours with NFMI engaged.

Boom Microphone

The Comtac and AMP headsets are equipped with a noise-canceling boom microphone, offering clear communication even in noisy environments. In addition, the Comtac V’s boom microphone has a voice recognition feature that distinguishes between the user’s voice and background noise. In contrast, the AMP’s microphone has a fail-safe mechanism that defaults to an integrated microphone if the boom mic is damaged.

Helmet Fit

Peltor Comtac and Ops Core AMP headsets are designed to integrate seamlessly with most tactical helmets. In addition, the Comtac series offers a rail-mounted option that easily attaches to helmets with accessory rails. In contrast, the AMP series features a unique ARC rail mount that provides rapid attachment and release while maintaining a low-profile fit.

Extra Features

In terms of extra features, the Comtac V offers an environmental listening feature, sometimes called “talk-through,” which allows for face-to-face conversation without needing to remove the headset. On the other hand, the Ops Core AMP has a software interface for users to customize settings, including audio profiles, input routing, and radio keying configurations.

Price of Ops Core vs Peltor

The Ops Core AMP headset is currently priced at $1,499.95. The Peltor Comtac headset’s price ranges from $984.50 to $1,235.97, depending on the specific model and options. These prices may vary based on location, shipping, taxes, and potential discounts or sales. Always check with the retailer for the most accurate and up-to-date pricing.

What Do User Reviews Say about each?

The reviews for both the Ops-Core AMP and Peltor Comtac headsets are generally positive, with users appreciating the features and functionality of each.

Ops Core

The Ops-Core AMP headset is praised for its adaptive and innovative design. In addition, it is described as a solution to many shortcomings in previous headset designs, boasting a range of features not typically seen in other products, such as the ability to power optional earplugs wirelessly.

The headset’s sound quality is exceptional, replicating ambient sounds well and providing excellent situational awareness. The design, attachment versatility, ease of swapping between headset and helmet configurations, and the balance and weight distribution when mounted on a helmet are other areas where this headset receives high praise.

Peltor Comtac

The Peltor Comtac headset, on the other hand, is lauded for its durability and sound quality. It is widely used by the military, navy, marines, and police agencies, indicating high trust in its performance. In addition, the headset has a slim-line profile cup design allowing it to fit under most ballistic helmets.

Its talk-thru feature lets users hear ambient sounds while suppressing gunshots and other high-impact noises. The headset can maintain constant two-way radio communication even when the batteries fail. Its compatibility with MICH, PASGT, ACH helmets and water resistance are appreciated features.

Users also remark on the comfort, lightweight nature, and long Peltor Comtac headset battery life.

What will you choose Between Ops Core AMP vs Peltor?

The Peltor Comtac and Ops Core AMP tactical headsets offer a wealth of features that make them suitable for various uses. The Comtac series stands out with its built-in radio and PTT feature, ambient listening capability, and voice recognition boom microphone. Meanwhile, the AMP series shines with its NFMI technology, 3D Hear Through Technology, and a software interface for custom settings.

Your choice will ultimately depend on your specific needs and preferences. For example, if you value built-in radio communication and advanced ambient listening, Comtac might be your better option. However, the AMP could be your go-to choice if you prioritize enhanced hearing protection, customizable settings, and seamless helmet integration.

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