Perfect Dry Lux Dryer Review

Uses automatic temperature control, hot air pulse dry, controlled ventilation, and an innovative 360-degree UV-C lamp to remove sweat and moisture from virtually every brand and hearing aid. It uses a forced ventilation system to remove moisture from hearing aids and UV light to kill bacteria and reduce the risk of infection. In addition, the higher temperature allows the device to dry the hearing aids without damaging their electrical components completely.

Daily use of PerfectDry Lux is highly recommended to maintain optimum hearing aid quality. The PerfectDry Lux is equipped with a fan-driven pulse dehumidifier. If you have rechargeable hearing aids, we recommend using the traditional Dri-Aid system or the PerfectDry Lux® air dryer system. The Perfectdry Lux Dryer dries and cleans the user’s hearing aid or cochlear implant in just 30 minutes. The temperature in the nursing room is electronically controlled to a maximum temperature of 45°C regardless of the ambient temperature, thus preventing damage to the hearing aids during cleaning. Daily use of PerfectDry Lux is highly recommended to maintain optimum hearing aid quality.

Truedio Dryer continuously removes moisture to keep your hearing aids clean and dry. Perfect Dry LUX is the best hearing aid dryer for storing and maintaining all types of hearing aids. Reviews are mostly positive, talking about ease of use and how the product keeps hearing aids clean and dry. While you should always keep the battery door open to promote complete drying and air circulation, using a hearing aid dryer will ensure your hearing aids are completely dry before putting them back in the morning.

Suppose you find that moisture has accumulated inside your hearing aids. In that case, we recommend that you remove the battery and leave the battery compartment open overnight to air them out or use a hearing aid dryer. By using one of the hearing aid dryers and following the tips above, your hearing aids will remain reliable and functional much longer. In addition, many factors affect the life of hearing aids, including device design, maintenance, and wear and tear when used for several hours a day.

Early hearing aids Although many devices have been used throughout history to improve hearing, some of the earliest devices that have similarities to modern hearing aids are called horns or horns. Use gentle heat to remove moisture and condensation while you sleep. It kills bacteria, dries earwax, removes moisture and deodorizes your hearing aids.

Perfect Dry Lux Hearing Aid Dryer

All Beltone drying accessories are designed exclusively for cleaning hearing aids. In addition, this dryer is equipped with a fan to circulate dry and hot air throughout the cycle to remove moisture from the devices and into the Dry Brik dryer. Regen Hearing offers a convenient way to keep your hearing aids safe, dry and clean. Regular use prevents skin irritation and eczema and extends the life of hearing aids while maintaining their effectiveness.

The features you may find helpful depending on the type and extent of your hearing problem. Our audiologists will work closely with you to help you get used to your new hearing. Your hearing test will include not only baseline hearing and other routine tests, but we also use diagnostic equipment that you probably won’t find anywhere else. The type of hearing loss and how it affects your daily life will tell us the best options for you.

Although I wipe down my machines with alcohol wipes every night, I like the idea of ​​exposing the tubes and domes to UV rays to protect them from germs. It is pretty effective in the drying part, but I have no way to measure the sterilization, so I take the manufacturer’s word for this part. A complete drying and cleaning cycle will only take 30 minutes, and the machine will automatically turn off at the end of the process.

If you experience slight perspiration from time to time, we recommend that you check the inside of the battery compartment for moisture and dry it if necessary.

It dries well, is very energy efficient and has a portable USB capability. However, using Micro USB instead of USB-C is one star missing. But, keep up with the times.

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