Philips Hearing Aids Reviews

Phillips HearLink is a powerful hearing aid that might be overkill for most people, but it’s an excellent option for those with more severe hearing loss or poor hearing conditions.

Let’s look at the Philips Hearlink Hearing Aids from Costco hearing aid centers.

Philips HearLink 9030 Hearing Aids

New to Philips hearing aids

  • New connectivity options with both Apple and new Android™ streaming capabilities
  • Improved noise reduction via their SoundMap2
  • Newly redesigned domes
  • Improved smartphone app (HearLink app)
  • New remote care options
  • New portable charger

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Philips Hearlink hearing aids are perfect for those with moderately severe hearing loss. The Phillips HearLink has a powerful speaker system that may be too much for mild hearing loss, but it’s an excellent option for those with more profound hearing loss or poor hearing conditions.

SoundTie is a fancy name for the connection protocol used in Hearlink’s new line of hearing aids. Like other hearing aid brands, it uses 2.4GHz dual-core Bluetooth Low Energy technology to connect Philips HearLink to almost any smart device. SoundTie is the name of the connection technology they use to connect Philips HearLink hearing aids and their users to the outside world. Philips claims this SoundMap 2 offers “50% higher frequency resolution,” meaning they’ve increased the number of channels from 16 to 24 at the highest level of technology.

Even though the app was closed on the new phone, it somehow recognized and muted my TV. However, in May 2019, the company officially launched its new Philips hearing aids in US Costco stores. According to the company, the new Philips Hearlink hearing aids brand has received positive feedback from Costco hearing aid specialists.

Who manufactures Philips hearing aids?

Demant, the parent company of other hearing aid brands such as Oticon, Bernafon and Sonic, manufactures the new Hearing aids from Philips. Costco offers two hearing aid options: behind the ear (BTE) and in the ear (RIC).

Rexton Adore hearing aids are available in four models, including in-the-canal (RIC) receivers with a slim profile, behind-the-ear (BTE) models, and hearing aid models with a small-in-the-canal (IIC) hearing aid model. Are Rexton hearing aids good? A single silicone ear tip fits all sizes and customizations In-Ear Models – Cushioned (ITE).

Why should you buy Philips HearLink hearing aids?

You should get great value for your money by purchasing Philips hearing aids. They’re very affordable and come with many features. Also, note that the price is likely for the lowest tier of technology and may go up as you upgrade. Talk to your doctor about your options for hearing aid brands.

Philips Hearlink 9030 reviews state these hearing aids are better than most hearing aids at this price point.

Rechargeable batteries last longer than non-rechargeable ones, and there’s a charging cradle included with the package. Philips hearing aids are connected to smartphones via Bluetooth, allowing them to be controlled remotely. Remotely controlled hearing aids allow users to stream music directly to their hearing aids or link them to other devices such as speakers. Equalizers enable people to adjust audio settings.

Philips HearLink 9030 is sold exclusively through Costco Hearing Aid Centers. Buying hearing aids from Philips Hearlink will cost $1,799 per pair, including the charger. You can also use Philips HearLink hearing aids on If This Then That (IFTTT) networks with devices and services connected to the Internet (for example, for watching TV)

Philips Hearlink 9030 Review of Features

Portable Charger

All Phillips hearing aids have a portable charger and a standard charger available for extended battery life. Both chargers are helpful for travel. The smaller portable charger is also beneficial for camping or when power might be unreliable. A new portable charger is now available for people who need a more compact version of the standard charger. This smaller, portable charger is great for when you’re out and about. You won’t need to worry about running out of battery life while away from your house.


Several accessories are available for the Philips Hearlink hearing aids, including a TV adapter for watching TV, a simple remote control, and an Audio Clip. All these accessories are available at an extra cost from your Hearing Care Professional (HCP). Some people find that adding accessories improves overall satisfaction with hearing aid. For example, the television streamer will ensure stable and direct communication with your TV and provide an excellent sound quality experience from the television.

As another example, the hands-free calling feature can be handy when you need to talk but do not want to hold up your phone. However, you will still need to speak to the person on the other end of the line for them to hear your voice. So, this is not an actual hands-free situation and where the Audio Clip is handy. The Audio Clip is an external microphone that allows you to place the phone down, clip it to your clothing and continue the conversation. This can also be extremely useful when driving.

Included Software Features

SoundTie 2

SoundTie 2 is Philips’ name for their connectivity features – new to their lineup is the ASHA (Audio Stream for Hearing Aids) Protocol and uses the latest Bluetooth® Low-Energy Platform. Their previous Apple connectivity also remains.

This means you can stream phone calls to your Philips Hearlink hearing aids (binaural fit) and also stream audio from compatible iOS and Android devices (compatible devices). Binaural coordination means that changes made by one ear will be reflected in the other ear. This allows people who wear hearing aids to communicate more efficiently.

HearLink devices also include binaural coordination, meaning that changing one hearing aid will affect both. For example, if you listen with only one ear, the other ear stops receiving stimulation, and it becomes more challenging for the brain to interpret the sounds correctly.

SoundMap 2

This product is called SoundMap 2 because it includes a new AI-based noise reduction feature, 24 channels of amplification, and feedback cancellation. Each channel can handle up to 50% more frequencies than before. Increasing the number of channels can give you better control over the sound. You can also adjust how loud each track sounds. You can do that now if you want more volume in some channels than others. I’m sorry you’re having trouble with the sound quality. In addition, some improvements were made to reduce feedback on the Philips Hearlink hearing aids.

This sound technology feature helps reduce background noise in noisy environments. Those with moderate hearing loss will hear speech more clearly.

Improved HearLink Connect App

A new app allows you to communicate from home with your doctor via phone. It also has a new streaming EQ function that helps improve the clarity of streamed audio. Common to most hearing aid apps, the HearLink app controls program changes and volume adjustments. It also has a “Find My Hearing Aid” feature. You can also view helpful documents and watch videos.

IFTTT allows users to connect to other devices through their hearing aids. For example, users can connect to their home security systems or medications to remind them when to take them. Hearing aids can also notify the user about alarms or reminders. Unfortunately, the HearLink Connect app does not work well with Android smartphones. We recommend you use an iPhone or iPad instead.

The HearLink Connect app gives you more flexibility in controlling your hearing aid settings and connecting to other devices and allows for telehealth care. The HearLink Connect app, also found in most hearing aid apps, provides remote control for program and volume changes, battery status information, and the Find My Hearing Aids feature.

Depending on the hearing aid and mobile device you use, you may or may not have access to all the features of hearing aid settings provided by the app. This means you can stream phone calls directly from compatible phones to hearing aids (binaural) and audio from other iOS and Android devices (compatible devices), such as tablets and computers.

Remote Fitting Service

This product does not offer remote assistance from a Costco hearing aid specialist. Remote care is only available in this newest generation of devices (30 series). You need to ask your provider for an invitation to participate in remote care sessions. Remote care options allow you to communicate with your provider by video/audio, or text messages. Your provider can make real-time adjustments to the hearing aids while connected.

Remote fitting options provide advantages, such as avoiding going to your provider’s office to get adjustments. However, if this option is something you think you’d want to use, you should talk to your provider about whether it’s available. Philips Hearlink hearing aids are only available at Costco Hearing Aid Centers. It is unknown how much integration there is between the company’s business model and the remote care features.

Why Buy Hearing Aids From Costco Hearing Aid Centers?

Philips Hearlink hearing aids are not the only brand from Costco. Costco Hearing Centers also offer a free hearing test for members, which can be a great place to start. Costco’s free hearing screenings allow you to ask hearing specialists any questions. Respondents give the Costco Hearing Center top marks for pricing options, transparency, aftercare, education, courtesy, answering questions, and opportunities.

They carry one of the most popular hearing aids; Kirkland Hearing aids are Costco’s most affordable hearing aid. But compared to other hearing aids like Phonak hearing aids, they lack the quality and some features.

Check out Costco Hearing Aid Reviews here.

Also, note that you must be a Costco member to make appointments with a Costco hearing specialist, get a Costco hearing test or purchase devices from stock. When you buy Costco hearing aids, you get loss and damage coverage. Unfortunately, Medicare Parts A and B don’t cover hearing aids, but Costco has affordable hearing aids for this purpose.

In addition, you can search the Internet for a list of upcoming free hearing health events for free hearing screenings and talk with Costco hearing aid specialists. To improve accessibility for users, larger chain stores opened hearing centers in some of their branches, individual pharmacies decided to offer them to customers, and the online market began to flourish with sales of hearing aids acoustics.

Costco wants to make better hearing accessible to everyone, so we’ve developed cutting-edge intelligent technologies to offer our customers high-quality hearing aids and remote support services at the lowest possible cost. In addition, Lexie provides an extensive library of hearing health resources so that anyone with a hearing impairment can understand hearing loss hearing aids and make an informed decision about their hearing.

You’ll find a quick self-assessment that can point you in the right direction. Costco also provides an online copy of the member’s diary, which you must complete in advance if you plan a follow-up visit.

Potential negatives of Philips HearLink hearing aids:

Limited options there are a limited amount of style choices available. There are only BTE styles currently offered. Only one rechargeable option is available. There are no custom product options available. Reports of the app connecting to the hearing aid but not staying connected or relating to one hearing aid are widespread. This stability issue can be pretty annoying if left uncorrected. Hands-free phone calls require using an accessory which may be inconvenient.

Products are only available at Costco Hearing aid centers. Follow-up care may be limited. Much of the available technology, such as the IFTT, may not be needed by most people. However, this is true of any product. No tinnitus feature is built into the product. For example, no masking tones or signals are available. As always, discuss your hearing health options with a professional.

Make sure that any technology you select is appropriate for your hearing loss, symptoms, lifestyle, and listening needs. There are many choices out there, so be sure to work closely with a professional who will spend the time to discuss your individual needs and answer your questions before making a decision.

Costco Kirkland (Rexton brand) hearing aids don’t deliver the clarity I get from my old hearing aids. So on my next trip to Costco, I will leave help to send to the company. I exchanged them for a reusable model, for which I paid an additional fee.

I had two different brands of Costco hearing aids before purchasing Kirkland (Rexton) Bluetooth / Rechargeable Hearing Aids. As I said, the devices will be available as four behind-the-ear devices and three user devices. In addition, the range is designed for the iPhone, and all but invisible and fully embedded devices will connect directly to Apple products.

And you’ll find a better deal with Costcos Kirkland Signature hearing aids than with a bigger brand like Philips hearing aids. Customers can purchase a pair of MDHearingAids Advanced hearing aids for $399, saving over $1,000 over Costco hearing aids and $4,000 over regular channel hearing aids. For this reason, MDHearingAid focuses on a narrow range of products that can help more than 94% of Americans with hearing loss.

Buyers looking for many fancy extras and features and don’t mind spending at least $1,000 more may prefer Costco or a traditional hearing center. Costco offers good hearing at a lower price than conventional channels but costs far more than affordable, high-quality alternatives like MDHearingAid products.


Our Philips hearing aids review has an important theme; Philips makes hearing aids for people who need them. They make them for people who can afford them. They make them in America. They sell them in Costco stores. Philips’ HearLink 9030 series are hearing aids manufactured by Demant. They use many of the same features as Oticon and Bernafons, but they’re only sold at Costco hearing aid centers. Here are some things to consider when buying Philips’ HearLink 9030 hearing aids.

If you have mild to moderate hearing loss, check out our guide to the best personal hearing amplifiers. They’re discreet and comfortable; you can easily adjust the volume and schedule to hear better. Considering how much you spend on each hearing aid, they will inevitably last a long time, but you can do a few things to make your hearing aid batteries last longer.

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