Rexton Hearing Aids Review

Finding a great pair of hearing aids can be difficult because of the many different kinds to choose from. However, many agree that Rexton hearing aids are some of the best.

The brand claims to provide you with clearer sound, more comfort, and higher durability than other brands on the market.

Overall, many unique features come with the Rexton hearing aids. There are many different kinds that the brand offers, which you will be able to choose from.

The Rexton company is based in Denmark and was founded in 1955. You can buy their hearing aids at Costco. You can visit any of Costco’s hearing care professionals for a free hearing test for the Rexton hearing aid.

This article will highlight some hearing aids that have received the highest reviews and describe some of their features. However, before you make up your choice, you may also want to read our review of the Otofonix Hearing Amplifier, one of the best hearing amplifiers on the market.

Rexton Emerald

Rexton Emerald

One of the top-rated Rexton hearing aids is the MyCore Emerald 8C RIC. Rexton offers three sizes available: XS, S, and M. They provide a more discreet look for the wearer and are easy to use.

Whether you are just starting to wear hearing aids or who has been wearing them for a while, you are sure to get a lot of use out of these. They are incredibly comfortable in the ear canal.

With intelligent voice technology and smart transmitter, you can hear anything you want much more clearly, including audio streaming from a smart device. In addition, you can recharge these hearing aids and have a lot of features packed into these tiny devices. For example, you can stream audio and use apps compatible with hearing aids. Please read our reviews of rechargeable hearing aids.

The XS and the S offer three levels for performance, a function that helps fight tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and a setting to improve the quality of your music. As well as different programs, the ability to recharge, an option for you to choose a range for the voices you hear, and an app that will allow you to monitor the settings.

These are high-tech hearing aids for those who are into technology and want something much more modern.

Rexton Mosaic

Rexton Mosaic

This Rexton hearing aid review will also include the Rexton Mosaic hearing aids. There are two sizes- the S and the M. These are highly versatile and are said to accommodate people whose hearing is at all different levels.

These behind-the-ear hearing aids are meant to be compatible with an app and with Bluetooth-enabled devices. You also will be able to enhance the quality of the music you are listening to, use audio streaming, have a microphone, choose the range of the voices you want to hear, control the ringing in your ears, and more.

Since there are compatible apps that allow you to control how you want the hearing aids to function, you will be able to have a much more discreet look with these than you would with normal hearing aids. This is a feature that has attracted a lot of people.

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Rexton Sterling

Another Rexton hearing aid that has gotten a lot of high reviews is the Rexton Sterling. These offer many of the same features as the previous models we wrote about, but they are also a lot smaller and will provide the wearer with a comfortable fit.

The in-the-ear hearing aids claim to accommodate any type and degree of hearing loss, making them a lot more versatile and a good option for a wider range of people.

You also will be able to have a special fit with these hearing aids that you might not be able to get with another pair. These fit very discreetly in your ears, and you can control their settings using an app and Bluetooth, increasing their discreetness.

Rexton Stellar Li

Rexton Stellar Li

The Rexton Stellar Li hearing aids are some of the brand’s most technologically advanced ones. In addition, these have a small battery that you won’t have to worry about removing to charge. All that you have to do is hook your hearing aid up to the charger.

A great feature of this behind-the-ear product is that it has a long battery life of 24 hours, and the length of the battery life doesn’t matter if you hook them up to Bluetooth. When you remove the hearing aids from the charge, you will see that they are immediately ready to use.

Also, this hearing aid claims to provide a much more natural sound, including when you go out into much noisier environments. This will provide any wearer with extra comfort.

The Stellar Li is perfect for those with hearing loss in one ear. Some people have hearing loss in only one ear; a CROS (contralateral routing of signal) system can help if one ear cannot benefit from amplification.

Since these hearing aids can be used even by people with much more severe or profound hearing loss, they are an attractive option for many.

Rexton Trax 42

And finally, another pair of Rexton hearing aids with good reviews is the Rexton Trax 42. In one Rexton Trax 42 review, someone said they had much clearer and fuller & natural sound quality than they ever did with other hearing aid brands.

Another thing that these provide is comfort. You’ll find that you won’t have to constantly adjust them in your ears throughout the day to feel better.

These are behind-the-ear and receiver-in-canal.

You will also have a more amplified sound when conversing in a noisy environment. And you won’t have to worry too much about background noise, which is a huge plus.

These are pretty expensive, but overall, you won’t be disappointed in their quality and what they can do for you.

The Rexton App

The Rexton App allows you to control your hearing aid with Bluetooth-enabled devices. This is the brain of your Rexton hearing aids; the smart remote controls allow you to change the microphone pattern, change modes, stream audio directly to your ears, change performance levels and other features.

The Smart Connect App on iOS uses a Smart Key to connect with your device. This allows you to use your phone as a remote control or set up the smart mic to control your device with your own voice.

The Smart Mic and Smart Transmitter app is available on Google Play and iOS.

Rexton Hearing Aids Reviews: The Entire Line-Up

Rexton offers all kinds of quality hearing devices that help with hearing loss – from mild to severe. Presently it offers 4 different products: BiCore, Motioncore (4 models), MyCore (3 distinct types) and TruCore. Each line-up comes in three distinct types depending on the severity of hearing loss: Receiver-in-canal (RIC), behind the ear (BTE), and the smallest completely in canal or in-the-canal (ITC). Your hearing care professional knows what styles to follow and how to choose a particular one.

They all feature Bluetooth-controlled hands-free operation. Rexton offers many versions in each series, all operated with the Smart Connect app or able to be controlled with the user’s voice.

Li – these models feature a rechargeable lithium-ion battery

BiCore Series

The BiCore models feature a built-in motion sensor and use voice technology to filter out your own voice from producing feedback for a true listening experience.

  • BiCore SR

  • BiCore R-Li / R-Li T

  • BiCore R 312

  • BiCore Custom Li

MotionCore Hearing Aids Series

The MotionCore hearing aids are one of the most popular models because of their rich features. The M-Core hearing aids feature Bluetooth audio streaming from any device.

  • M-Core B-Li

  • M-Core R

  • M-Core SR

  • M-Core iX

MyCore Hearing Aids Series

The MyCore series allows you to stream audio directly to your hearing aids for a real listening experience for music lovers. This also allows you to use them as a remote control and mic for direct streaming conversations to the hearing aid to hear the speaker’s voice directly.

  • MyCore Mosaic

  • MyCore inoX

  • MyCore Sterling

TruCore Hearing Aids Series

The Trucore hearing aids have Voice Ranger technology, specifically for noisy environments. The Voice Ranger uses binaural signal processing to identify and decipher which noises are closest and amplifies or compress sounds you don’t want.

When taking phone calls, the Cross Phone program sends phone signals to each of the ears when holding it to your ear.

  • TruCore Mosaic

  • TruCore inoX

  • TruCore Sterling

What is Voice Ranger Technology?

All Rexton hearing aids feature the Voice Ranger technology which is sound amplification or compression to balance out incoming sounds. Those with hearing issues can’t have a natural listening experience in noisy environments or places with background noise. The Voice Ranger reduces the background noise and

How Does The Music Enhancer Work?

The Music Enhancer uses smart technology to create perfect sounds for music lovers, so they can experience exceptional sound quality when listening to their favourite music or a live performance. The smart mic creates better music quality by filtering it before it reaches the ear canal.

Are Rexton Hearing Aids Suited for Severe hearing loss?

Rexton hearing aids are high-quality and recommended by many users. If you have severe hearing loss, the licensed Audiologist at Costco will determine which model of Rexton is suited to you.

The hearing health professionals at Costco are trained Audiologists responsible for their patients. Visit a hearing care professional at Costco for a free hearing test.

Do Rexton Hearing Aids help with tinnitus?

Most of the models featured here have Tinnitus function built-in. The tinnitus function is shown to help with tinnitus symptoms.

What company makes Rexton hearing aids?

Signia and Rexton are both produced by Sirivantos, a leading global manufacturer of audio/vision devices. The Sivantos company develops and manufactures almost every hearing aid worldwide. The company offers a complete array of hearing-related solutions for Tinnitus and other types of hearing impairment.

How long do Rexton’s hearing aids last?

A BiCore hearing aid with rechargeable batteries is also offered. The total charge should last 38 hours without streaming or 36 hours if there is a five-hour streaming.

What is the price of Rexton hearing aids?

A Rexton hearing aid costs between $500 and $1000. Speak with a Rexton representative to learn more. Rexton Hearing aid prices are extremely reasonable for the quality and service of the brand.

Rexton is not an individual hearing aid manufacturer that sells directly to the customer or provides services; that will depend on where your product comes from. The site does not mention a cost. Searching online could be more confusing than clear. However, you should never buy used hearing aids since the program won’t fit your ears. Rexton Hearing Aids typically cost between $1000 and $500.

How do I buy Rexton hearing aids?

In contrast, some companies selling hearing aids don’t directly sell their products to consumers. It gives you a local hearing expert who will care for your hearing problems anytime. It could make hearing aid delivery easier, rather than shipping them back. Before purchasing hearing aids, visit a Costco center to speak with a hearing care professional.

The Hearing professional will provide a hearing test and screen you for a Rexton hearing aid.


Overall, Rexton hearing aids reviews have been quite high, and they have been considered one of the better-quality hearing aids on the market. There are many options for you to choose from, and while all offer similar features, there is something unique about each.

Whether you have severe or mild hearing loss, you will certainly find something about these hearing aids that will give you the best experience possible.

And you’ll have a more tech-savvy and modern experience by controlling many of the settings of the different hearing aids with apps and Bluetooth controllers.

People liked a lot about the Rexton hearing aids- especially the fact that they could clearly hear what was happening around them- making them an attractive option for anyone looking for hearing aids.

If you want more options, check out the Hearing Aids by Hearing Assist, which is rechargeable and suitable for people with mild to moderate hearing loss. They also have a Bluetooth option and let you adjust the volume and settings to hear best in different environments.

Also, check out analog vs digital hearing aids.

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  1. I purchased the Rexton hearing aids at Costco. The hearing aids work very well except for the blue tooth. Costco told me that Rexton promises a fix in April 22. I called Rexton they informed me because I have an android that there is a glitch in the app. It’s disappointing to pay $1800.00 for hearing aids that the features do work. I feel Rexton should be working overtime and at warp speed to correct this problem. Very disappointing I like useing my android cell phone.

  2. I have ordered the Recton Bicore in the canal. Hopefully I don’t have issues with wifi on iPhone 12. I’ll update when they call me.


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