Sounds That Hurt Dogs Ears

We know that some things are too loud for our ears, like fireworks, thunderclaps, and flight engines. But have you ever wondered if dogs have the same sensitivity toward sound?

Unfortunately, noises that may seem peaceful can be a nuisance and even painful for our canine friends. To ensure your dog stays safe around intense noises, it’s essential to understand what sounds could hurt their ears.

In this article, I’ll discuss what types of sounds are potentially dangerous for our furry friends so we can prevent them from being exposed to harmful noises.

Why Does Sound Hurt Dogs Ears?

Dogs have incredibly sensitive hearing, much more so than humans. This means that they can detect even the slightest of noises, but it also means that loud sounds can be painful and damaging to their ears.

There are a few reasons why sound can hurt a dog’s ears. One of the primary causes is due to the structure of a dog’s ear canal. A dog’s ear canal is much longer than a human’s, so sound waves can travel more easily. As the sound wave travels down the canal, it amplifies and can become quite loud. This causes pressure in the eardrum, which can be uncomfortable and even painful for a dog.

Another cause of ear pain is too much exposure to noise. When exposed to loud noises over a long period of time, the ear drum can become damaged and cause hearing loss. Some owners use a vibrating collar for deaf dogs.

What frequency hurts a dog’s ears?

When it comes to sound frequencies that can cause pain or discomfort in a dog’s ears, the range is typically between 8,000 and 16,000 hertz (Hz). Anything louder than this can be potentially damaging to a dog’s ears. This range may vary depending on the breed of the dog, as some breeds may have more sensitive hearing than others. Generally speaking, any sound at 85 dB or higher has the potential to be damaging to a dog’s ears.

Sounds that are harmful to dogs

Several types of sounds can be potentially damaging to a dog’s ears. Here are some examples:


Even though fireworks may seem exciting to humans, they can be incredibly loud and dangerous for dogs. The sudden loud detonations can cause ear pain and hearing loss if exposed too long.


While thunder is already loud, it can become even louder when it echoes off buildings and other surfaces. This can be incredibly painful for a dog’s ears and should be avoided.


Airplanes are very loud, especially when they take off or land. The sound waves of engines can damage a dog’s ears and should be avoided. Additionally, jet engines can create a unique frequency known as the “jet whine,” which can be particularly uncomfortable for dogs.


Gunshots are loud and sudden sounds that can be extremely painful and damaging to dogs’ ears. Dogs’ hearing is much more sensitive than humans, so that a gunshot can cause pain, fear, and even physical damage to their ears. In addition, with the sharp and loud sound of a gunshot, dogs may experience an intense ringing in their ears or a sensation of pressure in their head.

Very Loud Music

Some types of music can be too loud for a dog’s ears. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep volume levels low when playing music around your pet, especially if it has heavy bass or is amplified in any way.

Anything else over 85 dB

Noise is an essential factor to consider when it comes to the welfare of dogs. Any noise at or above 85 decibels (dB) can be dangerous for a dog’s ears, potentially causing long-term hearing damage.

Most everyday noises typically fall below this threshold, but certain activities and sounds can reach levels that could harm a dog’s hearing.

Does rain hurt dogs’ ears?

The simple answer to this question is no; rain does not hurt dogs’ ears. However, thunder associated with a storm can harm a dog’s hearing. Dogs have much more sensitive hearing than humans, so the sound of thunder can be very uncomfortable or even painful for them. Because of this sensitivity, it is essential to take precautions when there is a storm in your area.

Do sirens hurt dogs’ ears?

Do sirens hurt dogs’ ears? This is a question that many pet owners and animal lovers alike have asked. Unfortunately, the short answer is yes; if close by, sirens hurt dogs’ ears and can cause hearing damage when heard at high volumes or over extended periods.

Sirens can reach volumes of up to 120 dB or more! As a result, dogs may experience physical discomfort and hearing damage if exposed to sirens for too long.

How Can I Protect My Dogs Hearing?

Protecting your dog’s hearing is crucial, as loud noises can cause severe damage. Here are some tips to help protect your pup’s ears:

  1. Create a safe space in your home away from loud noises. This can be a room or corner where they can relax and feel secure.
  2. Use doggy earmuffs, Hearing Protection for Dogs when taking your pup out in noisy areas, like a fireworks show or festival.

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