Best Hearing Impaired Phones

Best Hearing Impaired Phones

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Many people find that they’re not able to hear what’s going on during a phone conversation. While we do have social media nowadays, there are still many people whose primary source of communication is the telephone. And this can be a huge problem if you aren’t able to hear what the other person is saying.

This is where phones for the hearing impaired come in. There are plenty of different options for you to choose from, but their purpose remains the same: to help amplify the sound coming from the other end. You can choose to get a phone with a cord or a cordless phone. You’ll have a way to adjust the volume exactly to the level you see fit. The volume on these amplified phones is a lot louder than that of a traditional telephone. There are even some out there that are compatible with hearing aids.

Now, let’s get into some of the different features of hearing impaired phones, some of the best ones on the market, and more.

Top 10 Hearing Impaired Phones

Title Image Feature Purchase
AT&T CD4930 Corded Phone

Digitally record up to 25 minutes of incoming VIEW PRICES
Panasonic KX-TGC363B Handset Landline Telephone

17 minute digital answering machine VIEW PRICES
AT&T CRL30102 Handset Landline Telephone

Energy-Star Certified VIEW PRICES
Hamilton CapTel HT758000300 2400i Captioned Telephone

One-touch access to CapTel Customer Care VIEW PRICES
Panasonic DECT Expandable Cordless Phone

Register up to 150 numbers with one touch Call Block VIEW PRICES
AT&T CRL82312 3-Handset Expandable Cordless Phone

Extra-large LCD display VIEW PRICES
Panasonic Link2Cell KX-TGM430B Cordless Phone

volume up to 40 dB, includes six voice Tone VIEW PRICES
AT&T CL4940 Corded Standard Phone

50 Name and Number Caller ID History VIEW PRICES
AT&T EL51203 DECT Phone

Enjoy a speakerphone that can keep up with your calls VIEW PRICES
Panasonic KX-TGF350N Corded/Cordless DECT Handset Landline Phone

3.4-inch high-contrast LCD easily adjusts back and forth VIEW PRICES

Different Types of Hearing Impaired Phones

When it comes to phones for hard of hearing, there are several different types and factors that you will want to consider.

Cell phone vs telephone

This is perhaps the biggest choice you’ll have to make. Most phone companies nowadays have options for cellphones that are amplified. This is something that was required by the Federal Communications Commission. So, most of the popular cellphone companies out there will have different options for you if you want to have an amplified cellphone. And, of course, you will have the option to choose a normal landline too. It will ultimately depend on what is most convenient for you. Do you need something to take with you from place to place? Then it’s important to choose a cellphone option. This will also be a good choice if you have a job or otherwise don’t spend as much time at home. But if you’re mostly staying at home, then you can choose to get a simple landline. And, of course, if you find that this option is the most convenient for you, you can opt to get both.

Cord vs cordless

If you choose to get a regular landline phone, you can choose between getting a cordless phone or a phone with a cord. Cordless phones tend to be a bit more expensive than their counterparts, but again, this factor will also depend on convenience more so than a difference in how either device performs. The way that these landline phones work is through including a button or a dial on the phone that will allow you to increase the volume as necessary. There are plenty of homes that include both cordless and corded phones, but if you want to choose between one or the other, then it will depend on your lifestyle. Do you prefer to sit in one place when you talk on the phone, or do you like to move around? Do you spend most of your time in bed or sitting down? Your answers to these questions will help you to better determine which type to get.

Unit vs device

And finally, while this article is meant to be about the actual phones themselves, there are some people who do not wish to make any changes to the phones they already have. In this case, you can simply choose to purchase an attachment for your phone to give it the ability to be amplified. For example, if you already have a corded landline phone, you can choose to purchase a special phone for the handset. You can also choose to get a small dial unit that can be easily connected to your phone to allow for amplification adjustment. If you frequently need to speak on phones that don’t belong to you (you work as a telemarketer, you have a job in an office, you’re staying at a relative’s house, etc.) then you may want to consider purchasing a small, portable unit instead of a full telephone.


Another feature that you may want to consider when purchasing a phone for the hearing impaired is the brand. More reputable brands will naturally have better-quality materials. Here are some that have received high ratings from users.


AT&T is one of the leading cellphone companies in the United States, so it’s no surprise that many people preferred to purchase amplified phones from this company. And as we mentioned above, the FCC requires that all cellphone companies include options that are good for the hearing impaired. Some of the best cell phones for the hearing impaired are made by AT&T. You can choose between several landline phones and cellphones, too. The best part is that they aren’t too expensive and you will certainly be able to find something that will suit all of your needs, whether that be a phone compatible with hearing aids, a cell phone, a corded or cordless landline phone, phones with large buttons, and more.


Hamilton is a brand that specializes in making phones for the hearing impaired, so it’s perfect that we have included this brand on our list. They even have phones that include a small computer screen for you to be able to read exactly what the other person is saying for added convenience. Their services are also compatible on smartphone devices through an app that will allow you to read what people are saying. If you want to check out some of the phones that this brand has to offer, though, you can be rest assured that they are some of the highest-rated ones out there.


Panasonic is a brand that is well-known for its different electronic devices, and this also applies to its hearing-impaired phones. The brand offers corded options as well as cordless ones, so you will certainly find what you’re looking for. The brand even takes into consideration those who have impaired vision, mobility issues, and other problems along with impaired hearing and it has made phones that will be compatible for people with any of these problems. Their phones are known for the loud volume of both the ringer and the speaking volume, and they boast an extremely long battery life and other key features that you will want to look for in such a phone.

Top 5 Best Hearing Impaired Phones

Now, we will get into some of the best phones for the hearing impaired according to amplified phone reviews. These have been rated by customers and are considered to be some of the best options on the market. All of the phones we have listed give you the option of controlling the volume level.

As we said, AT&T is a leading phone brand and its hearing impaired phones are among the most popular. So perhaps it comes to no surprise that an AT&T phone is ranked first on our best hearing-impaired phones list. This is a corded phone that includes an answering system. You can record messages that you receive, too. If you wish to be able to talk on the phone without using your hands, it also gives you the option of using the speakerphone for extra convenience. The huge backlit display is great for those who might have vision problems because it’s easy to read. It also includes large buttons to help you dial numbers easier. There are several different modes for you to choose from as far as how you want the audio to sound, and it also has ways for you to increase the overall volume and make speech a lot easier to understand.

We mentioned above that Panasonic is a brand that is well-known for its high-quality electrical appliances and telephones, so you should not be surprised to see a Panasonic phone ranked so highly on our list. This is considered to be one of the best cordless phones for the hearing impaired. This unit in particular comes with three different handsets for you to place all around your home. It comes with a loud answering machine, caller ID, and you even have the option of putting the phone in silent mode if you find that you don’t need to be using it right now. When you’re using the phone near its base, it will go into what’s called eco mode, which means that less battery will be used as you talk on the phone. However, as with many other Panasonic phones, this one has a long battery life of ten hours, so you won’t have to worry about charging it extremely quickly. If you need to block any pesky numbers, this phone will give you the opportunity to do that as well.

Here is another inexpensive option from AT&T that will help to make your everyday life a lot easier. It is one of the best cordless phones for seniors thanks to the large buttons and the easy-to-read screen. It is a cordless phone, so talking will be much more convenient because you won’t be limited to a small location. You will want to pay attention to how long you have to talk with each charge because this is how you will be able to know when you need to change the battery. You will also get a low battery message when it needs to be charged so the phone won’t die on you in the middle of an important conversation. It also announces caller ID and includes many features for your convenience.

As we mentioned above, Hamilton is a company that is known for a unique feature: It comes with a screen that includes captions of what the other person is saying to you on the phone. This is definitely not something that all phones include and it’s a feature that makes this one of the best-rated phones on the market. You also have the option to turn off these captions if they are not needed. But keep in mind that these captions are only available if you’re making calls within the US. It’s a phone that is compatible with Bluetooth if you happen to be using a BlueTooth device. And, if you ever run into any issues that will require the assistance of customer service, there is a button for you to push that will connect you with a representative. It offers volume control so you can adjust the volume as you wish, and the size of the font that appears on the screen can also be adjusted very easily. It’s a great choice for those who are elderly and who will need the added assistance of the screen.

This is a very inexpensive option that has all the features you need for your convenience. It has the additional feature of showing caller ID in Spanish or English, so if you need that bilingual option, this is a great choice for you. The caller ID will loudly be announced every time you get a phone call. The screen is easy to read due to the contrast in text and light, and you will be able to see how many phone calls or messages you have to check. The battery life is very long as well, and you will be able to talk on the phone for ten hours. It takes approximately seven hours to charge. You even have the choice of blocking up to 150 numbers if there are people who consistently bother you. It comes with two separate handsets- one corded and one cordless- for your added convenience. And, you can even customize the ringtone for different people who are calling you.

Even More Options

Buying Guide

We’ve already outlined some of the different types of phones for the hearing impaired that you can choose between. Now, we will discuss some additional factors that you need to consider before you make a decision on which phone to purchase.

How many decibels of volume does it offer?

This is highly important. Depending on how bad your hearing damage is, you will need to make sure that the phone offers enough amplification for you to be able to hear as clearly as possible. Many cellphones for the hard of hearing, for example, may offer around 30-35 decibels of adjusted noise. The same goes for telephones, although it may be much higher for regular landline phones. You also will want to take into consideration how loud the ringer is as well. Most ringers will be louder than the actual volume of the phone.

Does it work with hearing aids?

If you’re someone who needs hearing aids, then this is also another important factor you will want to consider. Sometimes, phones will negatively impact your hearing aids, causing you to hear buzzing, ringing, and other types of noises that won’t let you hear properly. Some of these phones for the hard of hearing have implemented technology that will allow you to use the phone without having to worry about poor results due to hearing aids.

What additional features does the phone offer?

Some people will just want a basic phone that allows them to make and answer calls. But others might want something that has some added features. There are some hearing-impaired phones that have flashing lights on them so you can see when someone is calling you. Others will have special buttons on them for emergency situations, as well as large buttons so you can see the numbers better, a loud speakerphone, and more.

These are the most important features that you will want to take into consideration before you purchase one of these types of phones.

If you want to have some more options on phones for the hearing impaired than what we have noted above, check out this in-depth YouTube review.


In this amplified phone review, we attempted to give you all the information that you will need when it comes to purchasing one of these phones. No matter how old you are and no matter whether you wear hearing aids or not, it’s important for you to find a phone that’s best for what you need. You may find it difficult to be able to hear what the other person is saying to you on the phone due to the rather low volume, but you won’t need to worry about that anymore with one of these types of phones since they work by amplifying the sound to a volume that is suitable for you. We gave you plenty of options that you can choose from to help make your everyday life a lot easier. Happy talking!

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