3M Peltor Ultimate 10 Earmuff Review

Looking for a no-nonsense earmuff that will be great around the yard for casual hearing protection? Read our quick overview of why the Peltor Ultimate 10 Earmuff is exactly what you need. 3M Peltor Ultimate 10 30 dB Noise Reduction Rating Dual-wall design for higher attenuation Low and high frequency attenuation Comfortable for long duration … Read more

Sensear Smart Headsets & Earplug Reviews

In a high-noise work environment, e.g. a construction site or an airport with overwhelmingly loud equipment, communication is limited down to hand signals a majority of the time.  This increases the time it takes to finish work while trying to figure out what’s being said. It’s also unsafe when directing someone with machinery…they could misunderstand … Read more

Best Wrestling Ear Guards

Extra-deep ear cushions not only provide extra protection but also make these headphones extremely comfortable. Plus, this headgear comes with plastic ear pads that help to protect your ears. If your ears are prone to cauliflower or swelling, the fabric used in this product is very soft and provides padding for superior protection. In addition, … Read more

Best Baby Headphones For Flying

If you plan to take your child with you on international flights, these headphones should be one of the best options. These headphones are intended for children only on airplanes or in noisy locations such as those listed above. If you’re looking for the best headphones for babies, toddlers, and airplanes, this might be a … Read more

Dog Ear Plugs for Swimming

The product is called AquaBandit and wraps around the ears to keep water out of the ear canal. The swim snorkel is made of a waterproof material that prevents water from entering your ears during water therapy. Use this snood to prevent swimmers’ ears and other infections your dog can get while swimming. Using these … Read more

3M WorkTunes Review

3M WorkTunes review

Are there often where you find you can’t hear what’s going on around you? Do you often have to ask your friends and family ‘What?’ when they’re trying to speak to you? What about when you’re taking a phone call or at work? If this happens too much, it means that you could be experiencing … Read more

Eargasm Earplugs Review

Eargasm Earplugs Review

One of the greatest risks we face today in this noisy world we live in is noise-induced hearing loss. This is developed over a prolonged period of time and can leave you unable to hear at all. Luckily this is preventable; The Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs are your ready-fit means of protecting your ears in … Read more

No Noise Ear Plugs Review

No Noise ear plugs

NoNoise earplugs are made from a long-lasting ceramic material that uses zirconium oxide and is available in a large size to be suitable for everyone to use.  They are the world’s most advanced universally-fit hearing protectors. In addition, they have a precision sound filter that fits deep inside the ear hearing channel.  This way, when … Read more

Mack’s Vs Hearos Earplugs 2021

Between 10 and 40 million Americans suffer from hearing loss caused by short or long-term exposure to noise. About 25 million Americans have experienced tinnitus (ringing in the ears) in 2015. Roughly 50 percent of Americans over the age of 70 have disabling hearing loss. You have to protect your ears from the noise. Any … Read more