Raycon Earbuds Review

Since 2016, the popularity of earbuds has increased worldwide. With no cords, long battery life, and the introduction of charging cases, they are a great alternative to cord-using alternatives. The Raycon Everyday earbuds are one great example.

You can have a truly wireless listening experience with music, podcasts, or while watching TV. But how do you know which brand or model to buy?

In this review, we will answer that question and more. Then, we will look at their four most popular earbuds on the market, the Raycon Everyday earbuds (E25), E50, the Performer E55, and the E85 Work earbuds. After this Raycon wireless earbuds review, you can know which option is best for you.

About Raycon Global

The goal of Raycon was to be a market disruptor. Founded by rapper and singer Ray J, Raycon believes quality sound and style shouldn’t come at such a high price. Ray Lee also co-founded the company.

Ray J & Ray Lee wanted a product designed for everyday customers and affordable to everyday customers. He was tired of seeing stylish earbuds costing over $200, so he developed his own. 

Raycon teamed up with expert sound engineers and platinum artists to deliver high-quality sound in every pair of earbuds.

All of their products come with a 45-day money-back guarantee in case customers aren’t satisfied. Raycon is about the customer and wants to ensure every purchaser has a positive experience.

The earbud market is flooded with options, and the quality isn’t always equal. As a result, finding earbuds with good sound, battery life, and style can be difficult.

Raycon Global offers wireless earbuds that are an attractive and affordable option for everyday use. But are Raycon earbuds actually any good? Let’s take a look.

The Raycon Everyday Earbuds (E25) are the most economical option on the website. The design is for people looking for a comfortable and reliable pair of headphones to boost their day; these earbuds are a good option whether riding the train to work or heading for a workout.

The most compact earbuds sold by Raycon, the E25 is easy to transport. The small size allows the compact charging case to fit easily inside your pocket. With a width of 2.4” inches and a height of 1.3” inches, this is one of the smallest charging cases on the market. The earbuds themselves are also small and fit comfortably into your ears.

The Raycon Everyday earbuds are also a good option for the gym. The E25 comes with four extra pairs of gel tips if you have small ears or large ones. This means that there is no unnecessary movement in your ears. For example, the E25 will stay securely in your ear when running or working out, so you don’t have to waste time readjusting.

Raycon Everyday earbuds are built from powerful drivers to provide a crisp, strong sound at any volume all day long. When listening to music or making calls, they will last around 6 hours before needing a charge. The charger case also holds up to 24 hours’ worth of charge. Other options do have longer playback time, but only the case itself.

Either way, customers report that Raycon battery life, combined with the charging case, is suitable for all-day use. In addition, since the case is so small and ideal for storage, it is always smart to bring it along with you for the day.

The Everyday E25 Earbuds are an excellent all-around pair of true wireless earbuds. Whether traveling or just enjoying music at home, the E25 is a fantastic economical option.

The Raycon Everday Earbuds are available in multiple colors including Rose Gold, Flare Red, Electric Blue, Black and more.

Are Raycon Everyday Earbuds actually good?

The Raycon Everyday earbuds are very good, considering their price and features. The sound quality and bass are excellent, with easy volume control and additional features, which are a nice touch.

The E50 was the first set of earbuds that became popular from Raycon. Ray J went on many shows promoting his company’s new product, and the popularity skyrocketed. His goal was to design comfortable yet stylish earbuds. It’s safe to say that it was a success.

These comfortable earbuds come with a charging case holding 30 hours of battery. The earbuds themselves have a playback time of 5 hours.

The E50s have smart-touch technology on the outside of each earbud. Pause and skip tracks, answer calls, and adjust the volume. They also have an indicator light on the earbuds outside that tells you charging and Bluetooth status.

They also use passive noise cancelation, which helps reduce outside sound. Passive noise cancelation is not as strong as active noise cancelation, but it still helps.

These Raycon earbuds can work as a pair or individually. The master earbud is on the left, capable of making calls and listening to music independently. There are only two real downsides to these earbuds. The first is they aren’t compatible with iPhone 11. 

All other iPhone and Android problems will have no issues connecting to the E50’s. The second negative is they are currently sold out everywhere. You cannot find them on Amazon or Raycon’s website, but they should sell more in the future.

Raycon The Performer E55 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds - Bluetooth 5.0 Deep Bass in-Ear Headphones with Wireless Charging and Built-in Microphone Blue

The Performer E55 Wireless Earbuds are one step up from the Everyday E25 Earbuds. The playback time in the earbuds is the same, but the charging case holds more battery. While the E25 charge case only has 24 hours of charge time, the E55 case offers 36 hours. 

Pack these earphones for a weekend trip, and you won’t run out of time for light listening while mountain biking. The case is compact with Qi-compatibility, which means it can charge wirelessly on a charging mat. In addition, it easily fits in your pocket, leaving room for the essentials like keys and a wallet.

The sound quality features great bass, with slightly better sound than the Raycon Everyday earbuds (E25). The call quality of the headphones

The arc-shaped frame offers an ergonomic and comfortable fit that stays put through any activity, making them one of the best earbuds for comfort. The buds don’t put pressure on the inside of your ear canal and don’t go too deep inside. Combine this with a custom soft-gel tip, and these headphones are perfect for all-day use and comfort. This is the right earbud if you don’t want your earbuds falling out; they also offer a secure fit.

A great feature of the E55’s is IPX4-grade protection making them sweat and water-resistant. So while you shouldn’t submerge them, sweat at the gym will be no problem. 

The sweat protection makes this model of earbuds a more optimal fit for the gym than the E25. You can also use the one-touch features on the buds to work out hands-free.

The Performer E55 is currently a great price for new earbuds. However, the extra features make it easy to see why it is Raycon’s best-selling wireless headphones for iPhone users.

The last pair of earbuds we are reviewing comes with the most features offered by any Raycon earbuds. The Work Earbuds have six microphones built into the earpods. This allows for crystal-clear calls and zero audio lag for perfectly balanced sound. 

This is the best option if you use your earphones to make office phone calls. Answer calls by using one-touch innovative technology on each earbud. You can enter Awareness Mode, so sounds can still be heard around you. These buds feature an elegant and discreet design.

Tap the outside of the buds to receive and hang up phone calls. Conversations will sound good on both ends, thanks to the extra microphones.

The one-touch technology also can pause music, control volume, and skip songs. This smart technology allows for extreme ease of use. Forget about getting your phone out of your pocket every few minutes to skip the song.

This pair of heavy duty earbuds also has active noise cancellation (similar to Jabra “Transparency mode”). Maintain your focus by cutting out annoying background noises around you. Active noise canceling filters out your environment, so all you hear is what’s playing in your headphones. 

This is an excellent option for commuting and traveling, or if you need peace from the outside world. However, it is essential to note that you shouldn’t use active noise cancellation with certain activities. 

Running or biking can be dangerous if you cannot hear the sounds around you, so use caution. These earbuds do have a solution, though, ambient mode. If you want to let the outside world in, you can turn off the noise-canceling function or enter Awareness mode. This allows for the best of both worlds.

These buds are the most expensive option Raycon sells, but for a good reason. The Work Earbuds come packed with features that none of the other buds offer. 

At $149.99, these are stylish high-tech options that you will love. But, for now, the E85 Work buds also come with a free leather bag and two lanyards.

Are the Raycon E85 waterproof?

All Raycons have waterproofing, and earbuds are IPX4-rated for sweat-resistant use. Despite their security and fitness potential on the water, they are not recommended for use in pools or in the bathroom.

How to Pair Raycon Earbuds to Your Device

How to Pair Raycon Earbuds to Your Device

iPhone and Android users are happy with the connection process, which is a breeze for all Raycon wireless earbuds. They can easily pair with either iOS or Android systems. Bluetooth devices like Tablets, smartphones, and computers can all pair successfully with Raycon earbuds. 

The process of how to pair Raycon earbuds is simple. For the first time connecting, take the buds out of the case, and they will automatically go into pairing mode. Once in pairing mode, go to the Bluetooth settings on your device and select Raycon E55. Simple as that! 

After the process completes once, the buds should connect as soon as they leave their case in the future. If the earbuds are not connecting immediately, check to see if they have already been linked to a previously used device.

Where to Buy Raycon Earbuds?

Raycon earbuds and accessories are sold on their online store and can be found on Amazon. All of their earbuds ship free directly from their website. Orders typically process in one to two days and three to seven days to deliver to your door. 

You do have to check and make sure that they are in stock. Their earbuds, as well as their over-the-ear studio option, do sell out from time to time. For example, the Raycon Everyday earbuds E25 sold out four times in 2020. 

Amazon sells through third-party vendors and also runs out of stock occasionally. So if you want a pair of headphones currently unavailable, check back in a week or two, and they should be in stock again. 

For in-store options, Walmart sells Raycon products. You can buy them at an actual store or through Walmart’s website.

Does Raycon have good sound quality?

Great sound quality, superb in all models. The call quality is excellent, and the buds offer a pure sound. The audio sometimes starts skipping once they need a charge. You can charge them in their case, but this may be irritating to people who are audiophiles.

How long do Raycon Work E85 earbuds last?

The E85 is built to handle the most demanding conditions and power needs. The wireless charger case is portable and will take your job to the next level.

Raycon Everyday earbuds have many advantages. The small size of the ears eliminates any semblance of weight while providing passive sound isolation. These are the right earbud for many uses and last for 8 hours on a charge.

Are Raycons better than Apple?

Is Raycon more reliable than Apple Airpods? Raycon and AirPods share nearly identical audio qualities and many similar features. In some aspects, Raycon earbuds win, and other earbuds lose. For example, AirPods have active noise cancelling, while some Raycon earbuds only have noise isolation.

Noise cancellation reduces background noise, and the sound of calls is so clean with The E85 earbuds with 6 mics. You can use the headset remotely. The Raycon Everyday earbuds are an excellent price comparison to the competitors like Apple Airpods or Samsung Galaxy buds.

45-Day Happiness Guarantee and Warranty

All of Raycon’s earbuds come with a 45-day satisfaction guarantee. If the fit isn’t right, or there are any other problems, there is no need to worry. Raycon wants to ensure that all of its customers are completely satisfied with its products. 

Please send it back for a full refund anytime during the 45 days. If comfort is your issue, make sure to try all of the soft-gel ear tips before sending them back. Every ear is different, and sometimes the fit will be better using a different tip. 

The earbuds also come with a one-year manufacturer’s guarantee. So if your case or the earpods sound stops working, send it back for a new pair.

Here are some other models you can check out:

Final Takeaways

Nowadays, many wireless earbuds can cost hundreds of dollars. Luckily, Raycon Global earbuds are a great affordable alternative. In addition, Raycon earbuds offer extreme comfort, high-quality audio, and high-tech features that won’t break the bank. 

The small carrying cases offer a long charge and make them easy to carry with you all day. All models work well if you are looking for a stylish and comfortable pair of headphones. However, if you live a more active lifestyle or want a pair of earbuds for working out, the E55 is the best option.

With water resistance and an ergonomic design, they won’t ever fall out of your ears or get damaged by sweat. The Raycon Everyday earbuds (E25) are the best budget option and offer great features. 

The Work Earbuds are the right earbud for someone who makes many calls. With six microphones, you get clear conversations with no audio gaps. They also are the only option with active noise cancellation if that feature is essential to you. 

Overall, Raycon offers an earbud option that fits all needs when replacing your old buds or getting new ones. None of these earbuds will disappoint you. Use this guide to help decide which qualities are most important to you and buy your pair today!

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  1. Thanks a super review of the Raycon Products. I was given a pair from my son and to be honest I have used a lot of wired and wireless earbuds. I got a pair of E85, took a few minutes to get started, but when I pulled them out of the box, bang your in. So cool. Learning the taps etc, and these will Work.


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