BLK Pods (Blackpods) Review

Wireless earbuds are one of the most popular pieces of tech on the market right now. With wireless earbuds having more features now than ever, why use an old pair of cord headphones?

With advances in battery life, charging case portability, and sound quality, it is easy to see why they are so popular. One of the most sold earbuds since 2016 is Apple’s AirPods, but they are expensive and only come in one color.

If you love the look and design of Apple’s AirPods but wish they came in a different color, there is a great alternative out there. Blk Pods Pro offers a similar look but in a cool matte black finish that customers love.

These stylish earbuds are an affordable alternative to Apple’s AirPods. But just because they have a lower price tag doesn’t mean the quality is poor.

In this Blackpods review, we will look at a few pairs of their earbuds and the differences between black pods and AirPods.

Blk Pods vs AirPods

Blk Pods vs AirPods

AirPods are by far the most popular earbuds on the market. Since its release in 2016, they have been the most sold earbuds globally, but the price tag is too high for many. Starting at $149, they are one of the more expensive options for earbuds.

Many people love them for the sleek design and the style they bring to users.

Blk Pods’ mission is to provide similar wireless headphones that don’t break the bank.

They want good-looking options available to everyone, not just those who have money for an expensive alternative.

Blk Airpods come in both white and black, but the matte black finish is their iconic bestseller. The color and finish look incredible, and customers love the sound quality too.

Many of the features AirPods advertise also come with Blk Pods. Such as active noise cancelation, 24+ hours of battery life, and water resistance. Because of this, the quality difference doesn’t seem to justify the price difference.

BlackPods Pro

BlackPods Pro

The BlackPods Pro is a great-looking product that offers high-quality sound. Both the case and the earbuds have a matte black finish for a complete look. In addition, these earbuds are easy to use with a setup process that only takes seconds.

The earbuds connect to iOS and Android, so any smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth capabilities will work. After connecting once, the BlackPods Pro will connect to your device when they leave the charging case.

The earphones use a soft gel tip for optimal comfort and a secure fit. Ideal for running or the gym, so you don’t have to worry about earbuds falling out.

The battery life on the BlackPods Pro is 8 hours of listening time or 4 hours of talk time. The case holds multiple charges with over 24 hours of total listening available.

This means you can take your earbuds with you for all-day listening and no battery issues.

AirPods only offer 5 hours of listening time or 3 hours of talk time. The BlackPods charging case uses a USB-C port but also can use a wireless charging pad. Just drop your case onto the charging pad and forget about it.

The only thing BlackPods Pro currently lacks is one-touch smart technology for answering calls and music control. But this feature is available on other products, so there are alternatives if it is essential to you.

At a current sale price of $59, these options are high quality and low cost, the perfect combination.

Matte BlackPods 2

Matte BlackPods 2

The second generation of the original Matte BlackPods comes loaded with great features. Unfortunately, these wireless earbuds don’t have a soft gel ear tip, so they look more like the original AirPods than the Pro model.

The design still sits comfortably in your ear and doesn’t fall out easily.

The Pro model does offer a better fit for high movement activities like running. However, the battery life is also a bit lower than the BlackPods Pro.

The battery life offers 5 hours of listening time and 3 hours of talk time. But the charging case does hold enough battery for 24 hours of listening time, though.

The main feature that makes the BlackPods 2 stand apart from the Pro model is one-touch smart technology.

Touch the outside of your earbud to control the volume, skip songs, answer calls, or even hear directions. This allows for a more hands-free experience.

These headphones also pair with all Bluetooth-compatible devices. It has a range of 32ft as well, so don’t worry if you leave your device in another room. The BlackPods 2 currently cost $42.

Colors and Other Models

BLK Pods Blackpods

The BlackPods 2 and BlackPods Pro come in matte white and black, so choose whichever you like best. There is also a BlackPods Mini option if you are looking for a smaller design to fit in your pocket.

Also, all these products come with active noise canceling if you want to block out the sound around you.

Bottom Line

BlkPods Pro offers a range of affordable and high-tech wireless earbuds. Many of the features match up with industry leaders, such as the AirPods.

While some of the specs are better when comparing, such as battery life.

So, Black Pods vs AirPods, which is for you? If you want the style of AirPods in a cool matte black finish or are searching for a more economical option, Black Pods are the best option.

The availability of features such as one-touch technology on all the AirPods is a benefit. Increased compatibility for iPhones is also something no other earbud can match.

But, with all the features available with the BlackPods Pro model, the price difference is too significant to ignore.

BlackPods Pro’s high-quality sound, superior battery life, and lower price point make them a winner.

Shop today at BlkPods Pro while great discounts are available for the New Year.

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