Best Duck Hunting Ear Protection

Duck hunting is fun, but it also needs preparation for the season. When you go duck hunting, you should always wear protective gear. Ear plugs or earmuffs are essential to protect your hearing from the loud calling and gunshots in the blind, but not the sharp whistling sound of ducks flying away. There are many … Read more

Do Fireworks Hurt Dogs Ears?

At least one-third of dogs experience noise aversion, fear, and anxiety when they hear loud noises, including fireworks, leading to stress, distress, and potentially destructive behavior. Statistics show that at least 40% of dogs suffer from noise phobia, including fear of thunderstorms, blowers, electric drills and even hair dryers. But experts said the noises were … Read more

Glock Hearing Protection Reviews

Howard Leight Honeywell Impact Pro Sound Amplification electronic shooting earmuffs are ideal for handguns and pistol shooters and offer noise cancellation of 30 dB and block sound until 82 dB to protect the hearing range. With its flat design and dangerous noise-blocking technology, this earmuff has built-in safety protection and offers several convenient features, including … Read more

Best Ear Warmers for Running

best ear warmers headband for running

It is always critical to emphasize the importance of exercise. However, people are less likely to be active and continue their regular exercise routine when cold weather hits. Since exercising just about every day is best to stay fit and healthy, not doing so will naturally impact people’s health. If you enjoy running or any … Read more

Howard Leight vs Peltor Earmuffs – Hearing Protection 2022

Anyone who works in an environment with constant and incessant noises knows how irritating and aggravating it is and how difficult it can be to get things done. Whether you work in construction, outside on the runway of an airport, or want to cut out all the unnecessary noise of your day-to-day, you can definitely … Read more